We are strong and they are weak.

I recently read an article that I now cant find, that highlighted “cybernats” dominate the social media space.

The author of this piece did not of course elaborate on the reasons for this, because to do so he would have had to admit that 99% of all the other media, broadcasting and radio is wall to wall British State propaganda.

I like so many other Yessers come to the internet to get my facts and read articles that are tailored to what I want to know, because there is nowhere else for me to get that information.

We are blessed that some of the best wordsmiths and journalists around are the non-unionist approved ones, that support our cause and are here on the internet.

Most of the time after submitting an article I feel like a fraud, especially when I read some of the magnificent pieces by Wings Over Scotland, WGD, Peter Bell ,Derek Bateman, Scot goes POP.

These are my particular favorites among the plethora of good media we have at our disposal.

I am sure some of you have others, I also note some of you for whatever reason do not even like all of these fine sites.

Although he is big and ugly enough to defend himself I find it truly mind boggling that some on our side choose to vilify Stu Campbell who without doubt is not only our best investigative journalist ,he is probably the finest forensic journalist full stop.

Not one of those guising as a professional journalist working for the foreign owned media comes close to the detail and excellence that he produces day after day, week after week .

I have only been blogging since early September and believe me it is hard every day, or every other day thinking up something that might appeal to you the audience out there.

He has managed it for six years and now gets a mind boggling 316,000 hits a month!

The reason is simple he is very, very good at what he does.

What is even more bizarre are the reasons given for this dislike by those on our side of the Independence argument that attack him, they cite the exact same slurs used by the foreign owned media and their Scottish lackeys.

Step back and ask yourself why they go after Stu Campbell and why when you choose to ignore most of their other lies and smears they print you choose to believe this one against the man that hurts them most.


This is exactly why they go after Wings and Stu Campbell in particular ,it is because he questions their lies and exposes their blatant distortions, he is strong, their arguments are weak.

I cannot even begin to be as clinical, observant or detailed as Wings, however I have attempted in my own way to direct people to challenge and question the lies and mistruths of Unionism.

I have tried in my blogs to be consistent, suggesting that if we are to win the referendum when it comes,and I stick by my September 2018 prediction as the most likely date, then we have to do certain things and act differently than we did in 2014.

Some of the other blogs and it seems SIC too, suggest that only by having more left wing policies and more detailed ones at that can we convince people to vote yes.

I unequivocally refute that notion, indeed I rubbish it completely.

I am of the opinion it was because we gave the opposition far too many policies and options last time that we lost.

They had screeds and screeds of policies and ideas to attack, deflect and rubbish.

This meant they never had to answer the questions they are scared to face.

We were constantly on the back foot as they totally controlled the narrative.

This time we need to control that narrative, we need to put them on the back foot, starting now.

Those of you that follow me on Twitter might have been privy to a bizarre interaction last night with David from Kirkintilloch, I won’t reprint the entire interaction or do too much I said, he said, suffice to tell you David, god bless him proved a theory I hold dearly .

Our David is a staunch hater of all things SNP, Scotland, loves God and Donald Trump in equal measures.

He likes to wear Texan cowboy hats and amazingly has nearly 2000 twitter followers.

He arrived on my timeline after I had attempted to interact with another of those Scotland, SNP hating types @gussyjackson of 7000+ followers who had refused to answer my simple 2 questions.

“Can you please tell me the Positive Case for the British Union and name me 3 things we can achieve in the UK that we could not achieve as an Independent country?”

Gussy Jackson and his 7000+ followers declined to even attempt an answer to those questions they hate the SNP, Scotland and Independence, however like so many other British Nationalists they do not actually know why they love the British Union so much.

They all chose to run away and hide rather than attempt to answer the questions.

Am I the only one to notice most of the time Unionists only like to ask questions they don’t like answering them.

That is why when we do challenge them they shout ‘abuse” ,or ‘evil cybernats”

It is because they don’t have any answers, remember that, we are strong, they are weak.

Fortunately David the Kirkie cowboy decided to give it a go, it was memorable and encapsulated perfectly the inability of unionists to articulate a positive message for the UK.

I accept this response is extreme and ridiculous however to this day not a single unionist has been able to articulate an answer to these simple questions.

For those of you that did not get the pleasure of seeing David’s reasoned unionist argument here it is, verbatim.

“An independent Scotland under SNP cult rule would end democracy as we know it. With people like Salmond taking control of the press, opposing voices would be silenced, and beyond him perhaps even executed. That’s the road the SNP cult are already headed down, North Korea style.”

That was the best David could manage, needless to say many people descended to suggest to David was at best being over dramatic, or was a fully fledged nutter.

One has to believe that amongst David’s followers there are some that are not quite so eccentric and might look at the question and his response and think “ hey that’s not me”

You have to hope that a few begin to question this mantra of we hate Scotland and The SNP just because we do attitude.

The same with Gussy’s 7000+ maybe just a few might think “shouldn’t we have answers to that?”

The problem up to now IMHO is that we are too busy trying to say we are good competent managers, look no tuition fees,no prescription charges,no bedroom tax etc etc.

All laudable, all magnificent however truly that only speaks to our own supporters, most of those policies have been around for a while, it has not made a difference to many of those still opposed to SNP and Independence.

I actually think we have been too quick and too good at mitigating Westminster’s misery.

Perhaps if Scotland didn’t have an incumbent SNP Administration and instead had Ruthie or Kezza implementing the orders of their London bosses our nation might find some of that Catalonian courage and fight for their independence.

We need to control the narrative demand answers don’t let them have control.

Next time a Unionist naysayer pops up in your timeline on twitter, or Facebook, ask them some questions make them justify the Union instead of us always having to attempt to justify Independence.

No matter how persuasive your argument about efficiency of SNP Devolved Government and how much more we could do with Independence they won’t listen.

We need them questioning themselves,their belief in the Union,their justification for Union.

People need to come to their own conclusions we just need to help them along the way.

As an ex-smoker I remember well , no matter how much my family ,my doctor and health professionals pointed out how bad smoking was for my health, nor how much healthier I would be smoke free, I kept sparking up the fags.

I also used to get quite aggressive when people told me the bleeding obvious.

It was only when I decided, to Hell with this for a game of Sojjers did I stop smoking.

My decision, because despite all the great advice it was only when I convinced myself did I see the light and kick the filthy habit.

My contention being most people cannot be talked into a decision they need to take it themselves,so keep asking the questions of the Union, make them justify their Britishness to themselves, and stop preaching the SNP Policy achievements.

That my friends is how I believe we can win the referendum.

2 thoughts on “We are strong and they are weak.

  • Not unreasonably, a guy told me that if I wanted to change the status quo then it was up to me to convince others.
    That was in response to exactly what you are saying when I tried to have him rationalise his loyalty towards the Union.
    I agree entirely in your point but be aware this will be the typical reaction that pushes us back into the mode of defending the accomplishments which inevitably falls on deaf ears.

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