To Mitigate, or not to Mitigate.

Last night I was watching one of my all time favorite films ,Villa Rides.

As you can see it starred three of Hollywood’s greatest stars , Brynner, Mitchum, and Bronson.

For those of you not familiar with Pancho Villa he was a Mexican bandit, turned revolutionary in early 1900s Mexico.

The story is about some of his exploits and a very enjoyable cowboy adventure piece of escapism.

I would highly recommend you watch it some evening if there is nothing else to watch.

Maybe the next time STV put on an Engurlund football match would be a good time.

I won’t ruin the movie for you,however I want to tell you about one particular scene that I think we can all relate to.

I have slightly changed it just to save some time and to get my point over without boring you all too much.

The bad guys are the Colorados ,sort of Mexican Tories ,real bar stewards.

These Colorados enter a Pancho Villa friendly village to teach the locals a lesson.

They suspect that the villagers have secretly been helping Pancho Villa and the Revolutionaries.

The villagers just want a fairer society, a government of their own choice ,one they can trust,decent living conditions,and some respect.

The Colorados, or Tories if you prefer on the other hand want a cowed populace ,with all the wealth transferred to the few and the villagers back in their box.

Without a frame by frame, the bad guys line up a load of the villagers put nooses round their necks ,stand them on chairs and threaten to hang them one by one if they don’t tell where Pancho Villa and his men are camped.

Unknown to our Mexican Tories, Pancho Villa and his men are watching every single move and can strike at anytime of their choosing.

The first of the villagers is hung then another ,then another, but the villagers won’t give up Villa.

Pancho Villa’s main guy is watching the hangings and says to his leader.

“They are hanging them one by one Chief ,if we don’t move soon there will be none left.

Not yet” said Pancho

He waits till a few more are hung then rides to the rescue of the remaining villagers.

He routs the Colorados and those that do not manage to escape he executes in reprisal for the hangings.

Later after all the carnage he is asked ,why did you wait ,you could have saved them all

Indeed you could have mitigated all the suffering of the villagers and they would love you for it.

I could have , said Pancho, and they already love me ,and they love Mexico too,but they don’t hate Mexico’s enemies enough to fight them, after today they will hate them enough,and they will fight”

I am sure by now some of you can see where I am going with this.

All the research now coming out about the SNP seat losses at GE are giving us some really interesting data.

Indeed my own Branch did some research and it was most enlightening .

There was no Corbyn bounce in Scotland ,SLABS vote increased by around 1%

The voters have not fallen back in love with the Tories.

There was a lot of Unionist anti SNP tactical voting taking place, thanks for that Kezza.

It is more a case of our voters fell a little out of love with us.

Our vote did not migrate to any of the Unionist Parties ,it stayed at home or abstained with the Apathy Party.

The research carried out by our Branch found that those stay at home Votes did so not because Unionists said we don’t want a second Indy Ref ,it was because SNP did not say “We are having a Referendum ,just as soon as we are ready.”

The SNP hierarchy forgot why we went from 25,000 members to 125,000 virtually overnight.

That 100k joined for Independence not more affordable home building ,or lifting the pay cap.

What floats their boat is Independence.

That explains why some of our vote stayed at home ,and why some branches couldn’t get so many footsoldiers out to campaign.

The main reason others didn’t bother to vote was because our SNP Government is too good,too considerate,too willing to jump in at every turn and protect the population.

We have mitigated,and mitigated,and protected our citizens more than any other citizens in this Union.

We have mitigated on tuition fees so our kids and their families do not feel the pain of huge fees and massive debt.

Our sick are not having to choose which item on the prescription at £8.50 they can choose and which medicine can they get by without.

Our old ,the worst demographic for our movement do not have to worry about their personal care.

Our NHS is the best on these isles by every single measure.

Unlike the rest of the UK our government banned compulsory redundancies for Public Sector workers under Scottish Government control .

We have nobody suffering the cruelty of The Bedroom Tax.

Meantime the opposite is the case in those Unionist controlled areas of U.K., there is no mitigation ,only pain, suffering,and misery.

In short, Nicola and our government are little too Mother Theresa of Calcutta and not enough Pancho Villa of Mexico.

Metaphorically speaking we need to let a few hangings happen so that our population stop just liking and trusting the SNP,and start disliking our enemies enough to fight for Scotland.

We should be blatant about it and start in the areas that elected Unionist Councils and MPs .

They love Unionism so much let us give them some Unionist treatment,and policies.

Ah I hear some of you cry ,this will also hurt some of our supporters.

Indeed it will, the guys that Pancho allowed to be hung were not Colorados but his own supporters .

It made the ones left behind all the more prepared to stop being passive and fight in the revolution.

Politics can be a dirty game, nowhere more so than when the British are involved.

They are past masters at dirty politics,vile politics,genocide,man made famines,asset stripping.

Scotland is the last bastion of the Little Englander Empire ,it is also our bad luck to be one of the richest mineral endowed nations on the planet.

We are blessed with an abundance of food ,fisheries ,energy that can virtually be stolen and sent to the mother country.

Ask the Indians ,or Africans , Chinese or Arabs ,or Iranians,or Americans about that.

They all have first hand knowledge of the British tactics and cruelty.

They are not hanging on to us for our charm or friendly disposition.

They are picking our pockets daily and have nothing but contempt for us as a people and our elected representatives.

Time for us to stop covering up for the cruel Tories austerity ,expose it in all its vileness and let the people know if they want to escape from it they need to not only love Scotland but to also hate Scotland’s enemies,and fight for our Independence.

Viva Villa. Viva Escocia

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