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I have only been writing this blog for a few weeks and already I can see a big difference between what appeals to the different audiences in Twitter & Facebook, which days are busy and which days are quiet.

Personally I am more of a Twitter guy I like it’s immediate concise responses.

The 140 characters can sometimes be frustrating ,however it means you have to be creative and precise in what you tweet.

I think if the 280 characters had arrived earlier I might never have started a blog in the first place.

I also think that is why there are so many fall outs on Twitter with a max 140 characters it is easy to make a complete mess of the very point you are trying to convey,it is also what makes it I think ,more fun.

I had one where I was on a thread and wanted to make a scathing remark about those that work in the City of London ,some of the biggest crooks on this planet that not only defraud with impunity they are worshiped and revered by our ruling class.

I wanted to say that most of our problems in this country are down to their greed and dishonesty,these are vile creatures that produce nothing but cash out of speculation.

When it came to the tweet this was in my brain, “ IMHO The world would be a better place if we got rid of all the spivs”

Nobody could take offense at that ,and indeed I am sure the vast majority of tweeters would tend to agree with that statement.

Problem is that is not what ended up on Twittter, one letter ,not paying attention and suddenly you are in a whole lot of shit.

Look down at your keyboard and you will see that the letters C&V are next to each other,it makes a huge difference when you suggest to the world that

“…..the world would be a better place if we got rid of all the “SPICS”

Within seconds I was getting bombarded by people either pointing out my obvious mistake and laughing ,or the professional ‘I love to be offended ‘types calling me for everything and telling me that single handedly I was guaranteeing that Scottish Independence was lost ,as I proved beyond a doubt that all evil cybernats were indeed racist scum Nazis that wanted to exterminate entire races.

I continue to make blunders like that, put small keyboards, big fingers, old codger, bad eyes and impatience together and you can sometimes get chaos.

I have always been one for the quick one liners the fast and witty retorts so that is why I tend to enjoy Twitter interactions more than Facebook.

That is not to say I don’t like ,or use FB .

I originally only ever got FB so that I could get pictures of my beloved grandchildren.

They live overseas and I don’t get to see them very often, so Facebook seemed the best way of seeing them “grow up”

More recently very few pics of them make it on to Facebook so either they are not using it ,or have moved on to some other medium to post pics ,maybe Instagram who knows?

I have though more recently interacted more on FB and indeed get a lot of information and ideas from using the site.

I have met a lot of really nice people through it too,and even received some visitors here in Catalonia because of FB.

Facebook gives you more time to think and measure your responses and the BTL seems a little more forgiving than that of Twitter.

I then was not surprised to notice that different blogs on different days had different reactions to the two audiences.

As a now ,retired Sales & Marketeer I take note of these trends and the information it relays back to me.

One of my most popular blogs thus far was about the Old Firm

Rangers & Republicanism V Celtic &Unionism

One of the FB Groups Where I place my blogs refused to approve this blog deciding that they didn’t like football and thought it would be divisive.

Now that is perfectly fine by me ,it is their group ,they started it ,and they are entitled to prevent whatever they think is not suitable for their group.

However as I say it was and remains to this day one of the most read and commented on blogs I have done.

Many individuals of that group sent me messages asking why I didn’t post it on that site.

Far from being annoyed it helped me better understand my audience,it also confirmed what Stu Campbell so wonderfully taught us all that the Headline has more impact on most of us than the actual content most people read the headline ,then the first few lines and form or reject that opinion.

I put that theory to the test with another popular blog I gave it an outrageous strapline.

Tory Gov. Minister admits “Scots Indy Referendum was rigged”

It was amazing the reaction this received more comments on the site ,my Twitter and FB links than any other blog.

The amount of “we always knew it was rigged”

Others saying “no more postal votes “

It showed perfectly that people don’t read right to the bottom,that is why my blogs get shorter each time ,most by now have stopped reading this too.

You might be wondering why I am writing this and not some hard hitting piece on Catalonia ,or Brexit or some other pressing matter.

Simple really,it is Tuesday and it is a slow day.

One piece of advice I got before I started to blog came from one of the doyens of blogging it was this ,”even on quiet days you need to write something the hardest thing to do is to build up a following,the easiest thing to do is lose them,if you don’t write you will lose them.”

So there you go ,that is why I have written this little fluff piece today,all self interest.


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