Two Wee Guys in Pollok

I was in Glasgow at the end of November when the London media went into self congratulatory Britannia is brilliant and reaches agreement with EU on phase1 of Brexit negotiations.

This was being hailed in UK/English media and broadcasters as the epitome of brilliant British/English negotiating skills.

Johnny Foreigner had been taken to the brink and out thought by the brilliant British negotiating team led by David Davis.

The terms were being repeated over and over, £50 billion financial settlement, EU citizens in UK rights protected, UK citizens in EU protected, then the iffy bit “full alignment” between NI and the ROI.

From the Guardian

‘Irish border

The agreement promises to ensure there will be no hard border and to uphold the Belfast agreement.

It makes clear the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland, will be leaving the customs union.

It leaves unclear how an open border will be achieved but says in the absence of a later agreement, the UK will ensure “full alignment” with the rules of the customs union and single market that uphold the Good Friday agreement.

However, the concession secured by the DUP is that no new regulatory barriers will be allowed between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK without the permission of Stormont in the interest of upholding the Good Friday agreement.’


I remember as all this ‘British brilliance’ was being repeated on each and every news bulletin my wee pal Frank and I were a little bemused.

We were just two wee guys in Pollok chewing the fat but it sounded complete bullshit to our ears, what they were calling an agreement was as contradictory as Yes and No.

The only way you can have full alignment is by being in the SM & CU there is just no other way to achieve that aim.

However, the plummy voiced soothers were assuring the great smelly unwashed of UK that the Etonians of the Tory negotiating team had vanquished the silly Johnny Foreigners and at the same time had secured the Irish question.

There was much self -congratulatory smiles and nods being exchanged amongst the London bubble media as they told each other how much smarter their side were than that bad Michel Barnier and those dreadful Europeans.

The same kind of nauseating claptrap we get when England wins any kind of sporting fixture.

Well Frankie and I chatted about this it seemed to us that this ‘agreement’ was unworkable, on one side you had The Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar saying Ireland could not agree to any hard border on the island of Ireland and would veto any deal that attempted to do this.

We had Arlene Foster of DUP saying it will not countenance a Brexit deal which “separates Northern Ireland economically or politically from the rest of the United Kingdom”.

We had Strong and Stable Theresa May telling everyone that Brexit means Brexit which means we are leaving the SM & CU.

Those things just do not add up, even now I cannot understand why anyone is suddenly surprised that when EU produce the Accord to sign on what had been agreed in November that the UK Government goes into denial and the media into surprised mode.

This is a quote taken from the BBC website today:-

“Mrs May has said the EU’s proposals on Northern Ireland threaten the UK’s constitutional integrity.”

We have The Telegraph trying to lay the blame at the door of the EU of course all little Englanders now denying what they agreed with EU in November.

It really is an insult to the intelligence of the British people, it also warns the EU that only one side is negotiating in good faith and it is not the UK.

Let us not forget for the past thousand years London’s method of negotiating was usually by bomb, gun and naval bombardment.

In UK they negotiate by telling the Celtic Fringe what will happen, end of negotiation.

Let us be perfectly clear here and if Mrs May’s lawyers are reading this, I am happy to see you in court, You are lying Mrs May, the EU didn’t just come up with this, you and your team agreed this position to get to the only bit in this Brexit clusterfu&& that interests you lot, a trade deal.

You are willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to get a deal that suits the City and the Financiers while keeping the tax havens under UK jurisdiction and away from EU scrutiny.

You are willing to shed millions of jobs and wreak havoc on the vast majority of British subjects of the Crown so that you personally remain in power, your Party in Government and your right wing rabid press onside.

The Fishermen,The Farmers, The people of Northern Ireland, The Car Workers, anyone but the 1% can and will suffer.

The UK in EU was always bound to fail because you in the south of this political construct cannot sit at a table as equals, you always have to dominate as is seen in this failed United Kingdom Union.

The way you had your Chequers meeting last week where English only MPs were allowed into the inner circle.

The way you have excluded any input whatsoever from the Devolved administrations.

The arrogance and pomposity of our ruling elite is about to unleash a whirlwind of self -imposed economic self -harm never before seen, all because of conceit and a false sense of Anglo superiority.

I don’t know what it will take to awaken the entire UK, not just Scotland, however you and your ideological fuktards need removed from office forthwith, problem is the bearded wonder across the floor in the House is equally incompetent and delusional.

The only upside in all this is that those two wee guys in Pollok are no as daft as they look.

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