False History

We in the YES Movement/ SNP are constantly being accused of anti- Englishness.

It is a false accusation and in reality it is what psychologists refer to as Psychological projection by our English neighbours and our British Nationalist opponents.

Our Little Englander neighbours have all sorts of nicknames for those not ‘fortunate’ enough to have been born in England’s green and pleasant land.

They have nicknames for most other nationals, Frogs, Huns, Eyeties, Ragheads, Yanks, Pakis, Chinks, Spics, Diegos, the corrupt media and pundits who love to accuse us Indpendinistas of anti -Englishness tend to overlook this thereby encouraging the worst excesses of the racists in the Britnat ranks

When the England football team is in a tournament they send cameras out to find any Scot to demand if they will be supporting the boys in white and as Andy Murray found to his cost if you tell them No you become a target of an English backlash forever more.

Next time there is an article about Andy on social media just have a look at the BLT comments.

What would be the average English person’s reaction to a French or Belgian TV crew approaching them in the street in similar circumstances asking them to back France or Belgium in a tournament as they were not participating?

Demeaning Scottish achievements, Politicians, actors, comedians, pastimes or sporting prowess is acceptable if you are English.

Sneer as much as you like and make comments about kilts, bagpipes, haggis, stupid Paddys, garlic munching Frogs and anything else you can use to denigrate entire nations and it is put down to ‘English humour’

However if you declare your feeling Scottish not British or profess your support for independence you are immediately singled out as a racist and anti- English.

If you suggest being called or portrayed as a drunken aggressive Jock, a stupid Paddy, a thicko coal mining, singing Taffy is offensive they tell you to get a sense of humour.

The truth should actually be acknowledged and spoken about.

The racists on these islands are not the Celts it is our larger neighbour that has always been throwing their superiority complex around ever since the Normans landed at Hastings in 1066.

This attitude has not just been prevalent towards the Celtic nations it has been there for all to witness and not just in the former Empire countries.

This wrongly placed sense of Anglo-superiority is exactly why we find ourselves on the brink of the biggest self-harm act in the history of the 311 year old Union.

This falsely placed superior attitude is epitomised in England’s Westminster Parliament.

In this British Union our Anglo neighbour has always seen itself as the boss, not a partner nation there is not a hint of sharing sovereignty or giving into the needs of the Celtic fringes.

It should come as no surprise then that throughout its time in the EU sitting as an equal partner with other European nations was never going to work for the Little Englanders.

They have to dominate or not participate it is that simple.

The belief being that for centuries England having fought wars with all of these European nations and ‘won’ all of those conflicts there was no way they could sit as ‘equal partners’ with them and share sovereignty and equality.

General De Gaulle knew that allowing the UK into the then Common Matket would be a disaster,he was right.

De Gaulle was right ,The EEC should have listened

The English Nationalists very much live in the past and the Second World War in particular is rolled out as when ‘England stood alone.’ and the greatest achievement of the English nation ever.

The truth is very different it is a gross exaggeration and a myth.

This is a bigger nonsense than the Braveheart movie which British Nationalists love to decry at every opportunity as factually inaccurate.

England standing alone is just not true, setting aside the servicemen and women from the rest of the British Isles there were over 2 million Indians, 1.1 million Canadians, 993,000 Australians, 140,000 New Zealanders, 334,000 South Africans.

This does not even include the  80,000 Poles or 125,000 Free French and other European volunteers from the occupied countries that fled to the UK to fight on.

Appallingly there are virtually no exact records kept of other Black African Empire troops pressed into service however estimates suggest around 750,000 – 1 Million were conscripted, giving those English standing alone over 6 million+ to keep them company.

I have written before regarding the false narrative of the Battle of Britain that has consistently been painted by the English historians and film makers.

They show that the famous ‘few’ were all frightfully English old Etonian type chappies that won this pivotal phase of the war single handedly.

The truth being completely different, the Squadron with the most kills and fewest losses were the Polish ones and one of the top aces with 17 kills was Josef František a Czech,another countryman Karen Kuttelwascher had 18 kills.

There are numerous Poles, French, Americans, Canadians, Kiwis, Aussies that too could be mentioned, the point being, when in any reference to WWII history are these facts made clear to any schoolkid in UK?

How many British schoolchildren have been given the true history of these islands,instead of ‘we stood alone’ garbage??

The genocide of the Gael’s post 1746, the starvation and mass murder of Irish during the potato famine, slavery occupations, betrayal and theft by the Empire.

We are all taught that the British Empire was a benign and much beloved colonial power and throughout the Empire it was all cucumber sandwiches and cricket on the lawn,railways and law and order.

