Unionism is an unhealthy addiction.

The speed of the capitulation by the British Labour Party in Wales yesterday came as no surprise to many of us that are not members of that Britnat Unionist cult.

The British elite must be sniggering at just how easy it was to get the gullible Welsh Brits to fall into line with what London needed and in the timescales required.

Leanne Wood summed it up perfectly in the senedd :-

“Our leverage has gone, leadership lost, and parliament weakened. This is a Labour-Tory stitch-up like no other.”

“When he sells this parliament and my country’s democracy to Westminster he can excuse my lack of conciliatory tone.”

Meanwhile in Scotland the Britnat placemen and women gave a huge sigh of relief they could at last stop the pretence that they were giving a tuppenny toss about Scotland, Holyrood, the Democracy of Scotland and especially they could stop pretending they cared about devolution or the people.

They are now free to get back to what they do best, betraying all of those things and shouting SNP Bad.

Neil Findlay said it “would be wrong for the SNP government to play politics with devolution in order to further their goal of independence”.

Mr Findlay is always great for hypocrisy and irony rolled into one statement, it is one of his unique characteristics.

He encapsulates the Britnat cult addiction there is no subject or topic in the English language that he, or they cannot turn into an SNP Bad quote.

You could be discussing the climate in the Amazon and Findlay and his ilk could somehow find an SNP bad connection.

Findlay is of course not alone, the Holyrood chamber is awash with unionist addicts and just like the ones we encounter every day on social media or in the workplace they have nothing positive to say about Scotland, more surprising is that they cannot even be positive about their beloved UK.

I have demonstrated before the inability of Unionists to clearly define just three unique benefits that are only a available inside the UK.

Controlling the Narrative.

We have all asked in vain for any unionist to give us the positive case for the British union, if we all live to be 103, I suggest we will all still be waiting on the answer to that question.

Be assured if there was a positive case for the Union we would have heard it by now, their silence says it all.

Just this week I challenged Alex Massie to tell us the three things, silence of course, he was able to come on line and tell us how poor David Torrance had been hounded from his job as a propagandist by the big bad cybernats but couldn’t display his verbosity when it came to talking up the British Union he so blindly follows.

Richard Leonard on receiving a diktat from London to explain to him his thought for the day forgot the addendum of SNP Bad and had to delete his first tweet then replace it with one saying Tories Bad, SNP even worse.

The big idea from Corbyn’s mob was to increase Child Allowance by £5 a week per child, a worthwhile idea to certainly explore, I was interested so I politely asked for more details on the idea.

When asked how this could be funded from within the fixed budget the Scottish Parliament receives Richard remained silent.

I have even offered Richard Leonard a spot on The Sunday Interview Show to explain this policy and to extol the virtues of British Unionism to a large audience of Yessers many of whom are ex-Labour voters, again silence.

It begs the question, if they believe so strongly in this British Union then why can they not articulate a positive case for the UK?

Why do they only ever ask questions but always refuse to answer any questions put to them?

The answer is of course there is no positive case for the Union and they are merely following because they were hooked and now have this terrible addiction.

Like all addictions it will take till they ‘hit the gutter’ before they can rid themselves of this debilitating addiction.

Recovering smokers, alcoholics, gambling addicts, junkies will all tell you the same story, all of the sensible arguments against their addiction had no effect whatsoever, they made up their own minds to finally end their particular filthy habit.

They had to come to the realisation all by themselves that their addiction was not in their own or family’s best interests.

I know, as an ex-smoker myself that all the pictures of blackened lungs all the horror stories of strokes, heart attacks, COPD, lung cancer, people telling me how I was wasting so much money, etc. etc. all landed on deaf ears till I decided for myself that I wanted to stop, after that stopping smoking was the easiest thing in the world.

Those of you that used to be opposed to independence and voted unionist ask yourselves this, did someone talk you round, did a billboard suddenly hit you like a bolt from the blue and you went from Britnat fanatic to Yesser in an instant or did you gradually make up your own mind from all the facts available to you?

I do not believe you can change a mindset in one meeting with one phrase or giving a list of policies.

Anyone that makes the switch has to arrive there all by themselves, yes we have to make the information available, we need to be positive, we need to make them question themselves and the Union, however people will only come over to our side when they have convinced themselves.

I was in Sales & Marketing all my days and contrary to the popular misconception you cannot gain your customers by selling them something they do not need or will never use that is just nonsense.

Very few people every buy off of a brochure, or a billboard or a tv advert, they all help to add to the decision but no single thing is the magic bullet.

Good salesmen do not need to sell anything they merely create the circumstances for someone to reach a decision and then the customer will make the decision and buy all by themselves.

The Unionist salesmen are shysters, and they are selling snake oil and sooner or later the people come to the realisation that the elixir these people are selling cure none of their ails and that the best medicine for us all is the medicine of Independence, available at all good polling stations near you.

