Unionist Hierarchy.

The latest farce to befall Theresa May and her incompetent crew is one that even this slippery PM might find difficult to deflect on to someone else, although I suspect that won’t stop her trying, I refer of course to the Windrush deportations.

Though I expect in the first instance Theresa May will throw Amber Rudd under the bus before succumbing to the inevitable and resigning.

I truly never thought we could get any Prime Minister more inept, more socially awkward, more politically inadequate and short of empathy than the hapless, useless, incompetent Gordon Toom Tabbard Brown, however Big Tessa has proved me wrong.

Even for this inept racist Tory political party and the equally distasteful right wing UK media pack this latest May debacle might just prove too much for the compliant, complicit London bubble to contain and Theresa May might at last have to face the reality of her abject incompetence and fall on the proverbial sword.

We know already that the London long grass is bursting at the seams with cover ups, Chilcott, Levenson, Child Abuse Enquiry, Salisbury, Syria, Grenfell Fire, Cambridge Anaylitica, Tory Election Fraud, Election Telemarketing Fraud, DUP and the £450,000 donation, 36 Tory sex pests to name just a few.

The Brits Media are great at making bad news disappear, however eventually even the liars liar that are the British Media sometimes have to admit, enough is enough.

The worrying thing is that so many of our fellow subjects of the crown are either oblivious to this dereliction of governance, or they are in complete denial at the sheer amature antics of successive UK Governments.

What many of us have noticed is the inability of unionist politicians, supporters, commentators or so called journalists on both sides of the border to ever admit to any shortcomings in the unionist governance of UK.

When we look at the Parties in Scotland these stalwarts of the British Union who suggest to us that we live in the greatest political union in the history of the planet still feel the need to have Scottish in front of their Party name not British, why is that?

In Scotland we have 3 lesser or greater right wing British Nationalist fanatical Parties all dancing to the tune of David Coburn, the man that a village somewhere is missing.

We have the right of centre British Liberal Democratic Party which of course is neither liberal or democratic.

They only have two policies in Scotland, defend the British Union at all costs and oppose everything the SNP Government propose even if those policies are liberal and democratic.

The far right Party in Scotland is of course the British Labour Party it does not represent the labour people of this country, it only represents the people of the Labour Party, especially those that are based in London.

They too only have two policies in Scotland, defend the British Union at all costs and oppose everything the SNP Government propose even if those policies will improve the lifes of Scotland’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens.

Then we have the Extreme Right Wing Party The British Conservative and DUP Party.

They have a couple of more Policies than the other two British Parties, they too defend the British

Union at all costs and oppose every SNP policy, however they also love to incite hatred on the grounds of race, religion and social status.

Their top policy in Scotland we found out last week thanks to the Ferret is to lie, indeed 75% of the time Tories are talking, accusing, blaming we now know they are lying.

They have elected members with views that are anti Scottish, anti gypsy, anti Roman Catholic, anti Muslim, anti foreigner, anti poor, anti sick, anti disabled, anti unemployed.

They have openly expressed these views and their Party leader in Scotland, Davidson has allowed these extremists to remain firmly imbedded in the body politic of Scotland.

She has misled on alleged diversity training for these bigots and even if they refuse any ‘training’ they remain in the Tory Party.

In any other civilized society these zealots would be expelled from a political party and cast out of decent society, however in British controlled Political Parties in Scotland these people are protected by their Party, the foreign owned MSM the State Broadcaster and the so called Independent Broadcasters.

This brings up the question why?

The reason is simple the British Union must be protected at all costs, so the main job of the Media is to control the populace by means of divide and rule.

The Britnats, you see believe they are superior, a step above everyone else, there is an unspoken heirarchy and it allows them to justify to themselves the extremist elements in their groups and their  support of a foreign country governing their land of birth.

They believe that they are of a superior intellect, superior social standing, a higher class, better educated, more worldly wise than those that would dare to suggest that Scotland should be like other nations and govern itself.

They positively boak at the idea of fairness that those with more should pay a little extra to ensure a better, fairer society.

