What the eyes don’t see ,the heart doesn’t miss

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By Lynda Lennie Quigg

What the Eyes don’t see, the Heart doesn’t grieve…..

Everyone and their Granny, can get stirred up about things they see on TV or hear about, when it comes to injustice and inhumane treatment of people, not just in Scotland but of the wider world.

Images flashing across the Net, invariably ending up on either Twitter or Facebook will draw the usual ooh’s and ahh’s and some may even have the effect of tears, anger and pity, invariably once those emotions are spent, we tend to scroll on and move to the next post or notification.

Now I am not saying that people are being unsympathetic to the plight of others, it is more a case of not witnessing these events first hand.

We have become a world of progressive desensitisation, what used to shock us to the core, now has become the norm in society.  Take the dreadful scenes in Catalonia!….as this was unfolding for the world to see, impartial and neutral citizens who were over there to watch how the people of Catalan exerted their rights to vote on their Independence, what they witnessed, was recorded and highlighted ,scenes that should never have taken place in a Democratic country.

The use of force on people of all ages and sexes by the Guardia Civil was absolutely horrific, and they are not out of the woods yet.

What can we do about’? , well for a start, we can start by keeping the Catalonian people and their struggles up front and centre.

We can question the failures of those who are meant to protect their interests, because people make no mistake on this, we in Scotland who seek Independence may just be in for the same treatment if Spain get away with this…..’och dinnae talk Jackie Baillie’ I can almost hear you say, if you still believe that this country we inhabit is any more democratic than Spain, then think again.

The UK Govt has imposed  it’s maddening austerity on the folks of this country, they have over the years systematically brainwashed people to be divisive, preying into the mindset that somehow, that neighbour who lives next to you, doesn’t work, so why has he/she got that car, how can they afford holidays etc etc etc?

I don’t suggest for one minute that in some situations there have been benefit cheats and ones who will try and buck the system.

However it seems to me we are failing to see that the real scroungers and cheaters of this country are the very same people in power,and ruling over us.

I am sick of seeing Govt Ministers go on tirades about how this country is in financial ruin, how the Tories took over a treasury that was left bankrupt by Labour, how the national debt is in it’s trillions yadda yadda yadda.

This is the same govt that is spending £billions on Trident renewal,HS2,bombing Syria etc.

When our oil was first discovered in Scotland, the UK Govt did NOT set up an oil fund, well shame on them!

Nicola Sturgeon in her speech covered this, and compared it to Norway an independent country that did set up an Oil fund .

Look at the difference ,Norway has a Sovereign Wealth Fund with $1trillion in it ,their welfare system is guaranteed for several generations, and they are one of the wealthiest nations on the planet,no austerity, or bedroom tax there.

I am also sick of hearing how bad it is to have Nationlist views,my question on this would be…   ‘tell me how having right wing BritishTory views, or British Socialist Labour views is any better?

It’s time to stop apologizing for Nationalist views ,by that I mean the views of Scottish Nationalists! and to start to concentrate on demanding that as Citizens of the UK we who live in this Nation of Scotland are treated as equals in the alleged Union of equals.

Folks, we only have to look back at the Miners Strikes to see the comparison of Police brutality and to what is happening in Catalonia.

We see the failures of this UK Govt who have destroyed the lives of children,youths,adults ,entire communities.

We can see that powerful institutions and corporations have been protected for decades and longer.

Some will say ‘well we should be grateful we don’t live under oppression and martial law’!Look around you, it’s coming and it’s coming through the laws they write and pass, it’s coming when Police exert unreasonable force to peaceful protestors, such as the 85year old woman from Lancashire who was protesting against fracking…she was dragged across a road by two policemen.  So yes folks What the eyes don’t see the heart doesn’t grieve, but maybe our eyes need some ‘Optimist’ or Eye Dew to get them well and truly opened to this godawful UK Govt.   LLQ

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