Which Union is it to be?

There will be a hard Brexit there is no other possible outcome, let me remind you what Theresa May and her Tory Government said on the border issue in Ireland.

The prime minister’s phase one of the EU agreement promised unreservedly no hard border, “including any physical infrastructure or related checks and controls.”

There is no way that can be done, except by either remaining in the single market and customs union or in a Norway type deal, however this will mean there has to be freedom of movement, the UK would still need to make the exact same financial contributions as now and allow legal oversight by ECJ.

All that would change is that we would have no MEPs and absolutely zero influence or veto over EU legislation.

That is just unacceptable to the right wingers and Brexiteer zealots, more importantly it is unacceptable to our foreign based, tax avoiding newspaper proprietors.

Meanwhile, the DUP hang on to these words from London.

“The Prime Minister and indeed the Brexit Secretary yesterday made it absolutely clear that it is always the intention of the Prime Minister and the Government that there would be the same regulatory alignment right across all of the United Kingdom”

Time and again the EU has clearly stated that the UK cannot cherry pick EU privileges it is all or nothing.

Therefore if UK Government attempt to remain in Single Market & Customs Union or in a Norway type deal the right wing of the Tory Party will go into open rebellion and the Little Englander racists will desert the Party in droves.

Should they attempt to leave Northern Ireland in some type of SM &CU on its own with the ROI the DUP will rebel and bring down the Tory Government.

Therefore, the only solution open to the government is a hard Brexit, no deal, WTO rules for trading, there is no halfway house.

This is acceptable to Brexiteers, the Tory right wing, the newspaper proprietors, the DUP, The Labour Party.

The Tory dream of low regulation, small government, tax haven cannot happen as long as ECJ has oversight and jurisdiction on regulations.

The next few months is nothing more than a charade, like so many other vital issues to the UK our fourth Estate are hiding the truth from the people, to protect the few .

This is a circle that cannot be squared, if our media were our protectors instead of protectors of the press barons we would already know this and Brexit would have been halted in its tracks.

We already had the best deal possible with vetos, exemptions, input, favorable trading terms, freedom of movement inside the biggest trading bloc in the world.

When history is written it will be said that in allowing a handful of corrupt men to own the Press and Broadcast vehicles in UK it brought about the collapse of a once prosperous and democratic construct to a pitiful third world sweat shop with untold misery and massive disparity between rich and poor.

What Brexit has highlighted is the gullibility of the British people and the corruption of our ruling elite.

It also has laid bare for all to see the paucity of the English Public School System That continues to provide the vast majority of our politicians, civil servants and media luvvies.

These people ‘educated’ in a bubble world of 19 th Century Britannia sentiment and exceptionalism are unfit for purpose in the 21st Century.

While the world has moved on we, in the UK still have a class ridden society that believe a posh accent and coming from a certain school means you have a right to rule and never be questioned.

Those that do Rule in UK could never reconcile with our European neighbours the very thought of sharing sovereignty, this English ruling elite must have total control and deference from everyone otherwise as they have shown they will just cut off their noses to spite their faces.

Within this UK only one part of the construct has an alternative, however the full might of the British Establishment has already been deployed and a coup is under way, it remains to be seen if the Scottish people are willing to be duped yet again or if they will stand up and say, “enough!”

2 thoughts on “Which Union is it to be?

  • Max:
    Catwalk modelling as in arrogant, bottom swinging walk from the gals, or sulking hardman, all shooders aka shoulders shuffle from the boys?

    The Tory entitlement look all sneering and pouty with Baldrick aka JezzaBrit and the other Labour serfs scurrying after them with the LibDems hanging about and waiting on the main chance to pop up so as they can replace the said aforesaid JezzaBrit below stairs Uncle Tams and Auntie Jinties?

    We will put them out onto the streets very soon in model radical fashion as per our democratic will.

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