They are like the spoiled child that wants to play with all the toys in the kindergarten and not share with anyone else.

Even when they have all the toy cars and they see the kids have happily wandered off to use the crayons and drawing materials our spoilt little brat now wants all of the coloured pencils too.

He rushes over to where the kids are drawing and to his horror he has left the toy cars unattended and another child might get the use of them only thing left is now to throw an enormous tantrum and get everybodies attention if they are watching him going off on one they cannot play with any of the toys and he believes he has won again.

Everyone loses but he has satisfaction in knowing he ensured nobody had fun today except him, he was in control.

They believe because they were born white Christian even although they have not practiced their religion since leaving primary school they are superior to all other religions.

There are even subsets in this for the Britnats, top of the tree of course are Anglicans, then Scottish, Irish, Welsh Presbyterians, Baptists,  Methodists, Mormons, Jehovahs.

The RCs are viewed as second class, inferior Christians,mainly because an English King in the 16th century couldn’t keep his pecker in his oversized pants a morbidly obese sexual harasser called Henry.

Now 500 years on in a so called liberal democracy our unelected Head of State cannot choose the RC religion, it should also be noted we have never had a Catholic PM.

The  Christian religion our Britnats profess to belong to teaches them about tolerance, the joy of sharing and giving, compassion, of Jesus Christ helping the sick and poor.

These are the bits Brits like to ignore, because their greatest joy comes from intolerance, hoarding their money and possessions and despising anyone that needs to be ‘given’ anything, sharing is an alien concept to the people in this cult.

They fool themselves by telling anyone that wants to listen how they did everything on their own, nobody helped them.

Many of them forget they went to a paid for by taxation state school, free university education, when they were sick an NHS was there to cure them.

That before they could afford their own car the public transport system took them to and from work.

The vast majority are two or three salaries away from mortgage arrears, poverty and using the food bank.

Meanwhile many have bought into the media generated lie that those on low incomes, are just lazy.

That unemployment, poverty, disability are life choices and that these people are the reason we have austerity.

These people never stop to think that their taxes have gone to pay bankers bonuses and swell the offshore accounts in Panama.

That is why when someone like Esther McVeigh makes such a crass statement about the rape clause third child she, nor any other Britnat sees any reason for the outcry.

In the world of the British Unionist zealots rape, poverty, unemployment, disability only happen to the lower castes, not to them and these fates could have been avoided if only the disabled person had not had a disabling illness,an accident or quirk of genetics.

The third child would not need to be on a form if the rape victim had not allowed herself to be raped.

They believe if you are poor and struggling in work and are suddenly made redundant you should just open your own business the next day and become rich ,it is only laziness that is stopping you being one of them,well that and your accent, your religion, your skin colour, your desire to share.

Like most of you I do not know how we get through to these people that they are being manipulated by the ruling elite.

We have to keep placing the facts in front of them and hope they eventually see for themselves.




1 thought on “Unionist Hierarchy.

  • Houps !!!

    Forget about the first version, was not finished and intended to be posted…

    Thanks for your report that says it all.
    Sorry in advance for my heavy Fr-ottish prose.

    You have to know that putting the facts in front of their eyes won’t change anything, hoping that status quo will change is the way to depression and paranoÏa.

    That is what they want, upset the other side at the highest level, lying is something nobody can accept, but what is here is more than that, it is : lying, make sure that the narrative of the outcome will be positive, never change their stance, wide spread the news, then burry it and another lie … The lie is not really an issue, everyone lies at one point but what is the issue for us is the way they deal with the consequences completely blinding themselves on purpose even if they don’t believe a single word of what they have said at first stage. This is a stratificated technic, a Massive Sociopathic behaviour. They build their life on lies, they convince themselves to be the truth then build on it and again and again, they don’t event know were is burried the reality, they don’t want to know, so asking them to be touched by our arguments is for me a waste of time and they do know it.

