We Have The Power

Fluffy Mundell has now made public what many of us have suspected for a long time, with or without Holyrood consent on The European Withdrawal Bill and the subsequent power grab Westminster will ignore our democratic mandate and legislate anyway.

The Tories are hell bent on ending devolution, just as they loathe the welfare state they are equally offended by power being anywhere but Westminster.

That is why their right wing campaigned and agitated from the day we entered the then Common Market in 1975 till they got their wish with Brexit.

It is the reason that Jeremy Hunt is daily selling off the English NHS bit by bit.

That is why they have put a draconian sanctions regime on all welfare payments.

They want to make it so difficult to receive your legal entitlement many will just give up even attempting to claim.

The Pensions in UK are the lowest in the developed world with many of our pensioners in the heat or eat category during the colder months.

We have had UN reports condemning the treatment of the disabled in the UK, studies showing in England alone a rise of 120,000 in deaths aligned to poverty.

Should our pensioners die of hunger or hypothermia then the Chancellor saves money, it might sound crude but the facts speak for themselves.

They have already started introducing private for profit Police Services in England, apparently Fire Services are next in line for monetizing.


The ideology of the right wing is small government, low tax, low regulation, non existent working conditions.

Holyrood is at present the only thing between the Tories and this right wing utopia throughout the UK.

The Tories need the Holyrood Parliament neutered so they can sell off Scottish Water, SNHS, introduce Tuition Fees and Fracking, end this Welfare with a heart nonsense and all talk of equality and fairness, that is the language of the filthy lefties and not what the mighty right wing Britannia needs or wants.

There will still be the same amount of capital in the economy it is just that now the majority of it will never end up being taxed at all and will likely end up in one of the many tax havens controlled and run by the British elite.

The Tories at the moment are isolated in Edinburgh with their desire to capitulate for their London masters, with no questions asked.

The Labour Party and Liberals are at present on the side of the Democratic will of Scotland.

The problem is that too often when it comes to it these two entities always fall into line behind the wishes of Mother England.

I worry that some meaningless fudge is ‘offered’ at the last minute backed by the full might of the foreign owned media and broadcasters which allows the SLAB and Liberals to go back to their comfort zone of doing as they are told by London and abandoning Scotland’s people to the viscousness of the British Elite.

I do believe though we in Scotland have a power that as of yet we have never realized.

Many of us have often asked the question why,

‘if Scotland is, such a financial basket case do the British Parties and elite go to such lengths to keep us in the Union?’

This is the same people as I have highlighted above that are selling everything off that they can for a profit, if it is not nailed down these bastards will sell it off to the highest bidder.

We are on the cusp of war with both North Korea and Iran because the ‘west’ or USA if you prefer have deemed it is way too dangerous to allow these countries to develop and have access to nuclear facilities that may lead to the manufacture of WMD.

Meanwhile in the UK the British Government has been begging Communist China to take complete control of UK’s Nuclear Power going forward.

That it seems is perfectly ok because the elite and their friendly London Spivs can no doubt turn a tidy profit out of this arrangement.

They are even willing to risk our environment by introducing fracking throughout the UK though we have enough Oil and Gas in the sea to not only meet our needs but make us a net exporter of these products.

There is no ‘need’ for fracking it is ‘greed’ for fracking that is the point.

We are worth a lot of money to the spivs and shysters that run the UK,it is not a government we have running the nation, it is a crime syndicate!

They don’t hold us so tight because we are a drain on their economy, they hold us so tight because we are the only profitable bit of this entire UK, they are robbing us blind so blind in fact many still cannot see it.

Around half of our population it seems  are suffering severe Stockholm Syndrome.

Time to exert our power I would like today to hear our government say in no uncertain terms to the London Crime Bosses, “drop clauses 11 & 15 immediately, agree to devolve all 24 repatriated powers from day one and receive our consent, alternatively we will call an assembly of all elected Scots and dissolve the Treaty of Union of 1707.

Quicker than you can say “oh look another crooked Tory exposed!” London will capitulate.

Their Post Brexit Catastrophe becomes a post Brexit Tsunami without the resources of Scotland, do not let anyone kid you otherwise be it a Unionist elected shyster or a dug food salesman.

Brexit is the happiest of times for the UK rich, without EU oversight and pesky regulations that offer some protection to workers and citizens and guidlines that big business need to pay heed to, the spivs can gorge and enrich themselves like never before.

The critical element though is, they need Scotland’s resources to fund and then to sell off to make this right wing utopia happen for them.

That old phrase they need us more than we need them, they know this and know that Independence is inevitable, they just hope to have sold everything and enriched themselves before we leave.

We have the power today is the day when we need to use it.










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