When is enough ,enough?y

I would like anybody that reads this today to please share it, because I want this to reach as many No to Independence voters as possible.

I really need to know why so many sane,rational, decent people could still believe for even a nano second that the complete incompetent morons now in charge of the UK can be viewed as the best option for the governance of Scotland.

I am sure I don’t have to go over all the recent screw ups and lies of successive Westminster Governments of both shades,and of a coalition to remind people of the incompetence and corruption that becomes more self-evident with each passing day.

We had many of our young men and women killed in a war that was waged on what has now been exposed as a dodgy dossier and in effect the entire country and our Parliament were lied to by a Labour Party that was determined to do exactly what George Bush desired.

We also have this week the unedifying spectacle of Gordon Brown trying to rewrite history and excuse himself from any responsibility for that war and the subsequent deaths of many service personnel and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

From the lack of proper regulation of the Finance Sector by both Tory and Labour Governments, especially under the tutelage of Gordon Brown we have an economy that now only favors the few.

I do not lay the blame for the entire global crash at the door of the Labour Government , however their lack of proper accountability or proper regulation allied to their slavish sycophancy towards the spivs in the City of London turned a crash into a complete disaster that has led to seven years of Tory Government hell bent on austerity that shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

We had Project Fear deployed during our Independence Referendum with the entire British State, it’s civil service, media and broadcasters deployed against the concept of independence.

I would need several blogs, over several days to list all of the lies and scaremongering, here is a just a few .

They told us the only way to remain in the EU was to vote No.

They told us to vote No to secure the Clyde Shipyards and the Frigate orders

They told us to Vote No to secure the HMRC jobs in Scotland.

They told us to Vote No and secure the Job Centre Offices in Scotland.

We all now know the exact opposite has been what voting NO has caused.

Even with all this scaremongering and lying it seemed that it would not be enough to stop a Vote for Independence.

The Westminster cartel decided they needed some new subterfuge, so they wheeled out Gordon Brown a man that has made more comebacks than Frank Sinatra ever did, only minus the class or talent.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Daily Record & Gordon Brown Production Company’s lie of the century, the deception to beat all deceptions the one, the only


Not since Chamberlain and the appeasement of Munich in 1939 has there been such a worthless parchment of paper.

Never has a nation been lied to and conned so extensively as with this disgusting piece of Westminster skullduggery.

This led to the Smith Commission, where immediately the three Unionist Parties went into Defence of the UK mode, ceding as little of meaningful powers as they could to Holyrood.

They knew of course that with the collusion of the foreign owned and operated media and broadcasters in Scotland they could lie and exaggerate with impunity.

Before any of the Smith Commission could be enacted David Cameron had already announced EVEL, English Votes for English Laws, on the face of it, it seems reasonable until you factor in exactly how Westminster as always works things that only ever favour Westminster.

That one way is always to benefit England and the south east in particular.

You see there is no equivalent for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, English MPs get to vote on all these matters.

When the Smith Commission became The Scotland Bill, a very watered down version of the watered down Smith Commission, it was merely a sop to the Scottish people that with clever media manipulation could be sold as extensive new powers.

For sure many did fall for that and believe that extensive new powers were forthcoming, the reality was very few new powers and those that were Devolved gave us little power to make substantial changes.

Undaunted our 56 out of 59 Scottish MPs went about strengthening this Bill, they put forward over 100 amendments to strengthen the Bill and give it meaningful powers for Holyrood.

Each and every amendment was refused by the sole Tory MP Mundell, then when put to a vote the English Unionist MPs from throughout England and Wales staggered out the bars and voted down every single last Scottish amendment.

We may have English votes for English laws, however from Scotland’s point of view it is the English votes for Scottish Laws that is the problem.

When it came time to vote on the renewal of Trident Nuclear Deterrent we had 58 out of 59 Scottish MPs voting against the renewal of these vile weapons or their deployment on the River Clyde.

Yet again the English & Welsh MPs were dragged out of the bars and voted for Scotland to house England’s WMD less than 30 miles from Scotland’s largest city.

Then came three of the most recent events to highlight once again the useless governance and incompetence of Westminster’s overlordship of Scotland.

First we had the disaster that is Brexit with the outpouring of Little Englander racism laid bare for all to see in its ugliest form.

The rise of racially motivated violence and crime in England something yet again our compliant media played down.

