Time to Go

The closer Scotland gets to leaving the confines of the British Union the more desperate and vile  our opponents become even on matters of who is entitled to have children and which members of society are not allowed to have kids.

Many have already written, posted, tweeted their disgust at the appalling Ms Ballantyne’s disgraceful outburst yesterday in Holyrood.

More upsetting in all this is the silence of the media and the lack of any sign of condemnation or action from her Party.

The latter is not surprising as Ms Ballantyne was merely saying In public what Tories talk about amongst themselves in private.

Aneurin Bevan a true socialist and a credit to the Labour Movement summed up the Tories perfectly many years ago, it is just a pity the ones running the Labour Party nowadays prefer to make common cause with Tories rather than fight their vile policies of hate and divide.

I think it is likely that if Bevan were alive today he would more likely be in Plaid Cymru rather than the   present day Labour Party that is jam packed full of carpetbaggers and pinko Tories.

The behaviour of the Labour Party in Scotland and the disgraceful GMB Union this week was also an affront to men like Bevan, Atlee, and to the entire Labour movement past and present it is not something the founding fathers would condone.

The hypocrisy and deceit employed by these two organisations in the ongoing equal pay dispute is truly vile and the manner in which they have firstly abused then used the women on the equal pay issue is a shame that will be with both organisations for as long as either may exist.

There is not one of the British Nationalist Party leaders or elected members that can escape the tag of opportunist, however this week Richard Leonard takes the title of Opportunist of the Decade.

Thanks must go to Ian Smart (no lover of the SNP) thanks to him we now know just how dirty Leonard’s hands are in this entire mess.

Time To Go

Opportunistic and dishonest as Branch Manager Leonard may indeed be, our greatest scorn as usual is with the 4th Estate, a Media That is complicit in these vile politics of both British Labour and Conservatives.

While they do not directly set the policy of lies, deceit and corruption their collusion allows it to run rife throughout this United Kingdom, mostly unchallenged .

Edmund Burke summed it up perfectly when he said ,”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.“

This should be pinned in every newsroom the length and breadth of the UK for most of our journalists have forgotten this truism.

That is exactly what our media are doing, their first task be it in the dead tree press or the broadcasting medium it seems is to protect the British State and the status quo at all costs truthful reporting of the facts has long ago been cast aside in defence of the union.

They will rarely if ever print anything that shows any British Nationalist politician or Party in a bad light.

That is why Ruth Davidson can get away with her elected Tories making racist, homophobic,  anti -catholic, anti- poor, or just downright bigoted comments knowing that she never has the need to discipline or fire anyone because she knows she has a free pass from a corrupt media.

She has been able to avoid any serious questioning or scrutiny over dark money or “surprise” election victories, her Scottish MPs bizarre behaviour at Westminster or her flip flopping on her EU position, Primary1 Asessments etc. nor of course this latest outburst by her social security spokesperson.

The corrupt media have ensured all these matters have landed in that famous British Union long grass never again to be mentioned along with anything else that might shine a light on the paucity of the Union.

The National Newspaper has highlighted and condemned Ms Ballantyne, however the rest of the foreign owned media has pretty much ignored it.

The anger and disgust shared by all the decent people of Scotland was exemplified magnificently in the Holyrood Chamber by my own MSP, Tom Arthur, in his reply to her vile speech he made all of us who had the honour of listening to his put down of Ms. Ballantyne proud to be on the same side as him and against the side she promotes.

The media will of course not highlight Tom’s intervention it will only ever be available to those that use social media and go looking for it.

However imagine Tom had instead suggested that anyone who was from a family of Tories should only be allowed to have one or no children at all because the Common Weal in Scotland that we believe in would be diminished by us having more Tory shits than was necessary.

You can imagine the outcry, by now the entire press pack and every broadcaster the length and breadth of the UK would be in Scotland not just demanding that Nicola Sturgeon sacks and expels Tom immediately but he should be forced to resign his seat never again be allowed to hold office.

He should be taken to court and charged with a hate crime for talking about Tories in such a manner.

The BBC and STV would have hour-long specials about the vile politics of the Nasty Ethnpee and how they should be outlawed as a terrorist party and not allowed to contest elections.

However because Ms Ballantyne is a British Tory and is on the side of the London ruling elite and she was talking about the poor in Scotland it is acceptable, they will have no moral outrage, no disgust and they won’t condemn her words, her Party or the UK.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I have adopted a zero tolerance to the liars and deniers blocking them is not enough, we have to change our society and get rid of those that hold our nation back.

The only way to do that is with independence, it is this blind obedience to British/English Nationalism to rule over Scotland that is the problem, it is not the solution.

The Union is finished, it is time for the British Nationalists to understand that and join with us in making a new and modern arrangement between the ancient nation of Scotland and England.

We are different people, we have different views on most things, EU, immigration, Common Weal, WMD, foreign wars, social security, environment, nuclear power, fracking, foreign policy and most other topics too.

We have too many differences to live under the one roof, however as neighbours I truly believe we will get along far better than now.

I would refer you to Ireland 1916 and your relationship with Ireland now.

It is inevitable, you want isolation from Europe and no foreigners, we want lots of immigration and lots of close bonds with our European neighbours as well as the rest of the world.

The majority of our population like multiculturism and believe it makes our country a better place to be, sadly the majority of your population see it as a threat to some perceived notion of yesteryear.

We can have a good divorce settlement, one thing though all the Michelle Ballantynes, Ross Thomson ,Ruth Davidsons et al like the WMD on the Clyde they’re yours, you keep them do with them as you wish, though knowing you and your history when they are no longer of use to the London ruling elite they will be cast aside like a pair of unwanted smelly slippers.

We have been away from the world for past 311 years some good times lots of bad times however the time has come to say Ciao, enjoy your isolation, just think you won’t have the Scots, Irish, EU to hold you back £350 mil a week from EU no £15billion a year Scottish subsidy you will be rolling in it  You can achieve 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄something I am sure, although what I am not sure you even know what you want however it is time for you to stand on your own two feet and time for you to stop hanging on to our coat tails.


Saor Alba gu brath.


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