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I hadn’t intended writing a blog this week however certain events and comments on social media have prompted me to write this today.

There is an anxiety creeping into the movement.

Will she, won’t she, when is the right time?

I made my personal position clear this time last year.

I wanted us to hold the referendum in autumn of last year.

I believed everything at that time was in favour of our success.

It wasn’t to be so I accepted this and moved on waiting on an indication from the SNP.

I have stated on social media, I will say so again here, Nicola has not deviated a centimetre since June2016.

She said then and has repeated often the same mantra “when we know the outcome of the Brexit negotiations we will make our position on the constitution plain”

That time has been delayed not by SNP procrastination but by the cowardice and idiocy of Teresa May and the hapless Tories.

The decision cannot be delayed for much longer it is now 85 days till we leave the EU.

May has indicated that the week beginning 14/01/19 the vote on her deal will be held.

There is much speculation as to whether or not her deal will get parliamentary approval.

You would be naive to imagine in these recess weeks that the Tory whips have been idle.

Armed with their MI6 files, knighthoods and assorted British baubles I am sure they have been busy winning over waverers.

I am also certain any dirt amassed by the British spooks on any Labour or Liberal deviants will also have been deployed.

Whatever the outcome of the vote one thing is for sure we in Scotland will be holding an independence referendum this year.

I could write an entire blog on my reasons for believing that, fortunately the excellent James Kelly has written a brilliant piece on that very subject so no need for me to double up.


I want to concern myself with the post Independence referendum times.

I first joined the SNP in 1968 in all that time I have never been more sure than now that we will prevail in this coming referendum.

The entire campaign and post result will be embraced by the unionists in their usual same manner of negativity, doom and gloom.

They have never had a positive thing to say about their blessed Union let alone anything positive about Scotland.

When the negotiations begin, RUK will take the same arrogant stance that has failed so spectacularly with the EU.

Their pomposity arrived in Brussels to tell Johnny Foreigner how it was going to be and they left with their Anglo tail not so much between their legs but rammed right up their conceited ass.

The UK had very little leverage in the negotiations the things that the EU wanted never wavered and they prevailed.

Contrary to the massive lies of the Tories, the status quo remains with the North Sea fishing stocks.

There will be no hard border on the island of Ireland.

The UK’s biggest mistake was somehow believing they had the upper hand with EU.

The reality is they entered the talks on day one with so little that the EU wanted.

Their false sense of superiority and exceptionalism in the end defeated them before the talks even began.

Fast forward to our secession and in the run up to the referendum Anglo Brits and their collaborating friends in Holyrood and in the media will wave their own Brexit failure in our face at every opportunity.

They will suggest that just as the Brexit was so difficult to achieve we the inferior Scots will only add more chaos to our lives by leaving Mother England.

Best that we remain subservient House Jocks and let them take care of the important stuff.

This of course, like anything that has ever been said to Scotland since 1707, is a lie.

We enter our negotiations with all the aces, all the leverage and RUK has nothing except pompous intransigence.

We have what they need Oil, Electricity, Fish stocks, Cereals, Alcohol, Meat do not for a minute believe the nonsense about the UK single market and how they will cease trading with us.

Electricity as one example, Scotland is a huge exporter of this energy and England is a huge importer, even by their own figures.


Unless they want 20% of the lights to go out in RUK they will trade, our lights will remain on!

Scotland is a next exporter of seafood again RUK imports around 90% of their needs from Scotland.

They take Scottish meat, cereals, vegetables very little comes the other way again Scotland is a net exporter of foodstuffs RUK a net importer.

These are all huge advantages for Scotland in any talks with London.

However, the biggest advantage in our armoury is not these life essentials it is their false sense of importance.

You see even if all of these were in very short supply in RUK the elite would not go without.

The little people might starve in the dark, the elite would not.

The best news is we have their prize ego possession in our control.

The Little Englanders can only function in the belief they are still very important globally.

They wrongly believe they are a world power, a nation that is feared and respected for its might.

Therefore to qualify as one of the “big boys”  they need nukes!

This is their national viagra, their vanity personified, which makes it their Achilles heel.

It is yet another thing they need that we in Scotland do not want.

I loathe and despise these vile WMD one of my biggest drivers in seeking independence is to see Scotland rid of them.

I am however prepared to see them remain a short time after independence to ensure we leave this vile union unhindered.

Every time they try to play the big bad hard Anglo-Brit at the talks just remind them we can force their shit out from the Clyde on a few days notice if they don’t negotiate in good faith.

When unionist naysayers try to tell you they will harm us post Indy ask them to quantify their nonsense.

Harm us how by making 20% of England sit in the dark, by starving their population?

By them being forced into unilateral decommissioning of their WMD?

Perhaps they mean harming us by them having no trade with the EU.