    Wanting to get richer is not a problem really everyone wants to make life a bit better the problem is that their priviledege educationnal system put the emphasis on Sociopathic behaviours to reach their goal, value them, dig them up, developped them and make sure that Compassion is a feeling completely forgotten, that Compassion should be an artifact for the other side.
    That is what religion is : build on lies, on unexplicable events where Compassion apply for the plebe but not for the ruling side. That is the Bible for you, a violent tale in which you have to forgive the most cruel sins and be forgiven for the crimes you might have made and will make. Keeping the status quo alive.
    Religion is just another pretext, something they are delighted to see us moaning about because we care, we care for our fellow human beings when they don’t, when they were told all there life not to.
    Talking about it, is entering their game and not being able to get it out as long as we try to convince them it is not real.

    As long as we try to understand we are done. We should accept that there are no answers to most of what is around us, understand that understanding everything is not good and that they are differences which will never be flattened.
    There is something as well this educationnal system carefully teaches them : don’t mix with the other side, don’t smell the shit these strangers live in because they know that if their brain is not completely modelled there is still a risk to let Compassion in. After a while and seeing that their life improves day after day in those institutions they are convinced and apply the strategy.
    Why would they not ? Their life is improving day after day.
    I am not sure if i had had that kind of Education, I would still be able to be a compassionate man.

    Then, a solution might be to have a proper look into how one can deal with a Sociopathic behaviour and apply our own behaviours accordingly on a massive scale ?
    Wanting to put arguments and try to convince a Sociopath is a waste of time, health and energy, don’t mind how strong we feel, there is a pattern we will never understand … we don’t need to understand.
    On the field, having a SNP MP’S that care and are compassionate is good but a waste of time. They should try to have the most amount of elected MPs and then ignore completely the system. Talking and arguing will lead nowhere, not that is not universally right but because we are dealing with mentally impaired beings.

    Threatening the Sociopath and trying to make him lose control might be dangerous as violent behaviours for him, if he has to protect his bubble, if he fears he might lose control, will be the natural way to solve the issue. We see that everyday on the news.
    That could be an idea as long as we are ready to put our lifes on the front line, as long as we make sure we will have the right tools to fight with untill the end.
    Fear does not prevent danger and I do think if we have to see sassenachs’ tanks in our streets again thtat might be a risk to take as long as we are ready for this.

    What could be the best pacific way is : ignoring, you cannot take control on someone who does not listen.

    What would be then a Massive ” Ignoring Behaviour “, a stance that millions would agree to apply to themselves might be the question to ask ?
    But as lon as we have an Independentist Gvt that wants to play their Sociopathic game we will be doomed.

    May be we could start with : Refusing to pay our tax over there and have our money collected by the Scottish Gvt. ” We have paid but, you won’t use that money the way you want “. There is some country where, if you disagree with a bill or tax bill you can pay to a dedicated state office, the money stays there and you are not liable to penalties and persecutions untill the claim is solved. But the gvt has to provide the ” garde fou ” to protect us.

    May be the SNP gvt should ignore the actual electoral system, should make sure every votes count, should make sure that a proper electoral secured system is implemented on election day, ban the Postal Vote first, totally forbid the ballot boxes to travel and make stricter regulations during the vote itself. Having voted in France what i would say about polling stations here and the way votes are counted will be like talking about a ” Banana republic election” it is absolutely not right, not secured and open to all kind of treacheries. When I explain to French folks how it is here they do not believe me …

    We are all very supportive with what is happening in Cataluna, they know that what they have decided to do is a dangerous battle, the Sociopathic spanish gvt sent forces, made arrests, take to courts…Independentist are still in the streets ready to fight. Do they have the right tools, time will tell …
    No one has never witnessed a pacific or democratical revolution gaining anything, always fights, deaths, despair were on the way to Freedom.

    We want to do things differently, we have to rethink how we deal with the other side, it is not working right now …

    ps : after written that, just read the “about me” section ……… :-). Was in Barcelona in January the week after the March with my son, how proud as a universal being that I had to explain why all these flags were on the balcony, how proud of you guys over there who are able to take your own destiny into yours hands. Here it seems like hopes always keep that status quo alive and no one want to see a practical way to reach the Graal.

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