Tory Gov. Minister admits “Scots Indy Referendum was rigged”

Not a headline we will ever see in the foreign owned MSM in Scotland.

Some of you by now might be quite annoyed that the headline is a false flag, you might think it was just to get you to click on to the story, well in a way it was.

However let me assure you there is a serious point behind it all.

Stu Campbell at Wings Over Scotland the gold standard at destroying false Unionist Media stories has been telling us from almost his very first blog post “don’t ever believe the headline”

We have to read the entire story ,or in case of the Express or Mail ,the entire fable to get any link to the headline.

We see these “SNP Accused ……” headlines and after reading the article we find it is actually a load of innuendo ,an unnamed spokesperson ,a Tory think tank ,a drunken Labour Lord’s viewpoint ,or more likely a SLAB ,or Tory press release ,not fact checked and just printed in its entirety.

Going by the research done on this ,a large percentage of those that read articles note the headline, read the first paragraph then move to another story.

There is ,however not much chance that by tonight down the Dog & Duck some guy will be assuring all his mates that he was right all along the Tories have admitted the Indy Ref was rigged.

However if I could get Wings over Scotland , Wee Ginger Dug , Newsnet, Scotgoespop and a few other pro Indy blogs to print similar headlines and vague nonsense appertaining to that headline,that would be different.

If we all do a blog like that a couple of times a week the narrative would take hold.

In a few short weeks in Dog & Ducks the length and breadth of Scotland people would be telling their mates the Indy Referendum had indeed been rigged.

Before you know it ,it would be mainstream and a large percentage of the population could not be dissuaded from that viewpoint.

Only a few holes in this master plan ,unlike the foreign owned MSM & Broadcasters our Independence bloggers in the new media tend to tell the truth, for if we lied or distorted like them we would be finished and exposed in days.

It might not be a fair world,however it is the real world ,we have to hold ourselves to higher standards than the foreign owned British MSM,that said that is not a very high bar.

The Unionist have the biggest, most sophisticated media,the biggest reach and the entire broadcasting platform to get their message out.

We have to be smarter ,to be different, like most of you I have seen time after time people posting on FB ,or Twitter something along the lines of ” The SNP need to get some PR guy and challenge these terrible MSM ,and BBC lies.”

No they don’t ! it would be a waste of time ,effort ,and money, much like the tweet ,or post that suggested it in the first place.

The Scottish Government already have some of the finest media spokespeople in the country.

It is just this simple, the Fourth Estate operating in Scotland don’t listen and don’t care what SNP say, except when they can distort it into a SNP Bad story.

The. SNP could go further afield to the land of the Public Relations founders and experts USA.

They could spend SKY Sports Football TV deal type cash on the best America has to offer.

The Scottish Press pack and broadcasters would be the exact same,nothing would change.

It would be the exact same in reverse if the U.K.Gov overnight decided that this blog was saying things they didn’t like and they got Saatchi & Saatchi’s finest to point out the errors of my ways,and sent me a huge dossier showing point by point where I was wrong to accuse nice U.K. or Westminster of any wrongdoing.

Do you think for one micro second I am likely to say “Oh alright then, I have been wrong all along I will now become a right wing neocon Britnat born again voter and only write in praise of Britannia.”

Of course I wouldn’t, I would take said file and my next day’s headline would be something like

Secret U.K.Gov Document proves Indy Referendum was indeed rigged.

That is what foreign owned media do in Scotland ,every day.

They have an agenda and that is to crush the SNP, crush the Indy Movement, and to restore two Party ,London supremacy at all costs.

No lie too big,no pain too great ,no honour, no honesty ,no let up,crush the movement.

Next time you see on social media someone saying SNP must challenge these lies remember that the MSM have a narrative, a mission ,and truth doesn’t come in to the equation.

The Fourth Estate does not exist in Scotland ,the MSM has no loyalty to Scotland ,or the Scottish people.

Their loyalties lie in another country,indeed the Press Barons, have no connection ,or anything in common with the people of Scotland.

Do not waste your time debating what the SNP should do to combat this, instead you should do something about it.

We all need to take responsibility, what the 2014 Referendum did to both sides was monumental.

The Yes voters became the thing the ruling elite hate ,interested ,motivated,questioning.

The elite want us unquestioning ,uninterested,demotivated.

To an extent that is exactly what happened to some of our core support in June’s GE ,they stayed at home, well 13 Tory and 7 SLAB MPs is what happened the second we took our foot off the pedal.

In future to combat the Media bias we all need to educate ourselves to rebut the lies and misinformation.

We all need to know the points around GERS Figures,the true stats behind Education, NHS ,Crime, the price of an item on a Prescription in England., the cost of tuition fees .

