Unionism is the problem not the solution.

Everybody agrees that an Independence Referendum is inevitable,the only question in doubt is when it will be held.

I have made my feelings known on that already,I cannot see any other date beyond September next year.

Later today lots of independence supporters will gather at The Usher Halls in Edinburgh under the banner of SIC to discuss a way forward.

Some of those speakers I have seen named will go into great detail about policies that we need to promote to ensure that we win the Referendum this time.

They will stress that without certain policies ,which funnily enough are their pet projects,we will lose the Referendum.

I disagree with that premise,and do not believe that any single policy will win or lose us this referendum.

That is not to say I don’t think we need to improve several of our positions from 2014.

I am happy that we seem to be addressing the biggest from last time,namely currency.

The setting up of the National Investment Bank in preparation is a vital building block in a move towards a Central Bank,and having our own separate currency.

The Council of Economic Advisers are fine tuning the paper on a separate Scottish currency which I welcome.

Another weakness we encountered previously was of course our membership of the EU,and this has been answered for us,by the Little Englanders.

This neatly brings me on to my thoughts on what our tactics need to be to ensure a positive outcome for our position.

I have always believed that in life,business ,relationships the biggest problems are man/woman made.

When we over complicate things that is when we encounter the most problems.

My children could tell you,one of my favourite sayings is “Life is simple,people make it complicated.”

In 2014 we had the White Paper it was produced with the best intentions to create discussion and show openness.

That is not the outcome of course ,our opponents made sure of that,it gave our

detractors pages and pages of detail they could deny,deflect,decry,demean,

and steer well clear of their Achilles heel.

This allowed them to control the narrative every single minute,of every single day in the entire campaign.

We always seemed to be on the back foot fending off in lots of occasions,the most ridiculous claims by our opponents.

This stopped us from getting to the very heart of the reason that Independence was best for Scotland.

That reason is still the same today and we need to make that the central plank of our campaign.

Independence is not flawed,it has challenges and there will be twists and turns along the way.

Who doesn’t want independence in their everyday life?

It is the natural way of the world from the tiniest animal to the largest human beings.

We all eventually leave our parents home and set up our own independent life.

Yes we marry or have relationships,however these are our independent choices,not the choices of our parents.

Those that remain living with their parents for their entire life,I think it is safe to say rarely grow as individuals.

The problem for Scotland is simple,it is The Union, if you remember we all used to make jokes about how nobody could give that “Positive Case for the Union”

They could not answer it then,they cannot answer it now,because there is no positive case,it does not exist.

The Unionists know this and that is why you will notice unionists only ever ask questions they rarely answer any when you ask them.

They never needed to answer,because they could ask questions about Currency,EU,Defence ,Embassies,our White Paper gave them all they needed to control the debate.

When you ask a Unionist any simple question they go into deflection mode.

Try it today,ask them “Is Scotland a nation?”

“What is the positive case for the Union?”

“Name me 3 things that the Union can achieve that Independence cannot?”

I guarantee you now you will not get any recognisable,cogent,meaningful answers to these simple questions.

The reason you will not is straightforward,if they answer those questions honestly they will arrive at the same conclusion as the rest of us and be voting for Independence.

The first question Is Scotland a nation will be answered with lots of caveats, “it is a member of the UK” lots of answers like this,not a straight Yes,or No,otherwise they have to conclude nations rule themselves.

Yes leaves them open to having to accept that being in a Union that is not equal is not ‘natural” for an independent country.

Therefore they will do anything to deflect,or swerve away from facing that reality.

Those that do answer it correctly might just start questioning the worth of the Union,that is our task,to get them questioning the validity of the UK,not of an Independent Scotland.

The problem is the Union,their strategists know it and that is why you get the constant too wee,too stupid,too poor arguments.

They have no positives,so they have to demean us to ensure we have no self-esteem as a country.

It is the exact same tactic used by an abusive partner in any relationship, “they’re all my friends,you are too ugly,nobody else would have you,It is all my money,it is my house,car,caravan,it is all mine ,you have nothing,you are not good enough to have anything,

you cannot leave me ,or your life is over ,you will die of hunger alone,you are useless.”

These insults that Scotland receive every day from the Unionists and their media is because they are petrified that the cash cow that is Scotland is wakening up to the fact that the Union does not work for Scotland .

It actually only works for a very few,all of them right at the top in the British Establishment.

Today and every day question the union do not allow deflections,demand answers,in the majority of cases you will get no answers only a pile of abuse,however we only need to make 5% of them realise The Union is stupid ,not Independence.

1 thought on “Unionism is the problem not the solution.

  • Good article and I completely agree that the unionists are writing the narrative and we are constantly on the back foot, most notably on the GE. The Tories are particularly good at misdirection and distraction. Labour had thd brunt of it in 2010 when the leadership election allowed the coalition 5 months of uninterrupted storytelling on the economy and Labour’s management being the cause of the financial crisis. The Tories also have huge amounts of money donated by businesses &individuals to splash around friendly media and no questions around that have ever come to anything. Electoral fraud likewise. The SNP and the wider Yes movement MUST find a way to block the utterly relentless unionist narrative and promote its own. Otherwise the result will be the same as 2014.

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