Unionists the world over.

What has become obvious to me as I have embroiled myself in the local politics here in Catalonia is the similarities of Spanish and British Unionists.

Both it seems have been carved out of the same intolerant, arrogant ,pompous, aggressive ill informed piece of prehistoric rock.

We have long known in the Yes Movement that when people actually research the information for themselves, they arrive at the same destination,self determination is the correct and logical outcome.

When true facts and not sound bites are applied to each and every issue Scottish Independence wins the argument.

The problem is the I’m alright Jacks along with the lazy, the less curious will watch the flat screen or read the Daily Heil or similar and believe every lie told to them.

The right wingers and Britnats have this ill founded superiority complex that makes them truly believe that those holding a different viewpoint are somehow inferior.

Taken to the extreme that is exactly how we ended up with a ‘master race’ in 1930s Nazi Germany.

Now I am not for one minute suggesting that all those that support the British Union are knuckledragging ,violent, ill educated, right wing fascist extremists .

However it is a certainty that all the knuckledragging,violent,ill educated right wing fascist extremists do support and back the British Union.

We have all tried engaging with the hardcore Britnat zealots and invariably we feel the need to eventually mute or block them then take a long cleansing shower.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have used the phrase ‘herding cats’ when referring to these type of debates.

You quickly notice how their manner changes as you expose their nonsense about GERS, Anti Englishness, Currency,Oil, EU or whatever Better Together Establishment piece of scaremongering nonsense they decide to deploy.

They quickly become abusive and personalize their tweets and posts they question your intelligence and if you produce a link or fact based piece of information they will immediately discount this as “nationalist source “ and not credible.

They rarely are able to produce a single piece of corroboration to any of their ridiculous claims.

When you suggest that without credible evidence it is just a claim ,they accuse you of being stupid,brainwashed ,or just plain ignorant and to make their withdrawal justified in their own eyes they accuse you of abusing them and that lets them block you and your ‘lies’

You see the majority of these people,and the vast majority of our media are suffering from a known mental health complaint Cognitive Dissonance.

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are

presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new

evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is

extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it

is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize,

ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”

Franz Franton.

That I am sure you will all agree describes some Unionists perfectly, sadly ,most of our media too.

The other trait seen in both UK and Spain is that Unionists only like democracy or rule of law when it works in their favour.

They believe in democracy for example when the Referendum result in Scotland went in their favour.

That result of 55% should be enshrined and never ever again should the question be asked of the Scottish people.

The Brexit Referendum on the other hand with 62% against leaving the EU has to be dismissed ,it is irrelevant the fall back position that being we are all British .

They love the idea of England/ UK taking back control especially of the borders.

However, they are positively apoplectic about Scots daring to contemplate taking back control of their country or its borders.

Apparently it is best that England decides who can and who cannot come visit ,or stay in the nation of Scotland.

You try telling these same Unionists that UK immigration should be decided solely by Brussels.

Then of course there is the violence, according to Unionist Politicians ,journalists and supporters the Referendum was divisive causing huge rifts in families and violence throughout Scotland.

The implication being of course that all the violence was one sided and directed at the Unionists.

The last time there had been such division in families was in American Civil War apparently.

The only act of violence that is mentioned is the viscious assault on Jim Murphy the famous egg thrown by person ,or persons unknown to the Yes Movement.

In reality the most heinous assault was carried out on an 80 year old Yes Campaigner in Edinburgh who ended up with a broken arm after being assaulted by a violent British Unionist.


This got very little coverage and is now in the file marked Positive Case for The Union & the missing £490 billion UK Black Hole File.

The Unionist hatefest on Sept19th 2014 has also conveniently been forgotten by the Unionists and their media it is in the same never to be opened file.

There are so many tales of unionist nonsense ,you could no doubt add a few more examples of the hypocrisy and double standards of our opponents.

All these, and the ones not mentioned and all you need to do is change the language to Spanish and the exact same is happening right here in Catalonia.

The lies distortions, the intolerance the violence towards those that want change.

A different day a different location and nation ,the same nonsense being deployed.

The ruling elites have without doubt exchanged notes,perhaps at the next Referendum English Polis with batons will arrive to beat Scots into submission,a whole new meaning to love bombing us.

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