Why Believe The Foreign Owned Media Now?

A lot of people are getting themselves upset over what British Foreign owned and run media are suggesting Nicola Sturgeon is thinking as regards an Independence Referendum.

This is the same shower of charlatans and lobbydossers that suggested Nicola would never call a Referendum until the opinion polls for at least 3 months showed a 60% Yes support.

This is the same shower of liars and deniers that for years have distorted and downright lied to Scotland on every single item reserved or devolved.

These are the same shysters that are hiding the reality of the upcoming Brexit, leaving the less well informed to believe that everything is just hunky dory because the fabulous leader and Prime Minister Teresa May got her Cabinet to agree a fairytale Brexit Plan at Chequers.

The plan had failed before the same Cabinet fannies had left the grounds of Chequers.

It had failed days before EU got the chance to officially kill it off.

However, the corrupt media are keeping the lie alive to con and cheat the British Public yet again,for them it is easy to lie and dupe the public, how else can you explain so many Tory Governments?

Then PM May the liar comes to Edinburgh spouting that the Scottish Government must stop being ‘divisive’ and fall into line with the fantasy of everything is rosy with the non existent Chequers deal.

It is a Comical Ali moment without the humour or tanks in the background.

This is the same media that won’t pursue the Tory Party over Dark Money, Electoral Fraud, racist and misogynistc elected officials.

This is the same media that has allowed Jenny Mara a free pass when lying about NHS Tayside and Lesley Mclay severance payment, not only a free pass but a platform to amplify the lie.

Why, oh why would any of you now believe a word that comes out of their corrupt columns and Newscasts?

Nicola has been the only consistent politician in entire UK since Brexit.

She has always said when the full details of the Brexit deal are known she will act.

Time for you all to calm down and keep campaigning, the day is close why would we want to give our opponents any extra time to try and gain an advantage, legal or otherwise?

Since HOOP we have all been campaigning for Independence it has been growing every day with more and more activity.

Each and every AUOB is growing in intensity, more and more street stalls and leaflets are informing the public.

Keep your nerve and don’t do the Unionists job for them this is a time for complete unity, not a time for personal egos.

The clock is ticking, the day of liberation gets closer, patience and forbearance my fellow patriots are the watchwords.

Remember we do not have a 4th Estate in Scotland, we have a 5th.Column.


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