We Are The People.

Back in 1989 as Thatcherism was running amok throughout Scotland there had been some talk of a Scottish dimension to UK politics this was in the main ‘championed’ by The Labour Party and used by the Liberal Party to appear relevant, in reality they were both working in self-interest, not the interest of Scotland the nation or the Scottish people.

The Labour Party had at that time been out of UK power for 10 years they craved that power back then and as now, Westminster Rule was and is their holy grail.

Nothing changes they were only worried about two things, the ethenpee and winning back Westminster.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man as they say, while Labour and the insipid Liberals talked and threatened to do something an unlikely hero stepped forward to ignite the fire of home rule, not a politician but a man of the cloth, Canon Kenyon Wright.

“Referring to a likely Thatcherite veto of Scottish aspirations, he wondered what would happen when that “voice we know so well” inevitably said, “We say no and we are the state.”

“Well,” he responded rhetorically, “We say yes and we are the people.”

The Thatcher Tories were the anathema of everything that Scotland believed in, the common weal, public ownership, fairness, decency, the welfare state.

Thatcher as we know was an ideologue, driven by the belief in ‘trickle down economics’ the small state, no society, no trade unions,no worker’s rights, survival of the fittest.

The only other ideological government in modern UK history was the single socialist government that has ever been elected, the 1945 Attlee Labour Government.

They had brought us Nationalisation on a grand scale, Health, Rail, Coal, Steel, it built more than a million affordable homes through the local authorities,  it was a great time to be a socialist, alas it was short lived as the powerful although caught out in 1945  slowly but surely reasserted themelves against this threat to their hegemony and right to rule.

It took till 1979 before they could really get to grips with destroying everything that Atlee’s Government had achieved in that short socialist spring.

The Tories had in 1952 when getting back into power taken their first steps in once again transferring the wealth of the nation back into the hands of the few.

The Iron & Steel Corporation of Great Britain had been set up in 1949 and although it took effect on 15 February 1951, it never happened as the Tories once again sold off steel to their friends in the city and shires on regaining power in 1952.

This should have been a warning to all those on the left, alas it was not, we had the Tories in power until 1964 and the cause of the poor and less able was forgotten.

When the Labour Party eventually regained power in 1964 it was more a Liberal Party than a socialist party and ever since then it has moved more and more to the right till the days of Blair when it was more right wing than the John Major Tory Government it replaced in 1997.

However it was still a shock to the system when Thatcher and her minions started their dismantling of the state and sold off our assets one by one, British Telecom, Gas, Railways, British Airways, Airports, Water, it got so bad the ex Tory PM Harold MacMillan even attacked his own party “selling off the family silver”

He didn’t object to the bringing an end to state capitalism and putting the means of production into private hands he was more concerned that it was the using of these huge sums raised in the sell offs as if they were income.

The reason I mention this reprise of Thatcher is to highlight that many of us thought it so bad we agitated for ‘Home Rule’ as a bulwark to what had been up to that time the biggest attack on the rights and well being of the ordinary Scottish folk.

However, let us also be quite clear, the Labour Party only agreed to have any Scottish Devolution because they wanted it as a defence against the Tories in England and as a launchpad to regain Westminster power, for them it was never about improving people’s lives it was to improve Labours chances of retaining power and privilege in London, the smell of ermine is their erotica.

To Labour Devolution was never about the well being of the Scottish people  it was always about what was best for the Labour Party, they arrogantly saw Scotland and Wales as their fiefdoms, however as a double insurance they gerrymandered the voting system in such a manner that they believed they would always be in power with the very easily bribed Liberals.

2007 never mind 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017 were never ever meant to happen, the SNP and any move towards independence was never to be available to the Scots, subservience is the watchword of the Unionists in Scotland.

I think it is safe to say that if the SLAB mob had been able to see the Scotland of now with an SNP Government in Holyrood and a majority of Scottish MPs at Westminster they would have strangled the Scotland Act at birth just as they did with the Scotland Act of 1978.

Those of us that are old enough to remember those days thought it could never get any worse than Thatcher.

How wrong can an entire generation be?

This lot of new-con zealots make Thatcher look like a pinko, even things like the NHS and Royal Mail  were off limits to Thatcher’s right wingers.

This lot would sell your granny into slavery if they thought they could get a few quid for her, they can’t so instead they tax her spare bedroom and change her from a cost centre to a profit centre.

Just as they hated the nationalised industries that benefitted the majority, they hate, loathe and despise the devolved administrations, be in no doubt they intend to close them down and take power back to the centre at Westminster.

This self-harm Brexit like austerity is an ideology, it is not a policy it is not done to benefit the masses it is all being done to benefit a very small group of right-wing ideologue elites.

The writing is on the wall they make no attempt to disguise their motives they are coming after the little bit of Scottish democracy that is in the hands and votes of the Scottish people.

They cannot win control of it at the ballot box, so they intend to just take it under the guise of it being perfectly legal, citing the sovereignty of the crown in parliament as their defence.

Tyrants throughout time have bastardised the laws of the land to justify their crimes against democracy and the people.

The time to fight back has been with us for some time now, many of us have answered the call and we are fighting back against a viscous uncaring foe.

Now is the call to arms, we need every single Scot, old and new to do their bit and fight back against those that would steal our democracy and resources.

Many in our country pay lip service to the creeping hand of tyranny unleashed by the Tory Government.

The best examples of this being the weak-minded fools in the London based Political Parties that pretend to be Scottish and mouth small criticisms of Westminster misrule but always add the caveat that no matter how bad it gets, no matter how many rights get stripped away from us, no matter how many Scots lose their homes, their jobs, no matter how many Scots slip into poverty these House Jocks will remain loyal to Westminster and London Rule come what may.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon the rest of us to say to these Tories and their Labour and Liberal allies In similar fashion as did Canon Kenyon in 1989 the last time the Tories came to thwart the aspirations of the Scottish nation.

When they come calling saying “we are Westminster and we are sovereign over you and we say no”

We say, “We are the Scots and We are the people, and We say No to you and YES to Independence.


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