Time to get into the fight.

Those of you sitting at home bemoaning the fact that Nicola has not fired the gun on the referendum need to realise the Unionists have been fighting this referendum for decades now.

Indeed, they have not stopped fighting it since November 2nd 1967, the day that Winnie Ewing won the Hamilton by election.

It saw a surprise victory for the SNP candidate Winnie Ewing, The SNP took 46% of the vote in a constituency which they had not even contested at the 1966 General Election held the previous year and gained the seat from the Labour Party with a swing of nearly 38%.

Every single thing done by the Unionists since that day has been in response to that by election.

That was the day that alerted the ruling elite in London that the worm had turned in Scotland.

They tried giving us the Regions as a sop to appease the desire for more Home Rule.

These Regional Councils turned into a mitigated disaster and took years to rectify.


Nothing that has ever been done by our London masters has been to make the governance of Scotland or the life of Scots any better, it has all been done to crush any thought of self -determination and protect the privilege of the London elite and their Vichy placemen and women.

When the regions didn’t satisfy the desire for more autonomy the collaborators and London came up with the Scottish Assembly wheeze, only for another piece of London treachery to be used against Scotland’s desire for democracy.

An ex-pat Scot, George Cunningham went on to bring in the famous 40% Rule for the Assembly Referendum so that even the dead counted as no voters for continued London Rule.

This piece of chicanery ended the hopes of many Scots for Home Rule at that time.


This gave the collaborators and the London ruling elite time, that was all, and it gave us Thatcher and the Tories for 18 years of Tory hell in Scotland.

This present Holyrood Parliament was not given to make Scotland a better place, it was reluctantly implemented on the understanding that this was the silver bullet to finally kill the SNP monster and allow business as usual for the British Parties to govern Scotland as a colony and steal its resources for London and the South East of England.

When the Scottish Secretary of State George Robertson was asked what he thought would be the biggest bonus of Devolution he said “Devolution will kill the SNP stone dead.”


During our 2014 Referendum yet again the collaborators thought they had found a silver bullet, win the Referendum and the SNP will be crushed and Scottish ideas of self -determination will disappear like snow off a dyke.

Iain Davidson was a little more vulgar in his words suggesting post Indy Ref all that would be needed would be to bayonet the remaining SNP supporters.


That is why I say to you now, do not expect any decency or fairness or playing by the rules by British Unionists and especially from their collaborators here in Scotland.

I have said it before. I believe that after getting a membership of 125,000, 56 out of 59 MPs in May 2015 GE our moment had arrived.

When Westminster declared EVEL, rejected over 100 Amendments to the Scotland Bill that was the time we should have struck, we had all the momentum.

When the last amendment was rejected by Mundell with the help of 550 English MPs the SNP should have withdrawn all their MPs from that cesspit to democracy that is Westminster and called a referendum that same day.

That was the time to go, the unionists were in disarray the May2015 Westminster election had them running scared we had all the momentum the membership, the enthusiasm.

We however took the decision to meekly accept that the “lead us, don’t leave us” was still true.

We went along with the Westminster charade and now when we watch daily as our representatives are treated like something the English Tories have stepped upon in the street it insults us all and humiliates us all.

We accepted to fight by ‘Westminster Rules’ it surprises me to this day that our Party loaded with talent and brains cannot see that this is a rigged game.

The House always wins, so we need to invent a new game, with our rules, not their rules.

Firstly we all have to face reality, Cameron only ever agreed to a Section30 order because the polls said only 28% were in favour of independence, and all the collaborators and placemen were telling him it was the way to finally crush this independence nonsense.

They will NEVER ever again sanction a Section30 ,so we need to go without that ‘London approval.’

They have tried every trick in the book since November 1967 when Winnie Ewing won the Hamilton by election.

Get this through your heads London and their Unionist placemen and women in Scotland cannot under any circumstances be trusted or believed, their loyalties lie elsewhere, Scotland is not their priority or even the first thought in their actions.

It is time for us all to get into the fight, those sitting at home waiting on everyone else to do the heavy lifting need to get up off their bahookies and get to work.

Nothing in life that is worthwhile is ever easy, and getting Independence from the English Parliament in London has in most cases needed bombs and bullets.

Fortunately our struggle has thus far been bloodless and I truly pray that it remains that way, however that will not stop the London ruling elite and their collaborators in Scotland deploying every foul means to keep the Scottish colony in the imperial grasp.

What you need to do is deliver leaflets, knock on doors, stand at street stalls, write letters to the editor tweet, post articles exchange information with your friends and neighbours.

We already know that most unionists we encounter on social media or in person cannot actually articulate why they support the Union.

We need to control the narrative this time and fight the referendum on our ground.

This time make them justify the Union, Independence does not need justifying it is normal, it is this skewed Union that is abnormal.

Keep asking them the 3 things question, they will be so busy avoiding answering that they will not be able to deploy their negative crap.

Lastly, to Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP Hierarchy, Scotland and the Scots will forgive you for losing a referendum, they will never forgive you for losing 3 mandates.

It is time for us all to get into the fight, join your local Yes Group, SNP, Greens, SSP ,begin campaigning now, the fight has begun let us take the fight to them that would deny our nation’s democracy.

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  • To paraphrase your Union flag message Roddy:- “A unionist is someone who can tell you what is bad about Scotland but cannot give any reason for staying in the Union apart from fear of the consequences of leaving.” We must identify the fears and try to remove them.

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