Written to my Grandchildren 18th September 2014

  • I wrote this on the famous day, I think it is still relevant and still my motivation.


It is now the 18th of September 2014 it is one if not the most important days in the history of our beloved nation, Scotland.
The dye is cast, what will be, will be, the voters of Scotland will decide our fate.
This is for you my beloved grandchildren Ewan, Mirrin, Isla and Roddy
I have always believed in the Independence of our country.
Now in the autumn of my life if our nation so decides I get to enjoy living in a fairer, more just country.
A country that does not take part in illegal wars that does not believe in might but believes in what is right.

I hopefully pass you the template for a just nation that encourages hard work and repudiates greed at the expense of the poor.
A country that rewards hard work and fairness for the weaker in our society.
A country that revokes bigotry and predjudice.
A country that tells the world we do not need WMD to feel good and important, a country that is a good member of the nations of the world, not a bully.
A country that educates its children not because they can afford an education but because they have ability to learn.
A country that heals its sick because we can not because they have the money to pay for healthcare.
A country that helps all of its citizens, not just some.
A country that will always try to do what is right, not what is convenient.
Along the way we will make mistakes, however,  when we do err we acknowledge that mistake and do not blame others.
We accept our responsibilities and always act in good faith and never act in a manner we know to be wrong.
A nation that welcomes “foreigners” not demonise them because of their race, religion or skin colour.
You are the generation that can take this wonderful country of ours and make it better, you can make it a beacon to other nations to say there is another way.
I know you and I know my country I have every faith you can and will make this nation and the world a better place.
Saor Alba gu brath

4 thoughts on “Written to my Grandchildren 18th September 2014

  • Great sentiments Roddy! Before IndyRef I never wrote my thoughts down systematically into words like you did but these are the sorts of thoughts that were, and still are, in my mind.

  • I might print this out and put it in the Indy box I have for my three year old granddaughter if you don’t mind. It’s filled with all of the books, posters, badges and meaningful editions of the National. You’ve expressed it so much better than I can. I hope all of these points are in our constitution.
    Your grandchildren are beautiful.

  • A great summation of what Scottish independence is all about…There IS a better way to run our great country and I like you, can only hope and pray it comes to fruition.

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