Your Democracy has been stolen.

It is always the done thing to declare an interest before making an intervention into a subject close to your heart or well being.

I am a resident for most of the year in Catalonia therefore my interest is obvious.

I continue to watch in horror as more and more the bully boys from Madrid squash democracy in Catalonia.

We have seen 8 elected politicians imprisoned, today Friday 1st December they are in the Supreme Court appealing this injustice and asking to be allowed to participate in the forthcoming election.

They have been accused of rebellion and sedition for carrying out the mandate they won in a free, fair, democratic election.

The Speaker of the Parliament was likewise thrown in jail for allowing debates on Independence, Madrid it seems does not like debates.

The Spanish supreme court ruled that the former speaker of the Catalan parliament, Carme Forcadell, could be released from jail on bail of €150,000. To avoid a harsher sentence, Forcadell and five of her colleagues promised to conduct politics “without breaking the constitution,”

Then we have the two Jordis languishing in a Spanish jail since October 20th.their crime was being Independence supporters.

The two groups led by Sànchez and Cuixart, the two ‘Jordis’, are independence movements that organise the large rallies in Catalonia. The judge denied bail for fear of destruction of evidence or risk of reoffending.

The risk of ‘reoffending’ of course is the biggest concern to the Madrid Unionists, what they call an offense, we call campaigning.

The elite in Madrid is so afraid of democracy that they have also charged eight school teachers in a small Catalan town.

Inciting hatred. This is the accusation under which the District Court in the Catalan town of Seu d’Urgell has issued summons to eight local teachers at three of the town’s schools. The calls to give evidence arise from complaints made by several families after the teachers allegedly initiated classroom debates on Catalonia’s independence referendum on October 1st and the police crackdown in response. All the teachers are being investigated under an alleged crime of inciting hatred, now it seems teachers teaching social studies even scare the unionists of Madrid.

We have also seen some of those brave firemen that helped defend their friends and neighbours from the baton wielding thugs hauled before the courts and accused of rioting.

Only this week the powers to be in Madrid decided to ban the famous yellow fountains of Barcelona

The city council has been ordered to stop bathing public fountains in yellow light after Spain’s electoral authority ruled that the colour suggested support for Catalan ‘separatists’ in the run-up to controversial elections in the region on December 21.

I am happy to report in response the Independence supporters have been bedecking all the bridges in the city with yellow ribbons.

All of this antidemocratic behaviour is being perpetrated while the EU Commission and all the alleged democratic nations of the world remain silent, including our own country and the strong and stable Prime Minister.

The UK has gone one stage further and has on more than one occasion come out strongly in favour of Spain.

Meanwhile early next year our ‘country’ will welcome with all the pomp and splendour it can muster the most vile, narcissistic, misogynistic, racist, right wing, President of USA ever.

A man that has retweeted videos of the vile racist Britain First and has tweeted criticism of our Prime Minister to the entire world.

More than 20 women have come forward with lurid tales of his sexual behaviour towards them,of course he denies all charges.

Here is the thing folks there is a possibility this guy might be in a gold carriage sitting with our own head of state and trotting down the Mall flanked by British Nationalists waving little butcher’s apron flags and cheering to the rafters.

These opposing values are not mine, I do not believe they are the values of the vast majority of Scots and those that have chosen Scotland as their home.

The only way of preventing this in the future is to vote Yes to Independence.

I want my government to say to Spain’s fascists ‘this is not acceptable.’

I want my government to say to any President of any nation that does not meet our values ‘I am sorry we do not want you here.’

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