Scottish Prism Peter.A.Bell & James Kelly – 4th Nov 2018

Scottish Prism Peter.A.Bell & James Kelly – 4th Nov 2018

9 thoughts on “Scottish Prism Peter.A.Bell & James Kelly – 4th Nov 2018

  • The SNP leadership should apologise for their knee-jerk reaction to Grouse Beater’s article. I read it, and found nothing anti-Semitic in it.

  • ‘Whose side are you on’?..

    The blog wasn’t anti-semitic.

    James makes the point re Mhairi Hunter’s view; ordinary SNP members won’t be held accountable, therefore why are (bloggers) not afforded same? etc, etc. I think the simple answer to that is because the dozen or so independence bloggers or broadcasters we get a great deal of our slant from are so influential that they ought to be more savvy to the pitfalls.
    We read you guys every day. We read you because you have intelligent angles, you devote great efforts to our movement, you produce weekly or daily words which can sway whole sections of an electorate. In the almost absence of an independent-minded media, your opinions filter down ‘from above’ and votes can be won, or lost, on these words. Being fervent about an independent Scotland, I actually talk about you people – enthusiastically – when I meet my pro-indy mates in the pub.
    I place a whole lot of store in the words of GB, Wings, Peter, B.Boy, Scot Goes Pop etc. I look to these blogs, at times, as a beacon for my own conscience when I’m unsure of the correct viewpoint. Great responsibility comes with great power. If the SNP deem it careless of you – any and all of you – to accidentally or intentionally play dog-whistle, then I think reprimand is in order – the Party has been doing this a lot longer than you.

    Jewry and Hitler is such a hot-tottie that I’d have thought it goes without saying that you influentials should take stock before testing the bear-trap. Peter’s already said it wasn’t Gareth’s best work; I don’t agree, I think, overall, it was a brilliant work. However, if by that Peter means the Hitler section wasn’t his best work then my point is made.

    I’d like to have heard Peter Curran on this show, along with one or other of your two guests. It’s my thinking that Peter saw into the future when he took his admirable, and brave, stance. Now we have a situation where every crank with a bogus ‘Saor Alba’ avatar is grabbing the opportunity to exploit this folly. Peter’s never attacked the blog piece for being anti-semitic, he’s attacked its carelessness. I also think Peter’s attacking the egotistical nature of bloggers, some of whom are probably too quick to believe in their own publicity:
    “I think you should consider that para”.. “Not-at-all – I’m not altering my work!”
    I think Gareth Wardell is a brilliant, smart and extremely engaging guy: honestly, that he couldn’t foresee where this was headed I find quite staggering.

    That so many unfollowed Peter Curran (yes, I almost did) is a damning indictment of the fickle and quarrelsome nature of our movement. I don’t think it matters a jot that Peter asked friends to unfollow, I happen to think *that* was his statement: ‘If you cannot see the damage caused by Graham’s blog, and how certain bodies will exploit it..’
    I also think it was an error to publicly unfollow Peter. Why do it publicly? “Uh, okay, I unfollow you”.. I think everyone who unfollowed him completely missed his brusque but very subtle point. I would hope that all who unfollowed him decide to follow him back. He’s a good voice, this whole episode validating his credentials.

    ‘Whose side are you on’?.. Ffff..

    I am an SNP member, they are the party of independence. Independence is their job. I trust them implicitly.
    Let’s get back to the future of the country.

    Good broadcast, BB.

  • @Kenny

    Agree with you in the main. One point about Peter Curran though. It was Peter that requested anyone who agreed with GB to unfollow him. It was his request, so hardly down to any fickleness on the part of those who did as requested. I was one of them. I enjoy a lot of Peter’s stuff but not all and he can be just as argumentative as any other blogger.

    I respected his request and will also consider your take on this. (ps. Peter’s book is worth a read)

  • Yes, Tony, I know the details of Peter’s request, I know he publicly asked to be unfollowed and I initially thought he was nuts when I read it, but I put my indignation to one side and asked myself; ‘Why he would hang himself out on a cross like this?’ (and for Christ’s sake, please don’t get too immersed in that last line) In the heat of the moment, I think Peter’s request was designed to make people sit back, calm-down and take stock of what was happening. Is he that smart? I don’t know, but I do know there’s been some fallout from a prominent and popular blogger’s blog that we could’ve done without. QED.