With each passing day everyone with the exception of the Brexiteer zealots can see this is heading for a disaster of epic proportions.

Every think tank, every financial expert is warning of dire consequences for all market sectors in the UK, especially in Scotland where conservative estimates suggest that around 80,000 jobs are likely to go.

There have been impact studies on industry by industry ,however our UK Government and their man in Scotland, Mundell are determined not to let the people of Scotland see these studies, for in Mundell’s own words “ what,and risk an Independence referendum?”

Then we come on to the latest reasons why anyone that still believes governance from London is best is sadly disillusioned.

We all know that for centuries now our English neighbors and their Scottish supporters have been telling us in Scotland we are too poor to be Independent.

It seems the UK has a wee problem on that front themselves, to the tune of £490 billion.


ONS figures released in October show that the UK has this huge black hole in its finances thanks in part because of its stupidity in voting for Brexit.

It makes any deficit they invent for Scotland minute, the last time with exaggeration the Brits told us we had a £15 bil black hole in our economy if we left the UK.

Well folks if we remain I suppose we still have that deficit but you can add another £49 bil approx to cover our costs of this Westminster screw up.

That does not include our 10% approx. burden for HS2 £50 bil and climbing,which won’t come near Scotland, Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station no electricity generated comes to Scotland another £120 bil and climbing.

Refurbishment of Westminster Palace ,Buckingham Palace upwards of £15 billion.

Therefore if your sole reason to remain in UK is financial ,you need to think again.

Reeling from all of this we suddenly got hit with the latest sex scandal emanating out of the sordid Westminster Palace where we have a dossier of 36 Tory male and female MPs that are either accused of sexual harassment,sexual deviancy,or sexual promiscuity.

This had not even hit a crescendo of indignance when the latest expose to appear became public knowledge The now famous Paradise Papers.

It seems that not only are all the spivs,hedge fund managers ,corporate businesses, oligarchs at it, our very own unelected Head of State Elizabeth 1 of GB has been squirreling away her private wealth in offshore tax havens, while pleading poverty to the nation and getting the tax payer to pay for a £365 million refurbishment of her 772 roomed Palace at the bottom of the Mall.

It must be tough for a pensioner that only gets £82 mil a year in State Benefit to survive.

How much is the state providing for your granny?

Then we have the strong and stable Theresa May and her government of sexual deviants ,liars like Priti Patel and Johnson,the deluded Liam Fox traipsing around the world trying to find someone, anyone to give the UK a trade deal thus far not even The Philippines wants a deal.

I now ask you No voters what is it that keeps you so wedded to this crumbling UK?

Maybe you do not even know yourself, so can you please do me and yourself a favour.

Can you write down just 3 things you think we can achieve in UK that we cannot achieve as the Independent sovereign nation of Scotland?

Could you also send me your understanding of the Positive case for the British Union.

Which of the 5 main Parties in Scotland always puts Scotland first?

Which of the other Parties ever puts Scotland first?

Which Parties always put London and England first?

If you cannot do this I would respectfully suggest you need to rethink your allegiance to something you cannot even articulate a positive for or a differential that makes you oppose Independence.

7 thoughts on “When is enough ,enough?y

  • I admire your optimism that you think No voters would read this. You have about as much chance of that happening as you do of me reading anything a No voter would blog about, which is none.

  • Great post BB and as you say: “YOU can WIN INDY2 by changing just one NO voter to YES!” I post a different monthly meme graphic with this same vital message / reminder.

  • Excellent stuff barrheadboy!

    There’s something about No voters. The reasons for Independence are many – but not enough for them.
    The evidence of Westminster lies and exploitation is overwhelming – but not enough to convince them.
    Scotland is a country. The Scots are a nation. It’s normal to be independent – but not for No voters.
    I hear a lot about soft No’s but I’ve yet to meet even one.
    There’s something about No voters. It’s like they are hypnotised.

  • wonderfully written, convinced even me and I voted ” Y E S ” for Independence last time. Maybe if we(Scotland) can keep cia,mi5 & 6,kgb, etc out of things,WE “YESSERS” might stand a chance of the ballot NOT being “fixed” ……,only MY opinion.

  • This is the type of article that should be a printed handout to the OAP’s, in all the bars, nightclubs, planted on the buses like Metro, and any drinking or golf clubs. We are on a journey to a severe mess unless we can take our own future into our own hands. We need more of the same, no lies, all facts that cannot be fought against.

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