Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

I watched Peter Bell on STV last night, it is the first time in a long time I have watched anything from that station or any other British propaganda station.

I only watched it because I have a great deal of time for Peter and think he says, writes, behaves and acts in a manner that advances our cause.

I am full of admiration for the way he conducted himself last night, especially when considering he was pitted against a seasoned performer like Simon Pia.

Simon was billed as a 2016 convert to Yes, in this piece he sounded as committed to Independence as the Sunday Herald.

I noted his references to the Scottish Nationalist Party, how the Sunday Herald and “Scottish Journalists” are above reproach, he even suggested that the hundreds of thousands of words written daily by these scribes in the foreign owned media are checked and double checked yet again for accuracy.

It makes you wonder why Wings Over Scotland has so many readers so many hits and so many articles finding stories and opinion pieces that have been through this arduous MSM checking and double checking only to be revealed as a load of complete pish!

Every single day we find stories that are fabricated, in one week recently The Herald had to apologise twice for inaccurate reporting, LIES to you and me.

He wanted the ‘Scottish Nationalist Party’ to rein in these people on social media who it seems in Simon’s opinion are the only and real problem, how dare they question this elite that work for the foreign owned media and broadcasters.

The media and the unionist politicos, hate, loathe and despise social media because it takes away their absolute control .

Pre-Internet in the days of yore, the establishment controlled the message completely.

You were given the information the establishment wanted you to hear anything else was just buried.

They would write sycophantic pieces on the Labour and Tory politicians of the day painting them as almost JFK types.

The reality was of course quite different and the myths about some of these self- aggrandising parasites still pervade to this day.

Simon last night even tried to suggest that The Daily Record was balanced in its coverage!

What annoys me most about Simon and his ilk is their arrogance is such that they think they can tell us any kind of shite and we should just accept it, if they say it, it must be true and we should just shut up and let them get on with it, they truly believe they are somehow superior to the hoi polloi.

When we dare to question this establishment, we are evil bad guys  and they always roll out that we are holding back the cause of independence by daring to question the lies and fabrications of anti-independence journalists.

They apparently are advancing the cause of independence by printing lies and Unionist Press releases unchallenged.

The Unionist commentariat and politicos are all the same, they are never to be questioned, never to have their false statements, articles or accusations exposed.

When you do this you are the bad guy, it is the same tactics used by the child and sexual abusers when they are caught, the first line of defence is the person making the complaint is a liar and a charlatan out to damage this upright persons reputation out of spite and malice.

The accused then portrays themself as the victim and this evil person accusing them is the bad one.

We have seen and heard similar stories when women have been sexually assaulted, they brought it on themselves for wearing inappropriate clothing, their skirt was too short or too much make up, this was the problem, not the actions of the attacker.

People like Simon want only a select few to be able to tell us what to think, what to want and most importantly for the establishment they want to control our expectations.

The lower our expectations, the less we expect in return for our taxes the more they can keep back for themselves and their rich pals.

Their plan is to enrich the wealth of Panama, not Perth or Paisley.

I am sick and tired of Simon and all the other establishment commentariat telling me I have no right to question, complain or think differently from them and their myopic world view.

Understand this Simon, and best you tell all your pals in the media too, we are not going away, we will not be quiet, we will continue to call out the foreign owned media and broadcasters on their lies and smears.

Perhaps you could suggest to them that they need to look again at the way they check and double check their articles for accuracy because the lies just keep coming.

I will finish this by congratulating my pal Peter A Bell who kept his cool and his hand steady on that walking stick, I fear if it had been me I would not have been quite so restrained.

5 thoughts on “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

  • Now that advances in technology mean that we are more aware of the lies and distortions that are peddled by the MSM, who are used by the establishment elite, it makes you think about the history we accept as factual. There is little doubt that the establishment of the day controlled the release to the public of what was happening in places like India and South Africa when these places were invaded by British armed forces. Even at home we will never have been told the truth of what was happening. We will always know “why” because that is simple – it was always aimed at consolidating and increasing the wealth and power of those who ruled at the expense of everyone else. Some things never change.

    You can “bet your bottom dollar” that we will see more and more restrictions on social media in the future – it is happening now – to maintain control over what we know. We badly need a completely independent means of communicating from Facebook, Twitter, etc, one/several that cannot be legislated against and controlled by government and corporate business.

  • Exactly my feelings Barrhead boy! And I agree with Angus Skye. This weekend has been a classic example of how not to engage with readers, from Neil McKay’s non apology, Haggarty’s outing and non-apology and David Leask’s “yer a’ oot o step” it was genuinely appalling! The thing that really infuriated me, apart from Leask, was the statement from McKay that the SH was broadening it’s appeal to attract readers from all parties. In principle I’m sure that makes economic sense, and, again in principle, I don’t really object to that.

    What I do object to is the manipulation of truth and fact that appeared on 6th May. It wasn’t just the photograph and headline, which was a complete distortion of the truth, it was also the front page headline above : “Sturgeon told: put new EU vote before independence”, which I considered summed up the Sunday Herald’s approach of late. The whole front page was a “bash the Indy movement & the SNP, whether they are responsible or not” approach, presumably to fit in with the policy of attracting all persuasions. The SH response to people’s understandable anger was patronising and ill-judged. Haggarty’s contribution finished it for me, and I won’t be buying again.

    All the Indy movement would like to see is a bit of fact, truth and support from a media, which apart from The National is uniformly anti-independence and pro-establishment. What the SH provided over the last two weeks is more SNP and Indy bashing and no acknowledgement that abuse is NOT the prerogative of the SNP as any wander through social media would demonstrate.

  • I find it a shame that Peter didn’t use all the ammunition in his armoury. He could have done some damage with that stick,.

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