Time to Make our Move

Many people are rightly demanding that the slippery, spineless, dishonest creature that is David Mundell should, as promised, resign his post.

The only person that cannot see that his position as London’s man in Scotland is compromised is the little twerp himself.

He has dodged, dived and deflected in the most embarrassing, dishonest way possible.

Being a ‘scottish’ Tory of course he does not get embarrassed or feel shame and like all the others in his branch office he can dance on the head of a dishonesty pin.

Let us be 100% clear the conditions Fluffy himself set for his resignation have been met.

Both Mundell and his Branch Office Manager Davidson signed a joint letter saying if NI received any ‘special deal’ from the Withdrawal Bill they would be forced to resign.

He doubled down on the Fishing Industry not being withdrawn from the CFP.

David Mundell threatens mutiny if UK remains bound to Common Fisheries Policy

Both happened, he didn’t resign!


In practically any other country on the planet the 4th Estate would be hounding this man and woman to do the honourable thing and resign.

Unfortunately for us but very fortuitously for Mundell and Davidson our media are as corrupt as the old Soviet Pravda and they have been allowed to slither and slink away and keep their squalid jobs.

The thing is even if Mundell and The Mooth had found a shred of honour and resigned the outcome would not have benefitted Scotland one iota.

Another two equally duplicitous creatures would have stepped up to take their places on the greasy Anglo British pole.

Do not let anyone be in any doubt, all of those sitting in the opposition benches for the Tories, Labour or Liberals have no loyalty to Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales.

Till each and every person in Scotland understands that we are merely a colony of Greater England then nothing will make sense and nothing will change.

Back in 2014 Mundell was interviewed on STV Scotland Tonight and said this,

Asked by interviewer John MacKay if he was comfortable with a UK Government report that said Scotland had been “extinguished” by the 1707 Act of Union, the piece of shit replied “yes”.

This thinking is not just Mundell’s belief this is shared among all of those that sit on the opposition benches in Holyrood and by those that sit in Westminster for the London based parties.

In 1707 the then ‘Tories and Liberals of the day’ the Lords, Barons and Earls of Scotland sold out the people and their Parliament for English gold, titles and land.

No matter what the pro-Union historians and apologists say, it is an undeniable fact that most of those who voted an independent Scotland out of existence in 1707 – against the wishes of the vast majority of Scots – were rewarded for doing so, with some of them reaping very rich rewards indeed. They earned for their votes the equivalent of many millions of pounds sterling in today’s money.

The ordinary people of Scotland for several months after were rioting in the streets, towns and villages.

They knew they had been betrayed.

They knew it would never be a union of equals.

It was an 18th Century Anglo-Anschluss!

They knew a select few had benefitted at the expense of the many, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

In those days there was no Daily Record, Mail, Express, BBC or STV to lie to the people of Scotland.

They couldn’t tell the people back then they were too weak, too stupid or too poor to be independent.

Scotland at that time had been an independent nation for over 1,000 years.

Scotland had been a nation for far longer than our clamorous, aggressive neighbour to the south.

While they had spent centuries fighting our Celtic and European friends we had at all times been at peace with the same nations.

Within a short period of The Union our forefathers were part of the Greater English armies of conquest and enslavement.

Today after 311 years of lies, propaganda, coercion, a dishonest media and downright corruption there are more of our people duped by the imperialists.

Scotland is to all intents and purposes, a colony of England.

We still have people that are cheaply bought and sold for English gold, titles and baubles.

That  truth might not sit comfortably with many.

I expect the collaborators will attempt to deny it by saying the Union is good for Scotland.

Here is the thing about that, nobody can ever tell you the positive case for this Union.

That says to me it is because there is no positive case, we are a colony, and not an equal partner in a union.

Today as the patriots of this ancient nation of Scotland move towards a referendum this is more evident than ever.

We have to ask an English Prime Minister in a Parliament in England for her permission to make a decision about our country’s future.

If that is not imperialism in action, what else would you call it?

I say enough, I say, I am sick of waiting on England reaching certain conclusions that means my nation can ask for what is our nation’s right.
The right to self-determination, the right to self-rule.
We have waited too long, now is the time to make preparations to end this union of unequals, and the sooner the better.
Saor Alba gu brath.

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