The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland only came into being in 1922.

It now seems very unlikely this latest construct of English imperialism will celebrate its centenary.

A hegemony that began in 1066 when William and the Normans successfully invaded and conquered England is coming to a rather ignominious end.

Should it be the case that coroners were to give a verdict at the end of an empire this one would read ‘death by suicide.’

The warning signs of this inevitability have been there for over a hundred years.

The Great War actually heralded the beginning of the end for Britain as a world super power.

The Irish had during this conflict taken on and defeated the mighty British Empire with a people’s militia.

This resulted in this political construct we now talk of as the UK.

Since the formation of UK of GB & NI it has staggered from one crisis to another and somehow managed to stay intact.

The Great Depression followed soon after WWI.

No sooner had this hurdle been cleared when along came Adolf and WWII.

During and immediately after this conflict many of the subjugated nations including Australia (1942) took advantage of the situation and regained their deliverance from English rule.

The war had bankrupted what was once the richest imperial power the world had ever seen.

Now as country after country declared independence the London spivs were unable to steal at will as they had been doing for several hundred years.

Into the 1970s and on the verge of default on its international debts and with a civil war going on in Northern Ireland it looked as if at this point disaster was imminent.

Lucky London once more escaped ruin by way of massive oil reserves being found off the coast of Scotland.

To put this into perspective, it was like the bailiffs were about to arrive to take possession of the house and all the furniture.

Social Services were coming to take the kids, and the finance company had arrived with a tow truck. Then Lady Luck intervened they won a triple rollover European Lottery or in this case, The Scottish Lottery.

Scotland being one of the few colonies left for England to pillage this was deliverance on an epic scale and an opportunity not to be missed.

With no thought to the future or making best use of this resource pillage and theft as always with London took precedence over prudence.

Refreshed with Scottish resource and a rabid right wing Thatcher Tory Government went about dismantling the welfare state and renewing infrastructure of the SE England.

Part of this involved crushing the Scottish Independence movement and the people of Scotland.

The last thing the shysters in England needed was the nation of Scotland to become aware of its great wealth.

The usual chicanery deployed by the London spivs so successfully in the imperial day’s was once again used to hide this massive bounty from the Scots.

The McRone Report lay hidden for over 30 years and to this day, not a single British Unionist will acknowledge, let alone accept culpability for this shameless act of deceit.

The election of an SNP Government in Scotland and the internet is the only reason we Scots ever became aware of this report and gained knowledge just how much had been stolen from our nation.

Fortunately for the spivs and shysters of London having total control over the media has allowed this larceny to remain hidden from a great many of the Scottish population.

The inevitable that has  been put off for around 100 years is about to reach a conclusion.

When history books are written covering this time, it will read ‘ the end when it came was swift and catastrophic for England.’

This week, what can only be described as the most incompetent government in the 97 year history of the UK will implode.

The biggest imposter to ever live in No10 has managed almost singly handed to turn a crisis into an epic disaster.

The vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill which was postponed in December is scheduled to be debated and voted upon this week.

Rumours abound that Teresa May faced with defeat will once again attempt to delay the inevitable by once more postponing democracy.

Should this prove to be true it should force the Leader of the Opposition to immediately place a No Confidence Motion in the Government.

The problem with this is, at the same time as having the worst ever Government and Prime Minister. We also have the worst ever leader of the opposition, not just in the last 97 years but of all time.

Both of these London based Political Party Leaders are delusional beyond even parody.

They are both promoting ‘policies’ that are just unworkable and impractical in the Brexit context.

The Tories want a situation where the UK gets all the benefits of the European Union and Single Market without any of the responsibilities or liabilities.

Indeed, they want it to be like their own British Union where they get to determine everything for everyone and always for their benefit.

They want to be able to control all the EU monies, policies and decisions.

Ideally they would like all EU revenues to come to London where they can then determine where and how it should be stolen, sorry distributed!.

That really is the nub of the resentment by the Little Englanders in the Tory Party towards the EU.

The problem with this is the 27 nations of the EU can neither be bullied or ignored by the arrogant English Parliament.

The Labour Party are even more ridiculous in their offering as articulated by Barry Gardiner yesterday on Sky TV.

Labour want ‘A’ Customs Union that would see the UK get all the benefits of the SM&CU with the added bonus of being able to veto any trade deal negotiated by the EU that Westminster determined was not in the interests of the UK. 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

Needless to say both the London Parties want to get this for nothing, no payment, no accountability and of course no FOM for Foreigners.

They also it seems expect citizens of the UK to enjoy all the benefits of EU, FOM settlement etc. Johnny Foreigner however he will need a visa to enter Blighty.

It truly is breathtaking stupidity and absolute ignorance by the London political sect.

Like the rest of you I have no idea what strategy is to be deployed by the SNP when this farce rolls out at Westminster this week.

I know what I would like to see happen.

When May once again attempts to defy the will of Parliament I want to hear Nicola say,


We are now down to 81 days till Brexit, there can be no further delays.

The first priority of the Scottish Government and the very DNA of the SNP is to protect the people of Scotland.

This farce around the Withdrawal Bill highlights that Scotland’s best interests are not served by continuing in this Union.

Our Parliament in Edinburgh in 1707 debated and decided to enter this Union.

Our sovereign Parliament in Edinburgh will now debate and decide if we wish to remain in this Union.

We see no need to seek anyone’s permission except that of the sovereign people of Scotland.

Today we withdraw all our MPs from this place and suggest other MPs that put Scotland before the needs of any other part of this Union join us by withdrawing now.

This is no longer even a pretence of democracy in this place when a PM can at will decide what a parliament can and cannot vote upon.

The stakes are too great, the dangers of indecision too perilous, Scotland bids you leave.’

Then I would like to see a gathering of every single elected official in Scotland to debate a way forward for our nation.

The British Union is broken beyond repair there is not a single way that it benefits Scotland.

We have to do whatever it takes to get ourselves as far away from their self-inflicted disaster as possible.

The time has come to stop playing by the Westminster’s rules and start playing  by our own rules.

Rules that benefit our nation, our residents, new and old Scot alike.

England is turning inwards and in a nasty way.

We need to look outward to new horizons.

We need Independence.

The time is now!



6 thoughts on “Finished!

  • I whole heartedly agree with everything you say.
    The time is now and Nicola Sturgeon needs to be ready to deliver a letter of Dissolution of the UK within the week of a stall on democracy by May again.
    Oh and Corbyn won’t call a no confidence, as he does not want the blame for taking UK through Brexit.

  • I don’t see a way to notify a correction other than by leaving a comment, so please feel free to delete this.

    for ‘to perilous’ substitute ‘too perilous’ ?


  • Time to act now please Nicola , I cannot stand to watch my elected MPs being humiliated and disrespected any longer by the Hooray Henry’s of Westminster , their fake superiority towards my country is appalling considering the thieving and asset stripping of Scotland’s rich resources
    This so called ” precious union ” is a farce and we must leave .

  • Absolutely , Timing is crucial. Statements made from our Prime minister of Scotland , “Nicola Sturgeon ” in the run up to the position we now find ourselves in leads me to believe she now has her finger on the Trigger, not twitching but gradual pressure being applied which will be exerted in the minute Treezer makes her decision.

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