What will it take?

First they came for the unemployed,

and I did not speak out because I was not unemployed

Then they came for the sick and disabled,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t sick or disabled.

Then they came for the fishermen,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a fisherman

Then they came for my Parliament,

and I didn’t speak out because, well just because doesn’t really affect my life………..

(with compliments to Martin Niemoller)

This Friday a small band of Scottish Democrats and patriots will protest at Holyrood against the attempted theft of our Devolution Settlement.

They will do this on behalf of 5.3 million other people that live, work and stay in our nation of Scotland.

The vast majority of that 5.3 million will not even know this defence of democracy is even taking place.

They will be getting on with their everyday life oblivious to the dishonest deceitful behaviour of the Tory Party and their Scottish collaborators who are trying to roll back our democracy under the guise of Brexit.

They tell us that the insanity that is Brexit must go ahead because the people overwhelmingly voted for this Brexit by 52% to 48% against.

However Unionists being the hypocrites that they are choose to ignore two other Referendum results the Devolution vote of 1997 when Scotland voted :-

YES 1,775,945. 74.29%

No 614,400. 25.71%.

This vote reached by the Scottish people said any matter that is not reserved is automatically devolved.

Nearly 75% of Scottish voters agreed with this premise, however a bunch of English Tories aided and abetted by their Scottish placemen and women now want to drive a horse and carriages through this Scottish democratic decision.

During the Brexit Referendum in 2016 Scotland yet again made its feelings known.

“EU referendum: Scotland backs Remain as UK votes Leave. Scotland has voted in favour of the UK staying in the EU by 62% to 38% – with all 32 council areas backing Remain.”

Scotland could not have made its feelings any clearer, however as always is the case in The British Union, Scotland’s democratic choices are of no importance to the British ruling elite.

In this Union there are no equals amongst the 4 constituent parts, there is one dominant, petulant member that must always get their own way the other 3 Nations must shut up and put up.

Only the democratic wishes of the English voters in this Union carry any weight, only their viewpoint must be heard or given credence.

When any of the other 3 try to speak up about the lack of equality in this Union they are accused of being anti-English, or whingeing.

The only reason this keeps happening is because the 5.3 million others don’t care enough.

They think none of this affects them in their daily life.

They have been programmed to believe their one voice won’t make a difference.

It is only when the vile policies of the British Tories,or British Labour Governments impact on their life do they suddenly get interested.

Therefore it is simple, it is our job to empower these apathetic people, it is up to us to tell them that their voices do count.

We need to make them care more, which means that every one of us must try just that little bit harder to bring the message to the people for we can be sure the foreign owned media and broadcasters will never tell them the truth.

They have to know that sooner or later the Westminster ruling elite will come for them and by then there just might be nobody left to save them and their little life of simplicity.

3 thoughts on “What will it take?

  • When you actually come to think about it, the EU with its members’ veto and suchlike, is far more democratic than the UK’s supposed ‘Family of Nations’. Reform might once have been possible, to some reasonable federal system, but now is too late. All trust has been exhausted, goodwill expired, credulity stretched to breaking point if not already beyond …

    Wake up Scotland! Take your courage in both hands and Go For It. This time it will be make or break : Independence or Bust!

    • When people suggest to me EU is undemocratic I respond like this, EU 27 Independent Nations each with a vote and a veto The British Union 4 Nations however only one has a veto and outvotes the other 3 everytime

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