We have to remember the achievements of our government and repudiate the big lies of “The SNP are not progressive”, “they haven’t made much difference” “they don’t use the existing powers”

We need to be able to go to our work,the pub ,the gym and when someone spouts the MSM lies gently inform them with our knowledge of the true facts.

If you are not already in an Independence supporting party ,then join today it only costs a few £s and every penny helps.

If you do join the SNP,Greens, SSP don’t just join and be a passive member and a social media moaner.

Get involved don’t wait on things just to happen , successful people ,make things happen.

Stop saying how much you want Independence and start doing everything you can to make it happen .

The Referendum will happen ,and when it does the victory will not come on Social Media,or in the newspapers or TV.

It will be won ,or lost,by gentle persuasion, on the doorsteps ,the street stalls,in the workplace ,the pub,the school gate,wherever people congregate.

Nothing in life is easy ,only today Norway announced its Sovereign Wealth Fund (Oil Fund) hit the $1 trillion level, why do you think London holds on to us so tight?

That is why we have to fight harder and smarter than the Britnats,we don’t need to convert them all ,a 5% swing will be enough.

If we all do our bit it will happen,don’t delay ,do something to aid your country today.

As they say “many a mickle ,makes a muckle”

14 thoughts on “Tory Gov. Minister admits “Scots Indy Referendum was rigged”

  • Actually, I agreed with the bit of the headline in inverted commas…. 759 thousand postal votes sent down to England for *cough* verification, with 90% of them coming back ‘No’, in numbers and percentages more akin with Russia or North Korea… Really?
    It doesn’t matter how active or how many ‘No voters’ we manage to convert unless we have verification that who we vote for is who we DID indeed vote for?
    Of course, the media will cry “conspiracy theorist”, nut job, bad loser”, of course, they will, what else could they say? “OK it’s a fair cop, tRuthless DID know the contents of every postal vote because we replaced them all with our own votes”. So where exactly was the exit poll, before the postal vote magically swung it?

    No, I’m afraid much like our GERS figures our electoral commission needs to be overseen by people with no axe to grind, independents, and not blindly obey orders from their paymasters. As you said yourself:

    “They have an agenda and that is to crush the SNP, crush the Indy Movement, and to restore two Party ,London supremacy at all costs.
    No lie too big, no pain too great , no honour, no honesty , no let up, crush the movement”.

    • This is interesting and informative piece. Ballots should be checked by neutral ppl. When Indy comes again we must be astute to try and rule out fowl play

    • We are indeed up against it at the moment because the media onslaught has been intense against Independence for the last 6 months and they will not stop. It has seemed like the Yes movement has been holding its breath for too long. We had the Wee Ginger Dug up here last night and he referred to his mother’s belief that if we really want something to happen we need “tae dae it oorsels”. It struck home… no good waiting for someone else to take a lead…we need to crack on ourselves, all over the place, so that the non-stop attacks and BBC chanting “SNP bad” becomes irrelevant. SNP have been taking the brunt of this for too long.
      The other point is vital: next time, soon, postal votes must be protected from interference with much stricter, public checks on what happens throughout and they should be opened and counted on the same day as the other votes. YES voters should be encouraged to vote in person if at all possible. I would never trust a postal vote again.

      • My wife and I cancelled our postal vote immediately after INDY 2014 – All vote counting should be in front of neutral security cleared administrators – if need be, one from YES and one other – at each and every count table after secure safe transport from voting booth to count venue – if such were allowable and possible ??

  • I think we should go back to the days when the only people who could get a postal vote were the housebound, or those who would be abroad/hospitalised on the election day.

  • Re: Postal voting. For at least a year prior to the referendum I wanted monitoring by OECD or similar organisation, but ironically, only the State involved can permit/request this. Not the part of the state wanting to leave. It’s all rather unbelievable.

    So no monitoring of the MSM/BBC mouthpieces, no monitoring of the postal votes or the actual votes on the day. NO exit poll – unbelievable!

    What we need for the Rerun?
    1. Only Postal votes for those with a genuine inability to attend in person is required.
    2. A new monitoring agency (Electoral Commission is part of the Establishment) is vital
    3. Separation of postal votes and those cast on the day. Counted separately, announced separately and only then combined
    4. A full, country-wide exit poll (SG can surely pay for this as the Brit-Nat MSM/BBC/STV will not)
    5. International monitoring

    I am sure we can think of more.

    • If this is true it is absolutely shameful but not surprising At all. They used all sorts of fowl means to prevent Indy. Only one reason they want to keep us, they want our resources! If Indy ref2 does happen we must be diligently aware of corruption and try to stop this happening again. It is brutal and so wrong not to allow a country to be free to run its own affairs if it chooses to do so! Saor Alba Gu Brath Anne BrownSent from my iPad

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