    Argumentative? Fine. Peter Bell gives argumentative lessons (he’s blocked me on Twitter) but apart from the fact I think he can be an occasional oaf, he’s smart, influential and stonewall independence and I don’t bad-mouth him just cos he blocked me.

    If anything good has come of this, it’s that maybe this will be the last example – surely will be the last example – of a blog or blogger causing distraction simply from carelessness on the crucial run-up to the end-game. These bloggers aren’t thick, they should know not to throw in a hand grenade if there’s risk of blowing-off your own balls.

  • I enjoyed this discussion and felt the need to comment. As regards Grouse Beater, I read his blog prior to any anti Semitic accusations and felt his use of example from Main Kampf to show the hypocritical stance of the GMB union was justified, if perhaps not advisable! At no stage did he attack Ms Wolfson’s religious beliefs, in fact he complemented her stance against anti Semitic behaviour in the British Labour party! It was quite clear to me that the accusations made against him were simply to deflect attention from the cynical way the union were trying to portray the strike as an attack on the SG! As to the FM’s stance on an Indy ref, I believe she has been very clear that she would give the Scottish people the chance to vote on Indy, “after the Brexit deal was known, but before Scotland is dragged out of the EU!” Despite Brit Nats assertions she has backtracked on this, she has made the same assertion repeatedly and we have a triple mandate for it! May was careful to say ” now is not the time”, rather than try to deny it altogether, as that would truly be a democratic outrage!

  • Iain;
    I promised myself I wouldn’t bite, but..

    This story is now, thankfully, fading into the past, however the thing that’s sat uncomfortably with me for the past few days is the way GB has conducted himself over this last week. At no time has GB offered a route for SNP members to keep faith with the party, to maintain unity. ‘Hey, guys, I’m in disagreement with SNP, but I’m urging everyone to stay with the party’.. Wouldn’t that be more dignified, garner respect and support? Instead, I see him orchestrating the whole debacle, from atop his prominent position – and he *does* enjoy a prominent position – while attracting every dubious account and fakery that’s constantly on the lookout for a crack to slip into. I’ve seen follower denounce follower, all loyal to their own passionate beliefs, while other bottom-feeders create division, their modus operandi ever since Scotland’s social media won the last Indy Ref. Grousey has sat on his hilltop throughout.

    “It was quite clear to me that the accusations made against him were simply to deflect attention from the cynical way the union were trying to portray the strike as an attack on the SG”..
    Well of course they’re going to do that, we know this, but consider the fallout from it, look at the carnage from a unified Twitter point of view – was that foreseeable? Is the unionist side that clever? Who knows? but when the reasons behind the fallout are forgotten, we have the debris of internal battle. I’ve yet to see so many prominent accounts heatedly engage with others – blocking, criticising, pointing fingers, falling-out – as I have from one careless (?) paragraph in a blog – now that’s what I call division.

    I think GB could’ve defused this long before it gained legs. Not only has he not defused it, but he’s blithely banged-on with it – every single day at regular intervals – and fuck the consequences. I think that’s both grossly selfish and negligent. Egotistical? perhaps; we all have an ego when the world’s reading our words. But for god’s sake see the bigger picture and act accordingly. You’re not telling me Graham Wardell – for all his qualifications and letters after his name – didn’t see the gaps appearing along our front as a result of his stance? He could’ve stopped it with a few words. Nope.
    I’m disappointed in GB, my ‘mate’, but I’m hoping he’ll continue to be a pain in the butt of the union.

    Thankfully, I think the damage from this is limited – and will completely mend – as we countdown to Brexit and Scottish independence. The newly released voting intentions figures* have confirmed we’re back on track.

    *See Barrhead Boy:

    Thanks, BB, for the opportunity to offer my slant.
    I’m saying no more on this.

  • Kenny, I did say it was probably not an advisable example to use! And yes, he could have defused the situation with a simple, ” Sorry for any offense caused, that was not my intention. “

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