Scotland’s Move.

The past couple of weeks have been some of the most tumultuous in the history of these islands.

Tiny Republic of Ireland for the first time in 800 years has seen its best interests trump the selfishness and needs of its English neighbour.

The last vestiges of influence and global respect for the UK have slipped from the grasp of the most incompetent set of British politicians ever.

The most British of the British in Northern Ireland for the first time since 1922 have discovered that their heroes in England, the Anglo British would betray them in the blink of an eyelid.

The British Scots have looked on in silence as their Ulster comrades have been used as pawns in an English Brexit.

The difference between NI British Unionists and the Scottish variety is simply explained.

The DUP while blindly loyal to the mirage of Britannia defend NI with every fibre and stand up for their province at every opportunity.

They demand and get huge sums of money to boost their coffers in return for their support of the English Tories.

They demand and get airtime on English TV to promote their version and loyalty of Britishness.

They give their support to the Anglo Brits but in return they demand a heavy price.

The Scottish variety of Unionists are just blindly loyal and compliant to the Anglo Brits.

They do not even have the guile to extract the smallest concession in return for their undying loyalty.

Can you imagine if the Pinneys Fish processing factory had been in the constituency of a DUP MP instead of that weasel Mundell’s patch?

Not only would that factory not have closed it would probably have been given a huge subsidy and a government contract for the fish it produced.

The Scotonats never defend Scotland, they never speak up for Scotland’s rights or people.

Scotonats never demand more money for Scotland’s coffers in return for their support of the Anglo British project.

Indeed, they encourage the exact opposite and are happy to see Scotland’s pocket money and her  interests trashed for the benefit of the country immediately to its south.

We have the NI Brits with 10 Unionist MPs holding the balance of power and incredible amounts of influence in the UK parliament.

Every move Teresa May and her gangster Tory Party make has to take cognizance  of the Northern Irish Brits.

Meanwhile, the 13 extremist Scottish Brit Tories ask for nothing, do nothing, except what they are bid to do by their English bosses.

We have watched as the Anglo Brits have used retrospective legislation to strike down the Scottish Continuity Bill.

The Scottish Tories instead of using this sleekit piece of skullduggery to promote a better deal for Scotland resorted to type.

They could have demanded a high price for their support of the Anglo chicanery.

Instead, they applauded this treacherous act of political vandalism perpetrated against Scotland.

Throughout this time the 27 countries of the EU looked on and just shook their heads more in dismay than in anger.

The EU will not only survive it will prosper, I am certain there will be a collective sigh of relief when the awkward Brits finally leave the EU family of nations.

In the 40 odd years that the UK has been in the EU, it has been one complaint, veto, whine after another.

The only influence left to the once mighty London was through the EU.

The pompous arrogant Little Englanders are too stupid to realize that blatantly obvious reality.

They have now walked away from that.

It will quickly become apparent that the UK or what remains of it is as influential in global terms as a chocolate fireguard in Hades.

We have watched and given the Westminster every chance to extrapolate itself from this act of self harm.

In their usual arrogant manner it has blindly ignored every warning and as always sees only their own Anglo narrow point of view.

Ireland has had unwavering support from the EU.

Scotland on the other side of the spectrum has had nothing but contempt and bullying from within The British Union.

Nicola even the uber loyal like myself are losing patience.

We have seen how it is going we and all know how it is going to end.

You need to signal to Scotland and the buffoons in London that enough is enough.

You do not need to name the day however you do need to signal the intent.

It needs to be said in a manner that leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind.

England, enjoy your isolation, we in Scotland are off to rejoin the world.


Saor Alba gu brath.





1 thought on “Scotland’s Move.

  • There are many scots who think independent for Scotland would be a disastrous folly. It is depressing to listen to the venomous anti Nicola/SNP diatribes that I often hear. The blame for
    this surely lies with the Britnat’s near total control of the broadcast and print media. The London-controlled tabloid papers are everywhere in shops, pubs and waiting rooms spewing out their SNP-bad poison. And it’s going to get worse as they become more desperate.
    Yet hopefully there is a slowly building awareness of Scotland’s true place within this disfuctional British state. What is it with these closed minded scottish britnats that they don’t realise how contemptiously they are regarded by the London government. What glorious vision of Scotland’s future do they see that the rest of us are missing? Surely the lesson of the last 50 years is that our wealth in resources and well educated populace will be used to feed the voracious appetite of the Southeast of England where the political power lies. The economies and living standards of countries such as Denmark, Norway and Ireland will stride
    ahead while Scotland becomes a depressed insignificant exploited region of Greater
    England. Do the Scottish britnats think it will be a different future? Why?

    There is a window opening now.. we have to go for it!!

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