The reality is in conjunction with our secession talks there will be an ongoing dialogue with Brussels to keep us either in the EU or placing us in EFTA awaiting the final approval of the Scottish people.

Like Ireland in Brexit talks we will have 27 mates plus the EFTA Nations on our team.

Any sanction RUK threatens to use against us would be against the 27 so that won’t work for the Little Englanders.

You can relax knowing that we hold the high ground on everything.

The things they hold dearly like WMD, fancy embassies in fancy locations, aircraft carriers, foreign military bases, royals, titles and honours,  mean very little to us in Scotland.

Be prepared, a campaign is coming and the usual bullshit from the usual suspects will intensify like never before.

Be excited, be proud, you are not just living through the end of an evil empire you are instrumental in its final destruction.





9 thoughts on “Leverage

  • Well one thing is certain now. The people’s vote is not happening, it’s dead. Nicola knows it’s either a bad Brexit or a no deal . The delays can no longer be justified. She must act or be damned. It’s dangerous to allow Brexit to happen without Scotland being given a choice.

    I fear if it happens then WM will try and dissolve Holyrood.

  • Just remember Scottish/Northern Britain History. The Written history of Britain was first recorded as written history by the Romans. Previously there was no written languages in Britain.

    Roman history records that The Roman Empire’s final frontier was Hadrian’s Wall. History also records that there was no Norman Conquest of the Kingdom of Scotland but we did indeed end up with the Norman Knight, Robert Bruce as our monarch. Not via his Norman roots but by the aristocratic distaff side of his family. His Mother, Marjorie of Carrick (also Margaret; c. 1253 or 1256 – soon bef. 9 November 1292) was Countess of Carrick, Scotland, from 1256 to 1292. The Normans came and were assimilated as Scots by marriages and by integration.

    The Vikings and other nations were also turned back by the Northern Britons and Scotland was an established kingdom before there was a unified England. While England’s entire history is one of foreign monarchies as rulers. When the Romans left they were replaced , (by invitation not by conquest), by the Germanic Tribes of, mainly, Anglo Saxons who began to take over as a ruling elite in the south of Britain. These Germanic Tribes were not from modern Germany as we know it today but were more from what became Scandinavia,

    Vikings, Norsemen and the term Normans is a derivative of Norsemen. These last had settled in what became Normandy just as the Angles, Jutes and Saxons had settled in south Britain. Hence the name England is derived from, “Angle Land”, and the counties of such as Essex and Wessex were originally East and West Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

    Now remember that the Kingdom of Scotland was not legally taken over by the Kingdom of England in war but was by a two kingdom Treaty of Union. The United Kingdom is not legally a country. It is exactly what its title describes it as – a bipartite United Kingdom of equally sovereign independent kingdoms.

    There is thus no legal united country of the United Kingdom and less still legality in the devolution of the powrs of a de facto parliament of the country of England as the master race devolving English powers down to three dominion countries. The Treaty of Union only has two kingdoms as its legal partners and there is no such thing as an, (elected as such), parliament of England the last parliament of that three country kingdom last sat on 30 April 1707. There is not a single member of the parliament of England in existence today.

    Devolution and EVEL are confidence tricks foisted upon the legally sovereign people of Scotland and all it will take for the Kingdom of Scotland to regain her independence is a majority of the enfranchised legally sovereign people of Scotland to demand the end of the Treaty of Union.

    That is NOT the Kingdom of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom to continue as such – it is the legal, “Status Quo Ante “, of the disuniting of the two partner United Kingdom.

    There is actually no legally elected Parliament of the Kingdom of England. Laughably the legal situation is that under English Law the Queen of England is legally sovereign in her Kingdom of England and legally, (after general elections), Her Majesty legally summons HER choice of a person to be, “Her Majesty’s Prime Minister”, (I kid you not), of Her Majesty’s Government and commands that person to form Her Majesty’s Government.

    So, until that person does so, then Auld Lizzie herself is legally in charge of running the three country Kingdom of England and, by the Declaration of Arbroath the people of Scotland have the legal right to discharge the royal person and appoint another in her place.


  • Unfortunately mate that is the reason why they’ll never ever let us leave. I’m never saying give up not at all but we all know just how they operate. I’m not advocating violence but playing the game nicely will get us nowhere. I fear any way we choose they will just go full on Madrid mode aided n abetted by the spineless placemen in Scotland. They will fix any result if it looks like going our way. I’ve no proof but I still think the 1st one was fixed. The only way I think we can trust an election/referendum is if international observers are there and they will never allow it, ” we are not a banana republic ” they will cry, we are a free democracy ( aye right ) it’s gony take a bit more direct action by the SNP as in withdrawal from Westminster for a start. They will fight even dirtier than they did the 1st time round. I agree totally with you though we really have a golden chance and must not balloon it over the bar

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