You thought Suez was embarrassing?

Many historians point to the Suez Crisis of October 1956 as the seminal moment that signaled the end of Britain as a global power.

In effect the joint Anglo French Israeli attack on Egypt was stopped dead in its tracks by a single phone call from US President Eisenhower.

This was a humiliation for the then Tory Government of Anthony Eden and indeed the entire UK.

Not since the Normans came ashore at Hastings in 1066 had the ruling elite of the South East of England ever been forced into such a public and humiliating climbdown.

Even the defeats by the American Colonies and the arse whipping by an Irish people’s militia in the early 20th Century had not dented the imperial pretensions or pomposity of the Little Englanders.

Suez changed all that and for the first time since the Norman Conquest the more enlightened in the UK could see the new world order and knew that the UK needed to adapt to survive.

The problem was those in charge refused to see the reality and so we had a further 8 years of Tory Government, Harold MacMillan replacing the inept Eden.

Even with successive Labour and Tory Governments following on nothing changed,no overhaul of our imperial outdated ‘democracy’ no written constitution, no fair voting system, no elected second chamber or head of state.

No consensus politics as displayed by the EU in supporting the smaller nations of the European Union as in Brexit, where Ireland has the backing and protection of the other 26 members.

The will of the Irish people is not subsumed into the centre by the bigger nations of the EU unlike in the UK Union where the will of Scotland, NI and Wales is always set aside to make way for the Anglo desire as it is the only voice that is ever to be listened to, and must be obeyed without question.

The colonies gaining independence from the British increased throughout the 50s and early 60s as the near bankrupted UK could no longer afford to subdue and rape the colonies by force of arms.

There have always been myths about how benign the British were to their millions of conquered colonials, that falsehood pervades to this day and if you ask the average person in any UK street they would insist we were very patriarchal and gentle to those we conquered.

The truth, of course, is somewhat different, people are rightly horrified that the Nazis murdered over 6 million Jews, Gays, Slavs, Freemasons, Communists, Gypsies in their Concentration Camps in the period between 1933-1945.

Overall in the entire WWII it is estimated that globally 40 million died and some 12 to 15 million were murdered by the Nazis either by gassing, shooting or starvation.

Yet if you were to get the average citizen of the UK to proffer a guess as to the amount murdered by the British State in its Empire, you would get answers ranging from zero to perhaps some suggesting a few hundred thousand.

It is very true the saying about victors writing history because our ‘British’ history has been well hidden and sanitized over the centuries.

We are still a nation locked in denial. If you point out basic facts about the British Empire – that the British deliberately adopted policies that caused as many as 30 million Indians to starve to death in the late 19th century, – you smack into a wall of incomprehension and rage.

In the late 19th, early 20th Century The British had a series of Labour camps built throughout India and remember this is just one country of the empire.

“In the average British labour camp that were set up, inmates were given fewer daily calories than if they had ended up in Buchenwald 80 years later.”

Pre the British take over of India it was a global trading nation and one of the richest nations in the world.

By the time the Brits were kicked out in 1947 India was an impoverished third-world country with widespread poverty and little industry.

Seventy-one years after independence India has recovered to become the 6th largest economy on the planet just one place behind its old colonial master and expected to overtake the UK in the next 12 months.


Nominal GDP: $2.61 trillion 

GDP (PPP): $9.45 trillion

United Kingdom

Nominal GDP: $2.62 trillion 

GDP (PPP): $2.91 trillion


Being part of the London influence not only shortens your life expectancy it greatly impoverishes your economy as the Little Englanders love nothing more than stealing other nations assets, minerals and wealth, all so they and their greedy friends in the elite can enjoy the spoils of pillage.

This denial of our history and the false belief that everyone in the world loves the British is exactly why 2 1/2 years after the Brexit vote there is not a single trade deal on the table.

This belief by our Oxbridge educated ruling elite that they are somehow special and exceptional is why we are on the verge of a No Deal Brexit.

They truly believe that they have an entitlement and a superiority that will force the 27 EU Nations to capitulate to the will of the Anglo elite.

They seem to believe that even now Ireland somehow owes them obedience and should do as Mother England requires and to hell with the consequences for the Irish people.

Not only do the Little Englanders not know their own history they are oblivious to Irish, Scots or Welsh or Imperial history either.

They ignorantly believe all the countries of the Empire will give them favorable trade deals that will give London the whip hand, they truly are that arrogant and pompous.

They think because the non productive wealthy buy German cars and ‘England’ beat them in two world wars as well as a football World Cup in 1966 Germany respects the Anglo superiority so much the Germans will do as the Little Englanders require and make the EU roll over to the Westminster will giving them all that they want with of course no price to pay.

They are flying all over the EU trying their old faithful divide and rule antics, only problem is with no gunboats to back it up this policy just won’t work.

Unlike in the British Union where they can and do overrule the wishes of all the other nations of the UK the European Union cannot be out-voted, bullied or taken to the English Supreme Court to have the will of the London few imposed upon Johnny Foreigner.

That is why folks the climbdown and humiliation about to descend on the political construct called the UK will be far worse than anything that happened in 1956 post Suez.

If you are a Scot or a new Scot you can thank your lucky stars we have an alternative to this Oxbridge induced Brexit madness.

That Independence Referendum you all so desire is a lot closer than many of you think.

6 thoughts on “You thought Suez was embarrassing?

  • We need to go straight for dissolving the grotesque Act of Union. Any referendum validity failed to reassure me after the 2014 shambles. The Vow and MSM saturation Fear bombing cannot be allowed to happen again.

  • Great read but I kinda think they are aware and the empire mentality is just as imbedded in the English. Don’t get me wrong please when I say that, it is because of the white washing of history and propaganda and of course it’s not restricted to the Eton elite but they sell the myth and people buy it. The EU are going to get the derry for this shambles and so cue the outcry. We need to wake Scots up before we are locked in forever. Today Labour back refusing a 2nd indy ref, watch as London goes full on Madrid

  • May I just say what a relief to find somebody that really knows what they’re talking about on the web.
    You actually understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important.
    More people need to read this and understand this side of the story.
    I was surprised you’re not more popular given that you definitely
    have the gift.

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