Time To Open A Second Front.

It is sometimes quite difficult to reconcile how anybody in Scotland watching the Brexit meltdown can believe that Scotland is better off inside the British Union.

The stupidity, racism, gross incompetence and ignorance of this Tory Government is breathtaking.

Many of the same people who shake their head at the complete insanity of Trump seem to find excuses for equally bizarre statements from Teresa May & Co.

Amber Rudd sacked a few short months ago for(taking the fall for May) gross incompetence is rewarded with a new seat at the trough.

Her first intervention as the new Secy.for DWP is to attack the UN Special Rapporteur for being too political.

This independent report conducted by the much respected Philip Alston was immediately set upon by Rudd, complaining that the report was “extraordinary political nature”

Mr Alston had pointed out that as much as 20% of the entire UK population are living poverty.

They keep telling us we are one of the richest countries in the world.

Yet it seems every 5th person you encounter is living in poverty.

It begs the question, where is all this wealth?

At the end of a two-week trip to the UK, Alston said the government had inflicted poverty on people through austerity and called levels of child poverty, “not just a disgrace but a social calamity and an economic disaster.”

Faced with this criticism by the United Nations trusted advisor the new Cabinet Secy had an ideal opportunity to halt or at least amend the discredited roll out of Universal Credit.

She could have put a marker down to show the people that the genuine concerns of the UN were being listened to by the UK Government.

Amber Rudd however is a Tory inside a right wing government and Tories will always think, act, and speak as the heartless shits they have always been.

Rudd decided instead of contrition she would instead kill the messenger, not the policy.

“I have seen the report by the rapporteur, I’ve read it over the weekend, and I must say I was disappointed to say the least by the extraordinary political nature of his language“

British Nationalist politicians, journalists and broadcasters do not handle or accept any criticisms from outwith their own particular insular UK bubbles.

Inside the fantasy world of the Britnat is a perfect place called Britain/UK.

Nothing can be improved and certainly no Johnny Foreigner will ever tell a British Nationalist what can be done to improve anything in England or Greater England.

You would be hard pressed to ever remember a genuine mea culpa from any Britnat.

The quick reinstatement of Rudd to the Cabinet highlights that point.

The last genuine resignation on a point of honour was Lord Carrington in 1982 in the wake of the Falklands invasion by Argentina on his watch.

We need to look no further than Brexit to see a classic example of British stupidity and crass stubbornness.

The biggest by-product of the EU debate has been the emergence of English racism, a racism caused in no small way by years of vile  propaganda from a corrupt British media.

Halting the insanity of Brexit would mean having to admit that the all knowing Oxbridge crew and the British media got something wrong.

That just cannot be allowed to happen, instead they will just carry on in the full knowledge that it will cause havoc for many millions of the most vulnerable in the UK.

Better to allow the poor, the sick and the disabled to pay the price of the rich mans folly than to admit a mistake.

The politicians, media and party faithful of the British Establishment will aid and abet this catastrophe right to its chaotic conclusion.

When the time comes and questions begin to be asked the elites will deploy their tried and tested defense mechanism.

The blame everyone else strategy.

They will blame the EU, Johnny Foreigner, The SNP, Scots, Irish, Indians, Pakistanis, Afghans, Muslims, West Indians, Catholics, Poles in fact anyone except themselves.

Anyone with half a brain must see this.

Some in Scotland because of political or football tribalism will stick to the script of blaming everyone else, except the British culprits.

The likelihood is the unionists in Scotland will try to blame the SNP for London’s clusterfuck.

These people are a lost cause we just have to leave them in their bitter myopic British fantasy world.

We need to reach out to the soft Nos from 2014.

We do not do that by making it difficult for them to cross over to our side.

We need to be as welcoming to Tory voting Rangers fans, as we are to anyone that joins our movement.

We shouldn’t make life long Labour or Liberal voters feel uncomfortable at their gullibility and culpability in 2014.

Instead, we should laud their conversion into our movement.

We need to accept that there are many people that like the idea of independence but do not like the SNP or Green Party.

We need to explain to them that post Indy a swathe of new parties and viewpoints will be accommodated.

We need to accept Republicans and Royalists, socialists and free marketeers alike.

We need to demonstrate by actions our inclusiveness as a fact not, just a form of words.

The Britnats want to turn their backs on the rest of the world.

We more than ever need to show that we embrace being an outward welcoming nation.

Most of all we need from the Scottish Government an unequivocal statement that an Independence Referendum is imminent.

The British Union is in disarray now is the time to strike.

Brexit has the establishment, their media and their political parties in its vice like grip.

Let us open up a second front before they can regroup and turn all their attentions towards us.

Given a free hand out of the EU they will crush our democracy, our Parliament and our nation.

Let us finish off this accursed British union once and for all time before it finishes us off.

Now is the time to hit them and hit them hard!


Saor Alba gu Brath.





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