It is the start of another week of Brexit madness where the lunatics truly have taken over the asylum.

The paths of Scottish Independence and English Brexit are drawing to an inexorable conclusion.

I know many of the purists in our movement hate the linking of Brexit and Scottish Independence.

These feelings while understandable are wrong and for the present these two topics are like cojoined twins.

Just as in real life eventually these twins will need to be separated so that they can both live their own independent lives.

The Panelbase Poll over the weekend highlighted this better than any words from me ever could.

Do you believe Scottish independence or a no deal Brexit would be better for Scotland?

Scottish independence: 59%
No deal Brexit: 41%

Do you believe Scottish independence or remaining in the UK but outside the EU under a negotiated Brexit deal would be better for Scotland?

Scottish independence: 53%
Remaining in the UK but outside the EU under a negotiated Brexit deal: 47%.

If polls is your thing I recommend ‘my go to’ when it comes to opinion polls.

The brilliant Mr James Kelly of,


I never take any poll remotely seriously until James gives his opinion, frankly I do not trust anyone else when it comes to any Independence related polls.

What this latest poll implies is the same as a poll on 26/6/2016, the week after the referendum that was compiled for The Sunday Post.

Coincidentally the exact same figure of 59% of Scots said then they would prefer Independence than a Brexit UK.

End of the UK? New survey shows 59% support Scottish independence after Brexit vote

The strategists in the SNP knew that one of the factors in our 2014 defeat was fear of losing our EU status if we left the bosom of the UK.

That is why the 2016 SNP Manifesto for Holyrood was quite specific.

The day after the actual Brexit Referendum our First Minister laid out her case.


Contrary to the unionists and their lackeys and regrettably some on our own side she has not wavered an iota from that position.

She stated then that our preferred option was full membership of the EU but as a minimum we had to stay within the SM & CU.

She and our government have worked tirelessly towards that position.

Scotland is the only government within the UK that has ever had a credible plan for Brexit.

Each and every single compromise offered up was of course rejected out of hand by those controlling the English Parliament.

We have even heard that the comprehensive report that would have satisfied everyone was never even read by the Tories such is their contempt for Scotland and our government.


Like our 100+ Amendments for the Scotland Bill that were rejected out of hand so was our Brexit compromise.

Our FM and Scottish Government have tried more than anyone to find common ground and common cause to limit the damage from this England and Wales Brexit madness.

Even in these past days we have tried to bring some sense to the madness.

The problem is as the EU now knows you can only get an agreement between two parties when both are willing to compromise.

The reality in the UK is as in British Union the big partner England never has or will compromise.

In the 311 years since Scotland first came into this alleged partnership of equals not once has the Scottish will prevailed over the English will.

Since this latest mish mash of a ‘country’ UK of GB &NI that has been around for just 96 years nothing has changed.

England is like a petulant spoiled brat of a child.

It must always get its own way and if it doesn’t it will scream and scream and scream.

Tantrums are regular occurrences so it is always someone else that has to take the blame.

Being the biggest kid on its own block it can and has bullied everyone else.

The problem is since the UK went into the EU house it couldn’t bully everyone around any more.

This is why it wants to go back to its own little myopic world where it can always get its own way.  Back to being able to bully everyone and nobody to stop or rein it in.

There are several problems that have not been factored into this Westminster plan.

While England has never grown up and remains a clingy neighbour others have grown up and now want to strike out on their own.

We in Scotland have certainly grown more and more restless and the more tantrums our neighbour throws the more people flock to our cause.

It is no coincidence that these two opinion polls show the same outcome and numbers.

There is however among our English ruling elite and many of their voters a narcissism and petulance that prevents them from ever compromising.

This brings me to the recent ruling from the ECJ that says the UK can revoke Article 50 at anytime right up to the actual day in March.

They can do this without the agreement of the other 27 EU Nations.

This fact only became public thanks to the efforts of a Scottish Cross Party alliance with of course the exception of the Tories.

A spokeswoman for the court said: “In today’s judgment, the Full Court has ruled that, when a Member State has notified the European Council of its intention to withdraw from the European Union, as the UK has done, that Member State is free to revoke unilaterally that notification.


A few in our movement are unhappy that we have given a lifeline to our English and Welsh neighbours that will allow them to halt the madness of Brexit.

The narcissism I alluded to earlier in my opinion will likely prevent the ruling elite of Westminster in grabbing this opportunity with both hands.

In my almost 3 score and ten one thing has remained constant the inability of British Unionists ever admitting getting anything wrong.

A complete refusal to accept responsibility for any actions or bad outcomes.

They always have to blame others that is why in the UK immigrants, The EU, Non-Whites, Muslims, Scots, Irish, Welsh are all blamed for the social ills of the English majority.

What can never be admitted is that all the ills of the UK are down to the narrow myopic politics and patronage of the British State.

A pretend democracy where a few do benefit and the many do suffer but be assured of this, these words might be true but not as true as these.

Labour are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Tories are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

The Liberals are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Westminster is the biggest part of the problem and no solutions will ever be found there.

I believe the Art50 Revocation is not a lifeline it is a noose.

I am certain the arrogance and pomposity will prevent our imperial masters from grasping this Scottish lifeline.

They are so wrapped up in their false sense of superiority I believe they will carry on regardless even if that means disaster.

Because if they accept the lifeline of revocation they cannot power grab from Holyrood.

They cannot avoid the scrutiny on tax havens that the EU has brought into force.

Worst of all they cannot admit that they were wrong and all the Scots, Irish and Johnny Foreigners of the EU were right!

Humility is not a trait our English rulers or media possess.

Sair Alba gu brath.


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  • Roddy everything you write is true and has been proven to be so , the engerlish establishment have been and still are ripping the pish out of Scots and Scotland, the worst thing about it is we LET them , as your Scottish Rebel Quote says WE ARE POWERFUL , c’mon Scottish people do some research and reading and let’s get out of this omnishambles clusterfcuk

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