Bannockburn to Brexit!

During the Scottish Wars of Independence in 13/14 th Centuries many times the invaders from the south made strategic miscalculations.

Even with Scottish collaborators assisting and advising they never quite understood the Scottish Psyche.

They thought after they had captured Sir William Wallace in 1305, had their show trial then murdered him their troubles in Scotland would be over.

To this day they still try to say his ‘trial’ in London was legal.

With the assistance of their civil servants of the day, they concocted a load of false charges against Wallace. (Sound familiar?)

Not content with just getting away with murdering him the English court decided that The Wallace should be cut into four quarters.

His head was to be hung from a pike on London Bridge so that the carrion could feast upon it.

The four parts of his torso were sent to the four parts of the kingdom as a warning to Scots about the consequences of those that opposed English rule.

We all know it had the exact opposite effect on the Scots that was intended by the English.

It actually hardened the resolve of the Scots and led to the fight for freedom intensifying.

Many Scots, then as now sided against their own nation in return for land, title, coin and English baubles.

Fortunately, the majority of Scots remained true to their land of birth and fought the invader.

On 25th March 1306 just 8 months after the murder of Wallace, Robert Bruce was crowned King of Scots.

The patriots of Scotland rallied around The Bruce and continued the fight for Scotland.

There were many events and battles in the struggle for our independence and too many to cover here in a short blog.

Suffice to say Scotland’s freedom was finally determined at Bannockburn on June 23rd 1314.

The battle marked a significant turning point, with Robert’s armies now free to launch devastating raids throughout Northern England while also extending his war against the English to Ireland by sending an army to invade there headed by his brother Edward.

It took another eight years before the actual peace treaty was signed between the two countries.

However after their defeat at Bannockburn, the English were never again able to threaten Scotland.

As they say the rest is history.

It is also said history has the habit of repeating itself.

Here and now Scotland is once again ‘fighting’ for its independence.

Nowadays though we do not need to resort to force of arms.

The fight though is no less intense.

There are as in Wallace and Bruce’s day Scots who choose to side with England and its rule.

Like days of old too they do it for coin with Westminster baubles and titles their biggest desire.

Just as Scots colluded with the English in 1305 to capture and murder Wallace today Scots are colluding with English politicians to Scotland’s detriment.

Back in the 14th century those in London thought that a quick trial against a prominent figurehead of the independence movement would somehow force everyone to change their opinion on Scottish self-determination.

They wrongly assumed we would be too demoralised and afraid to keep up the fight against them.

They were wrong then and even with hindsight the powers to be in London seem not to have learned anything when it comes to dealing with Scotland.

All of us growing up in Scotland have always had an aversion to bullies and bullying.

Yet our London rulers aided by their Scottish lackeys think that bullying and browbeating will win us over to their way of thinking.

They think the more they tell us we can’t have this or we can’t do that that somehow we will shrug our shoulders say,  “Aye ok ,right you are, back into our box we go”.

They think we will meekly return to electing the lying London based parties and never dare to question Westminster supremacy again.

Especially since 2011 we have seen a ramping up of the too wee, too poor, too stupid narrative.

Since 2014 they have intensified their bullying and bombast.

They have tried casting aspersions and throwing trumped up charges at several members of the movement.

None has had the slightest effect on our resolve.

I am sure whenever and whoever concocted the idea of going after Alex Salmond they assumed they had at last found that silver bullet.

When things did not go according to plan with the fabricated and illegal proceedings against Alex Salmond there has been a change of tack.

The London overlords have now it seems instructed their placemen in Scotland to turn their attentions to Nicola Sturgeon who they greatly fear.

They are now attempting to discredit and smear Nicola in our eyes.

Again in the false hope that those of us seeking our country’s return to normality will give up the struggle.

They want us compliant and obedient so they can continue robbing and plundering Scotland’s natural resources and assets.

I like so many of you resent this theft especially when so many of our people are struggling by in extreme poverty.

What I resent even more is people born of our country that willingly assist a neighbouring country to steal our wealth then join in to blame the rest of us for the resultant poverty.

No Unionist, Scots or otherwise has ever been able to give us a positive case for the British Union.

Instead, they love to invent lies about how terrible Scotland is, how bad the SNP Government operate.

They say this in the full knowledge that all the matters devolved are by every measure better than any other part of this Union.

When any unionist is asked to name just 3 things that can only be achieved by the British Union that cannot be achieved by an Independent Scotland they either go silent or come out with the most ridiculous nonsense imaginable.

This Union is teetering on the edge of Brexit implosion.

The nearer we get to this happening the more vicious our opponents will become towards us.

Hopefully, in a very few days the English Parliament will take their decision on Brexit.

The minute that is over I fully expect our FM to announce her plans.

I have no idea what she will say, is it a referendum or a dissolving of the Union?

What we can be assured is the English Parliament has only ever taken from Scotland it has never given anything willingly to us.

They will try everything and anything to keep us under their rule.

As individuals and as a collective we have to remain united and determined.

The attacks will come and they will be ferocious just as they were on that day in June 1314.

Then the schiltrons never faltered, the Scots never doubted or took a single step back.

The Scots were victorious that day against overwhelming odds.

We too must now be as resilient in the coming weeks and months as the prize is the exact same.

That Scotland be left alone to govern itself.

The decision is down to every single individual in Scotland.

What will you choose, Fight or Flight?

Saor Alba gu brath.







6 thoughts on “Bannockburn to Brexit!

  • Just about sums up the Westminster little englanders attitude towards Scotland unfortunately for them they are that so consumed with there own self of entitlement and xenophobic racist arrogance they are serving us independence on a plate as they say your history defines you never a truer word spoken I salute you Barrhaed boy Soar Alba

  • Good, stirring stuff again, Roddie.

    Also greatly enjoying your excellent podcasts. Who’s next big name for your Scottish Prism (the programme that is unapologetically pro-Scottish Independence) or Sunday interview?
    We’re getting there!

    • Thank you for your kind remarks they are greatly appreciated.
      This being a special week and a new year I thought it appropriate to reunite The Three Amigos so myself Peter Bell and Jason Michael.

  • A very succinct summary of the parallels. It is not so obvious of the numbers whose resolve is strengthened. As most of us on YES side re-enforce and support each other. We tend to be in groups on social media.
    I do from time to time wander amongst unionists in real life and on twitter.
    I satisfied we all see clearly what’s going on.

  • Stirring stuff. I’m ready to fire up the mobility scooter, grab my pike and take my place on the front line. It’s an all terrain one so battlefields won’t be a problem! 😃

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