The Lab Rats.

The people throughout the UK have been subject to one of the biggest and most successful experiments ever in the history of mankind.

The funny thing about it is very few realize they have been subject to this manipulation of reality.

We have all heard about scientists training monkeys or rats to operate man made food dispensers for reward in return for certain behaviours.

We have been to the circus or an aquarium and marveled at how lions, elephants or dolphins perform taught tricks to amuse humans.

What we didn’t realize is that we have been similarly trained not so much for the amusement of other humans more as economic units.

We watch television unknowingly most of us do not realize we are being trained to behave and  perform in certain ways.

All of our television, radio, newspapers are themed for one particular section of society.

It is not the poorer in our midst.

Our news, current affairs, drama, sport even our adverts are all aimed and portrayed as middle or upper class happy smiley folk.

When did you ever see an aggressive English drunk, junkie or badass being saved or arrested by a Scottish and Irish policewoman and man duo in a UK TV drama?

When we have a drama the poor, disadvantaged, homeless, criminals are shown as the stereotypes those in Mayfair or Morningside would understand.

These are not the types of people that would live in their area or be in their circle of acquaintances.

Even so called working class heroes are given middle-class traits as long as they always know their place in the pecking order.

Even on the occasions the crook is himself a middle-class type a good middle class cop takes him down to keep their  ‘peer group’ pure.

This plays into the experiment to make them believe they are good even when they have a bad egg they get rid of them thenselves and keep the brand wholesome.

You will never see a homeless or poor guy outthink the bad upper-class guy and bring him to justice that would be condoning someone getting ideas above their station.

I no longer watch soaps however how often do you ever see scenes where people are facing eviction because of Universal credit sanctions or attending food banks?

How many pensioners like Dot.Cotton do you know that can smoke 100 fags a day and go to the pub every night?

How often do you see the reality of the cruelty enacted day upon day to the people of our country properly portrayed in TV Drama?

How often do you see someone having to tap their mate or get a pay day loan to go to the Rovers or Queen Vic?

In the 60 odd years of Coronation Street, how many times have we seen anyone pissed in the Rovers?

The Rovers Return is more middle class than the Eastwood Conservative Association, although granted there are not so many dullards in the pub.

The recent Poppy Day shenanigans are a classic case of how the middle and upper classes manipulate the narrative.

We are led to believe we must behave in a certain manner we must wear a poppy or we are a bad disloyal person with no respect for the fallen heroes.

Those in our society that think they are the middle classes rush out to buy their poppies and even get one for the 4×4 so they can flaunt their adherence to the expected code.

Once they have parked up the car as near to John Lewis as possible they will walk past the homeless guy begging on the street without so much as a look.

What is conveniently forgotten is almost 20% of those living on the streets are ex-services and they have been overlooked by the same people wearing the poppies or standing at the cenotaphs throughout the UK.

This is a narrative that our media does not want to be mainstream knowledge.

Remembrance has gone from respect for the fallen to a glorification of Britannia’s glorious war victories, usually against nations that cannot fight back.

Unfortunately, too many in our country fail to realise that and play the elites game unquestioningly.

The elite do love the gullible.

We have been programmed to believe that if someone has a plummy voice and went to Oxford or Cambridge they are somehow better, smarter than us.

We have been programmed to expect less, never more.

We are told that we should not get ideas above our station, not to question our betters and never ever suggest that we know more than them.

Those of us that have questioned reporters or Britnat politicians know only too well the reaction when you do question their tropes.

The people that have a little more are programmed to believe that they are a cut above the poorer masses.

Their training is simple, as long as they play by the elites rules they will do just fine however one wrong step and they will be down there with the scum.

They truly believe in that and of course in all instances be that the area where they live, the schools for their children, where they holiday, the car they drive, it is because they are part of the winning side.

This is why they always do what is expected of them.

They faithfully vote for the status quo and refuse to even listen to the other side.

They will never ask questions of the London ruling elite.

We call them ‘I’m Alright Jacks’ they are the ones that have been programmed the easiest.

They have never in their lives questioned or doubted anything of those in power who support the union.

As long as their tiny myopic world is not affected they are blinded to the poverty and suffering of the vast majority, even if they live just one post code away.

Through media and entertainment they are led to believe that they are the good guys, those that want change are the bad guys.

The people who want a fairer society are depicted as bad, evil lower class types or dim witted.

Those that want to keep the status quo are shown to be the good guys they are always smarter, handsomer, non-smoking, caring types.

This programming is subtle it is also there throughout our papers from front to back page.

From Morning TV to the late night drivel the propaganda is drip fed to the masses.

The entire charade is part of the divide and rule tactics of the elite, and it has worked.

We have people in sink estates that believe that is just the way it is and they can never get or be anything better.

They are programmed to believe that is just the way it is and all politicians are as bad as each other and that those demanding change are liars and bad people.

We have people living in tiny 2 up 2 down houses with a ‘good’ post code who have been programmed to believe if these radicals get their way their life and good post code will crash overnight.

Next time you watch television look out for it and note how the poor and criminals are the stereotypes of the Daily Mail and Express.

Observe as the ‘ordinary’ folk are portrayed with middle-class traits, the glasses of red wine, the accents,the playing of classical music to denote ‘classy’ behavior and adherence.

We are living in a laboratory.

We are the experiment and as long as we behave accordingly, the 1% can keep stealing our wealth.

What scares them is that 1.6 million of their lab rats in Scotland escaped in 2014 and it is looking more and more like the lab is going to be destroyed beyond repair.

This makes them the cornered rats, be assured they will behave accordingly.

We need to be prepared for that.

The lies and smears will grow in intensity.

We cannot change what has happened in the past we can only control the here and now.

We need to work harder than ever to convince everybody it can be better.

We need those that live in the sink estate to know they can be whatever they want to be.

They and their children can attain whatever they desire and we will help to make that a reality.

We need to show them that in an independent Scotland everyone gets a fair chance.

We need to tell those with the good post code that making lifes better for others in a different post code will not infringe on their lives.

We need everyone to know there is plenty of wealth around and we can share it more evenly then everyone benefits.

We need to give everyone hope.

One last thing, we need to tell the 1% to &&&& Off!


Saor Alba gu brath.




5 thoughts on “The Lab Rats.

  • Well said!

    “We have people in sink estates that believe that us just the way it is and they can never get or be anything better.”


  • Lab rats indeed: it’s a difficult thing to accept that throughout one’s life you’ve been lied to and manipulated by the subtle propaganda of the state in it’s many guises. This continues unabated in our media. Yet much to the establishment’s dismay their manipulations are being exposed by voices in social media.
    There is a strange schizophrenia that pervades scottish life whereby Nicola-hating anti-SNP ‘scots’ can cheer on Scottish athletes and footballers and grumble about british-when-they-win, scottish-when-they-lose comments. And yet they know their place. British propaganda has done it’s job well over many years.

  • Interesting and dangerous comment from TM the other day, when she said that she would look after those who “do the right thing”. Be one of the good guys as you say.

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