I flew back this week from Dubai and while waiting on my departure I happened to glance up at the television screen in the bar and noticed that they were showing some WWE Wrestling.

Those of you, not familiar with this form of entertainment, it is wrestling of a sort, though to the participants of the Olympic variety it is a farce, an insult to their honest endeavours.

In reality it is a form of showbiz escapism and bares very little resemblance to the type of wrestling that is an amateur sport.

All of the fights are rigged, the competitions are well rehearsed routines all to make the TV spectacle more appealing to a mass audience many of whom know it is all smoke and mirrors however they still faithfully watch and even pay subscriptions to watch these  ‘rigged fights.’

Lots of the ‘fighters’ are given bonus money to take a dive, to arrive at a pre-determined outcome that suits the moneymen.

Those that are meant to be overseeing fair play and honesty in the spectacle are the very same ones that share in the profits of the sham and rigged contests.

The tragedy is a great many people do actually believe 100% all the hype, the fights, the fake interviews, the false challenges made to some guy that has just won a fake title that he was awarded before even stepping into the ring.

Part of this charade is backed up TV presenters pretending to have serious in depth interviews with these ‘sportsmen’ in the same way as you get pre and post-match interviews after the football in Scotland.

The difference being the WWE fights are rehearsed set pieces all done with increasing the tv audience,the sponsors, the advertising rates, in other words it is all a money making sham.

While millions of people know this and we have even had US Gov investigations and commissions investigating this ‘entertainment’ over drug usage and many other dubious practices and issues, yet it survives and prospers because it makes a few people a lot of money.

The man that is Mr WWE, Vince McMahon admitted away back in 1989 it was all rigged and WWE was no longer then viewed by the American Authorities as a bona fide sport thereby removing the last vestiges of scrutiny.

This meant WWE could up the charade to increase their revenues safe in the knowledge there would be no repercussions to their actions.

There is widespread drug abuse however only when one of the participants is caught red handed is there any action taken by the ‘WWE Authorities’ and some patsy is thrown to the wolves.

These are his actual words of Vince McMahon on the sham wrestling spectacle.

“an activity in which participants struggle hand-in-hand primarily for the purpose of providing entertainment to spectators rather than conducting a bona fide athletic contest.”


While watching I thought WWE is the perfect metaphor for UK democracy.

It too is a sham with virtually pre-determined elections, unelected Peers and Head of State, no real oversight and little in the way of punishment for wrong doing.

Recently this has been highlighted with the 2010, 2015, 2017 General Elections showing known acts of electoral fraud by the Tory Party being ignored by the authorities.

We have a BBC documentary that exposes #darkmoney finding its way into the Tory Party coffers as well as the Leave Campaign and there is no redress, no repercussions, nobody going to jail and be assured of this folks there will be no second vote, no People’s Vote!

You need to wise up, the UK is no more a democracy than WWE is a sport.

We also now have had confirmation that the Brexit vote was a complete farce and indeed there is even indications of collusion by the Electoral Commission towards the Leave Campaign.




What does it say about the state of the British Union and our so called democracy?

The Tories it seems have bought the last 3 General Elections, assisted by Cambridge Analytica and their crooked ways, it has been acknowledged but like so many other things in the UK anything that might threaten the supremacy of the ruling elite is allowed to quietly disappear with absolutely no consequences for the corrupt.

One has to ask what has been the affect of this corruption and illegality on Scotland.

Was the 2014 Referendum polluted by right wing corruption,dirty money, Cambridge Analytica and downright electoral fraud?

Is it just coincidence that after 20 years of Tories hanging on by their finger nails to a single Westminster seat in Scotland that in 2017 at the height of proven #dirtydarkmoney the Tories have a revival and take 12 new seats all from the SNP?

I am someone that does not believe in coincidences, so when the SNP MPs that were hurting the English Tory ruling elite the most all lose their seats at the same time and in the same manner ,heavy postal voting, my suspicions are immediately aroused.

Angus Robertson, Alex Salmond, John Nicholson, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh all prominent MPs that were scoring hits day after day all gone in one sweep to a collective sigh of relief by the crooks of London.

Worse still they are replaced by a crowd of chancers, racists, bigots and complete morons from the Tory sewers.

Just like WWE this farce of a democracy is aided and abetted by media that is reading off of pre-prepared scripts who add to the pretense that we have a real democracy in UK and not the reality that we have a crime syndicate ruling over us.

How many of us have asked why Ruth Davidson is never door-stepped on #darkmoney the way Nicola has been on several occasions and usually on matters that later are revealed to be lies and false accusations?

Why is Richard Leonard allowed to ask Reserved matters questions at Holyrood and the speaker permits it however rules that our Continuity Bill is not in our competence?

They are able to do all this because just like WWE Wrestling the British ruling elite own the media ,the tv presenters the content, the Scottish people hear and see, they make the rules and nobody but themselves and their appointees scrutinise anything.

There is, however a sting in the tail, Brexit will be the one thing that even with the massive corruption and illegality of those that rule over us from London they will be unable to hide the clusterfuck that is about to descend on everyone in this false political construct called the UK.

The $64,000 question is this, does the Scottish Government wait for this doomsday scenario to unfold or do they get us out of the UK before it happens?

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