You need to become good salesmen and women, yes provide the brochures through the letter boxes, have the street stalls, the marches and rallies that advertise,be there to answer the questions, do not browbeat. and the most important listen,always remember god gave us two ears to hear and only one tongue to speak with, remember that listening is the most important thing, not talking and let them make up their own minds with just gentle conversation.

2 thoughts on “Unionism is an unhealthy addiction.

  • Good post! And I agree with almost all of it.

    I am one of those unionists who has changed allegiance. Having been a Labour voted almost all my life, brought up in a strongly Labour household, with a grandfather who started a local union branch, I couldn’t be much else. I was a helper in my early teens, delivering leaflets, reminding folk about voting, and was still involved until my thirties when life took over. I remained a Labour Party member. I’m now almost 70.

    My disillusion with Labour really started in Blair’s second term, although I think I was questioning policies prior to that. By 2010 I felt completely disenfranchised, and to my eternal regret, voted LibDem at that election. In one way that vote gave me the opportunity to view politics more dispassionately. In another it showed me just how corrupt our UK politics had become, and how we, the people, were being forced to pay for the bankers’ foibles, and would continue to do so forever, unless the system was radically altered.

    I was still working in the NHS in 2011, and had been impressed by Nicola Sturgeon’s term as Health Secretary, because at last someone was not only listening, but talking sense. I voted SNP for the first time in 2011, thinking that I would continue to vote SNP at home as they were focussed on Scotland, and their tenure in Holyrood had been successful in my view. My view of “Scottish” Labour had little going for it. My husband’s view was that devolution had just brought incompetence closer to home!

    However, I did have a lightbulb moment. That was 2014. I couldn’t believe the lies, obfuscations, scaremongering and manipulation going on across the establishment parties and media. Unlike my husband who has for many years believed that Scotland should be managed by Scotland for Scotland, I had always felt that the SNP was a fringe party and wouldn’t achieve independence. I mentally reviewed the previous 7 years of SNP government, looked at what was in my face from the unionist parties, the state of the UK under Westminster, and left Labour. I suddenly felt the wealth of possibilities of Indy, the hope for the future for our country and young people and at the end of the campaign I was miserable that so many of my fellow Scots couldn’t see the possibilities or have faith in the Scottish people to be successful. I became an Indy supporter.

    The problem Scotland has in my view is the hostile environments of media and unionism. I agree that we need to listen and talk to people to help create the best environment to change, but how do you do that when everything is stacked against you? You just have to look at any of the unionist fora (and also some of our own) to see how toxic the use of media and political advantage is. I’m quite certain that Ruth Davidson’s “No Indyref2” policy wasn’t hers but was orchestrated, probably by CCHQ. She isn’t bright enough to have thought that through for herself, as shown by her actions since 2016/17, which have been enabled by the media. Talking to people is essential, but that is one person at a time, whereas one libellous headline or tv report is seen by millions. I am sure though that many Labour voters are seeing through the Labour leadership, hence the dramatic slide in votes since 2007. I have pointed out to friends many of Labour’s senseless Bain Principle actions over the last few years, even voting against its own policies because they were being put into place by the SNP govt! It’s astonishing how many were not aware of these, or indeed many of the other Labour flips. However, they still see us as too wee, too poor and too stupid to manage ourselves, one of them going further to say that in Scotland we aren’t clever or innovative enough to survive alone. I could think of no other response than to say how appalled I was by her attitude towards her fellow Scots. Not a response I’m proud of as it didn’t reflect my anger, but the best I could come up with at the time. She believes the media, not me, so I now just don’t talk politics with her.

    Sorry. This has turned into a rant. What do we/can we do to counter the hostile environment we find ourselves in? And why isn’t the SNP challenging this more or changing the narrative, as they have the communications staff etc in place?

  • Hello Ann Christie, and thank you Barrheadboy for a wonderful article.

    Ann you ask what can we do. Well we keep doing what we have been doing, none of it has been wasted. One conversation at a time from someone in your neighbourhood carries much more weight than a Billboard. One vital piece of information and the pennies start to drop.

    We keep on, and we keep on and we keep on. One thing about us Scots is no-one does thrawn like us, they’re playing on our ground now.

    There is a reason, their media has never let up, a reason their propaganda is laughably blatant now, in years gone by it was background colour, now they are an international disgrace and a laughing stock. There is a reason they HAVE to spend a fortune on media campaigns and leaflets – they don’t have feet on the ground.

    WE DO and it is the most effective campaign tool of all, that plus knowledge, that plus genuine heartfelt integrity.

    One conversation at a time, one bit of decency at a time, one person at a time.

    Last time it was a choice between change or no change…. this time its about survival.

    Yes we can… Now we Must!

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