On Your Marks…..

There was a great deal of excitement generated last night with rumours all over social media that a new independence poll had some great news for the Yes Movement.

I got pretty excited myself and when the “news” broke that a Survation Poll for CH4 England Brexit debate suggested support for independence now stood at 52%.

The explosion of joy and relief by the YES supporters went into overdrive.

My normal rule is always to wait on James Kelly confirming the data before getting too excited.

This occasion I did not listen to my own advice and joined in with those on social media who were lauding the numbers.

Then this morning I read http://scotgoespop.blogspot.com/

I became at first a little despondent before recovering my optimism.

James correctly pointed out that the question allegedly asked is not a question that would qualify as  conclusive.

It was also skewed by the ‘what if’part of the question.

Then I saw what was irrefutable good news SNP +3.5% and with this near 40% means we would gain seven seats at any upcoming Westminster election.

That is truly remarkable considering all that has been happening for the last 3 years in particular.

Pre 2007 the British ruling elite along with their collaborators in Scotland and the corrupt 5th Column Media truly believed they had the SNP menace under control.

The narrow victory of that election didn’t overly concern them as they believed the SNP minority government would stumble about for a couple of months then fail.

The Labour Government in UK the month later changed leaders and the second worst Prime Minister of all time had been promoted after being the worst Chancellor of all time.

Brown was too obsessed with London life and politics to pay too much attention to matters in North Britain.

The arrogance and entitlement of Labour was in play and Brown and his cohorts supposed wrongly that the voters would just see the error of their ways and return to Labour fold at the first opportunity.

I suppose we should be grateful for that arrogance for as we all know it led to the unthinkable and ‘impossible’ SNP Majority government of 2011.

The subsequent referendum campaign unleashed the most wonderful enlightenment of the ordinary Scottish electorate.

This resulted in Scotland now possessing the most alert, switched on and educated voters in all of the UK.

Still our Britnats and their tame Media poodles didn’t see writing on the wall for the Union.

Nothing exemplified this more than the crass statement of Ian Davidson the then Glasgow Labour Party MP during the Independence referendum campaign.

“ The debate will go on in the sense there is a large number of wounded still to be bayoneted …”

Outrage at Labour MP’s ‘Bayonet the wounded’ referendum remark

The entire Britnat corps believed that winning the Referendum by fair or foul means was the silver bullet to kill of those pesky Nats once and forever.

Yet again their arrogance led them to a false conclusion.

When the General Election of 2015 resulted in the SNP winning 56 out of 59 MPs the alarm bells suddenly rang out.

Britnat High Command was put on notice that something had to be done to put these pesky Scots back in their box once and for all.

Since 2015 we now know that hundreds of thousands if not millions of ££ dark money has been siphoned into the Tory coffers to help them buy, steal and corrupt democracy.

The 5th Column of foreign owned MSM and the corrupt broadcasters have been in full SNP BAD ,Scotland Shite, Scottish Education Shite, SNHS Shite, Scottish Transport Shite, Scottish Justice Shite mode.

The fact that in all of these devolved areas Scotland has better outcomes than any other part of the Union is not something that the Britnats want Scots to know.

Our media lie to us every day, they smear our elected officials, our members, our marches, our social media sites, our bloggers.

Anything with a Scottish label has to be trashed, our food produce and drinks given Union Jack labels.

Now the Trade Union Movement has been brought into this deception and regrettably they have not come on the side of their members but on the side of the British ruling elite.

The onslaught has been merciless, it has been intense in the main it has been dishonest and downright corrupt.

It is all of these things but here is the delicious irony in all their efforts they have failed to quell the flame of freedom.

They obviously were not listening when Alex Salmond told them, ”the flame will never die”

That in the face of this shitstorm of British Propaganda not only has the SNP vote stayed constant it is showing an increase.

The Britnats have given it their all however the canny Scots have taken it with huge lumps of salt.

Yes, there is a hardcore of Britnat fanatics that will remain Uber loyal to the myth of U.K. Union.

These are the section of society that think that by supporting the status quo UK it makes them better than us that desire independence.

They believe that their religion, income, profession, post code, school, accent,football team or all of those makes them somehow superior and ‘superior’ people vote to allow others in a foreign country to rule over them.

Our First Minister herself has been subjected to demonising by the 5th column and their social media paid trolls.

She has shown remarkable fortitude and dignity throughout.

Unlike Britnats she doesn’t run to the media screaming “poor me I have been abused.”

She doesn’t use her religion, sex, or  lofty position to be used as a weapon against opponents.

She rightly leaves that kind of dishonest politics to the Britnat apologists and their assorted little helpers.

Nicola has been consistent that she would only make a decision on the Independence Referendum when the full facts of the UK Brexit were known.

The Britnats have tried to suggest she has put off independence as she is comfortable at just being FM.

A typical foul lie and more regrettably some on our own side have mouthed the same nonsense.

She has risen above all of this and carried herself with complete dignity and statesmanship.

The time though is fast approaching when she needs to make that call.

We have all been anxiously waiting upon this ever since the Brexit result was declared.

All the rumours and leaks from London media indicate that a fudge Brexit deal is imminent.

Tiny  Ireland is not so much pulling the chain of the UK more squeezing their balls in a vice like grip.

Whenever this fudge is announced the corrupt media will go into overdrive suggesting Britannia has

once again shown Johnny Foreigner just who is the superior race.

This will quickly unravel and our FM I believe will announce her plans to hold a referendum.

I truly believe this day is fast approaching and we should all be ready when called upon.

There are many different views on what our next move will be on the road to independence.

I have no more idea than any of you however the one person that does know our next move has my 100% confidence and loyalty.

I am absolutely convinced she will make the right call, you should be too.

Saor Alba gu brath.

6 thoughts on “On Your Marks…..

  • If Nicola calls the referendum and we win she will go down in history (at least in my book) as the greatest leader this country has known since Robert 1st and let’s not forget Alex who like Wallace through dogged determination showed us the enemy were not unbeatable.

    We can win this


  • May l suggest we all push for the use of the “block chain” voting system in the next referendum…it’s expensive but it is also tamper proof it is the system used by banks to transfer money…

    • Some Independence sympathizers recently attempted a Clearpoll blockchain experiment.
      It was an unmitigated disaster and gave zero confidence to anyone involved that such a technology is fit for purpose.

  • The Blockchain trial wasn’t a disaster. Everything worked smoothly. The only problem was the clutter of other polls that popped up on the Clearpoll app and there’s some evidence that they were put there to disrupt and confuse by those who don’t share our aims.

    • Doesn’t matter who put them there or their aims it proved that Blockchain is not the magic bullet that it’s proponents say it is,it is flawed and at present nowhere near secure enough or user friendly enough to be contemplated for elections or plebiscites.

  • I think blockchain is the way forward but indyref2 would be the wrong vote to introduce it, if we won many on the losing side especially the older demographic would claim it’s a fix because they don’t understand it, indyref2 is too important to mess with the format now but we need to do something about the postal votes and some of the other anomalies that crept up in 2014.


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