All run by frightfully polite yet eccentric nice Etonian type chaps being ever so patient with these lesser beings they had generously decided to rule over.

The reality is of course completely different, the Empire was oppressive, vile, viscious, corrupt, enslaving and brutal.

At its heart it was the theft of other nation’s resources, minerals and wealth on a grand scale taking it back to Blighty to enrich the few.

When these countries decided to leave the Empire it was usually met with brutal force and false propaganda.

From the American Colonies in the18th century to Brunei in 1984 all these now independent countries were told they were too poor, too stupid and too weak to survive without London rule.

Plus la change!

The colonies were systematically robbed and in many cases slavery and servitude were introduced with any hint of rebellion crushed with a viscous vigour.

A lot of the Nazis ideas came from studying the despotic and cruel nature used by the British that controlled around half of the earth’s surface at one point.

Nowhere ever has a History Teacher in any UK school said “right children open your history books at page 45, today we shall learn how the British used to tie colonials to canons for execution many of those killed this way had committed only minor crimes against the ‘State.’


Therefore it should come as no surprise that children educated in the very expensive English Public school system that have been taught this false history now truly believe they are special, some kind of master race born to rule, especially the Celtic colonies.

Their pomposity and arrogance makes them believe they are superior in every way to any other nation on the planet, not just the Celts.

They have to dominate the UK Government, media, broadcasting, civil service, the way of life, everything as with the empire has to be a mirror image of their false sense of what Mother England is in this fantasy world their minds inhabit.

When it became evident to them that they could not dominate the EEC/EU this debacle we are now involved in was a certainty.

The lack of historical fact and sense of superiority has resulted in us about to exit the EU and be rebuffed by the rest of the world who do know their own history and the part the British played in it too.

That New Zealand, America and Australia are among the 20 or so nations in the WTO that have already indicated they will block the UK’s attempt to transfer their EU trading terms seems to have been lost on the Little Englanders and their cheerleaders.

You would think this fact might have triggered a few alarm bells, alas no, they carry on oblivious to the impending disaster of Brexit.


The English anger at any ‘Scotch’ person that dares think about ‘taking back control of their Scottish laws or borders is seen as anti-English.

Tragically they do believe that, just as they believe that a government with an ideology of massive austerity down to taxing their granny’s spare bedroom would also be willing to hang on to an ungrateful Scotland that needs a £15bilion subsidy each year.

This lot are so uninformed they also believe the nonsense about straight bananas and that Jeremy   Corbyn and the Labour Party are socialist.

Scotland we need to get out of this vile abusive union pronto!



Saor Alba gu brath.

8 thoughts on “False History

  • On the nail, sir.

    Looking forward to listening to your latest interview.

    As an aside, the latest example of this mindset and practice is the current malign treatment of Grousebeater by the self-same elements you describe plus their comprador hingers-on in Jocklandistanshire megaphoned by their tame hacks.

    I trust Grousebeater will take a leaf out of the Rev’s playbook over on Wings and go after them in court (a crowdfunder in this respect is being mooted, I see).

    This evil needs to be stopped in its tracks or who will they come after next should we continue to haud oor wheesht?

    The UK establishment is a profoundly wicked beast by any moral/ethical standard, or technical clinical measure of psychological/criminal-judicial assessment/precedent on a global scale, as well as hard evidence-based historically, and at this very moment, in the domestic terms of these North Atlantic Isles we co-inhabit with them and punted as ‘Britannia’ by them – this establishment and their cohorts.

    We need out of this arrangement asap for both moral and constitutional reasons thereafter to reconnect with our global brothers and sisters on a genuine family basis.

    This is now non-negotiable (if it ever was ever perceived as pragmatically otherwise).

    You and everyone take care out there

  • One of your best. This should be read by every one of those BritNats who appear happy to be ruled over by another country. The sooner we’re free the sooner we can get on with making our country a better, fairer place to live in.

  • All this is something many Scots know, but seldom say. We “cringe” when faced with English Scotophobia”. No more! We now speak and write the truth!

  • Spot on. My thoughts exactly only one quibble, when referring to English “public schools”, parentheses should always be used as in Scotland, at least, public schools are just that. I went to the same primary school, as Angus Robertson in Edinburgh, a public school, within shouting distance of Fettes College, very much a private school to which a certain Tony Blair attended as did James Bond apparently after being booted oot of Eton.

  • How dare you! You can’t tell the truth about the British Establishment…all joking aside…watch your back pal they will see you as a threat…

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