Time to Call it.

I recently watched a favorite war movie of mine The Longest Day it was one of those huge war epics filmed in the 1960s with a cast of real Hollywood super stars, the film itself was shot entirely in black and white to add authenticity and allow actual film of the invasion to be integrated in a factumentary style.

The premise of the movie was all about the timing of the Normandy Landings in 1944.

Everyone in the world knew an invasion was imminent what was not known, except by a very few was the exact landing spots and timing of the invasion.

Very early in the film we see General Eisenhower wrestling with the decision of when to go, the weather is not perfect, indeed it is atrocious with unseasonal storms in the Channel.

There are over 200,000 allied first assault soldiers on over 4,000 ships and landing craft at the Channel ports suffering in these storms.

There were 1,108 Allied Camps crammed full of 3 million men machines and supplies.

The Navy was on a holding pattern. The paratroopers are at their bases waiting on the signal, the commandos are straining on the leash.

The largest armada ever put together, along with the largest ever sea based invasion wait on one man making the decision to say GO!

The fate of the entire war rested firmly on the general’s decision, if he goes too soon the storm may wreck the entire invasion, wait too long and the location and timing of the assault would be known to the enemy.

He had taken the precaution of writing two letters for publication, one with the news of a successful invasion, the other his resignation and acceptance of sole responsibility for any failure.

We now know the outcome, in the early evening of June 5th 1944, General Eisenhower gave the green light and as they say the rest is history.

I am sure by now most of you can see where I am going with this, our General is wrestling with a similar decision, when to call the referendum, go to soon and it could fail, wait too long and the moment could pass.

Just as in France in 1944 where with every day’s delay the Nazis were able to improve their defences for the inevitable battle,so our enemies top up their defences for our anticipated assault on their corrupt union.

We may not have begun our ‘invasion’ however our enemy is already fighting the battle, every day they do all they can to weaken our resolve and break our will.

We all know the transfer of powers from Brussels will result in a Westminster power grab, those repatriated powers might get back to Edinburgh however it will be to Leith, not Holyrood on that we can be sure.

The might of the British Establishment is mustering all its forces to assault and assail the will of the Scottish people.

We in the YES Movement have been ready to go again since Sept19th 2014.

However there are many reasons why people remain cautious and want absolute certainty on the outcome.

In life as they say there are only two certainties, death and taxes I do not envy Nicola Sturgeon and her associates who ultimately will make the call on the exact date.

Personally I would have gone long before this, in 2014 our membership rose from 25,000 to 125,000 almost overnight, these new members did not join to see us govern competently in Holyrood or ‘speak up for Scotland at Westminster.’

When the General Election came in 2015 our referendum membership momentum carried us to a magnificent result with 56 out of 59 seats and just 3 for the collaborators.

When Cameron called EVEL on September19 th that should have told every Scot all they needed to know about Brits and their vows.

When every single one of our suggested amendments to the Scotland Bill were refused by sheer force of numbers at Westminster it is my belief that we should have withdrawn our MPs and begun the necessary steps for a referendum.

We still had momentum on our side, and the unionists were not yet organized in any way to oppose our movement.

In the interim we have given them valuable breathing space to organize and plan against our self determination, in 2016 and again last June they showed they have improved their defences.

Each and every day we wait they can make further preparations and plans to thwart our ambitions.

Every day we read in their propaganda sheets and see and hear from their broadcasters a constant drip drip of SNP Bad, Scotland useless stories.

We need to call the referendum at a time of our choosing I believe that should be by September of this year.

I believe by that time the Brexit discussions will have faltered completely and that the reality of a hard Brexit will give us all the information we require to go to the Scottish people.

I actually believe these talks will end in failure in the next few weeks, the Irish Border question was fudged earlier this year and the reality is about to descend when Brits are asked to sign the accord from the first round of talks.

We should never forget the only negotiating the Little Englanders have ever done since 1066 has been to merely dictate terms.

This is all new to them and they cannot bully or demand anything, everyone except them seems to realise they have no leverage in these talks.

I have said many times over many years that whenever it suits London the most British of the British, The Ulster Protestants will be sold down the river.

That time is fast approaching and it should be a signal to our people that the time to strike is then.

I would hope that at Spring Conference, Nicola has all she needs to know to call the referendum, we then have a short sharp summer campaign which suits the side with the most footsoldiers.

We can and will prevail however it will take courage and lots of hard graft we need to be ready and we need to be ready soon.

6 thoughts on “Time to Call it.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed your piece, Barrheadboy, so a big thank you for that.
    Whether it’s D-Day landings or IndyRef2, or much else in life, timing is often critical.
    Even my dog sniffs the air first before going out to the garden – or not, as is sometimes the case.
    Nicola certainly has a very difficult task in deciding when to go for IndyRef2, particularly with so much conflicting advice swirling about, coupled with a Tory Government which wouldn’t tell you the colour of the England shirt far less any truthful details about Brexit.

    But decide she must and we, the foot soldiers, can only wait in the best way each of us can until we all go forward together on the new campaign. Some may not be able to contain themselves and burst out of the ranks, but sadly they will not get far. For the rest, together, we must stand our ground, ready for the signal.
    We are not privy to the intel or the advice which Nicola receives with her advisors, and even if we were to come to know what she knows, would our political judgement and astuteness weigh more than hers. For myself, I very much doubt it.

    In any event, the unfolding of events in Brexitworld may very well create unforeseen circumstances, not least in NI, which will have to be factored in to any decision.
    And last but not least, there is the approaching menace of the much anticipated collapse of the global economy in 2018, as it staggers under the combined weight of $200 trillion + of debt.
    Whatever the future holds, Scotland will be the better for being ready, nimble and quick. Let’s hope the Yes Movement from top to bottom prepare accordingly.

  • I hope, that if at all possible, the Scottish Government have their own back channels to the EU and its diplomats and leaders, so that some kind of joint plan is being sketched out together. That way, a newly independent Scotland wouldn’t find itself adrift, but have a ready-made place to slot into. Ideally the hole left by Brexit?

    How long, I wonder, post Brexit, until a hangdog England comes scratching at the EU’s door begging for a few scraps and whining to be let back inside? 😉

  • With you all the way. That moment when every proposed amendment to the Scotland Bill was denied our 56 MPs should have come home & made us free. The case was clear that WM is not working in the interests of Scotland which is all we need for UDI.

  • Yes, I see where you’re coming from. The decision to choose the right time is never going to be easy, but I don’t feel we can leave the date to some unspecified date in the twenties.. You’re probably spot on with the lack of action we had after we almost wiped out the opposition in WM. However, we are where we are, and the troops will not keep standing firm for ever. I think now that we have to go either late this year, or early 2019. As they say in the film, Bon Chance…

  • It will be ironic when the determination of Westminster to continually relive the glories and “success” of the Dunkirk withdrawal from mainland Europe results ultimately in Scottish success in the EU equivalent of the Normandy landings https://www.reuters.com/article/us-wallace-brexit-commentary/commentary-brexit-reinvents-the-dunkirk-myth-idUSKBN1FL5RM . “..“Darkest Hour” tugs at Britain’s national sense of pride because the British had a good war, not just on the winning but the right side. Yet victory can have a sting. Jean Monnet, the architect of the Schuman plan and patron saint of European integration, memorably mused that Britain’s abstention in the founding years when it was so much in its interest to join in was the price of its wartime success – “the illusion that you could maintain what you had, without change.” What he could not have foreseen was Britain would pay that price a second time, by leaving.”

  • That is of course a complete false statement by you,Scotland is the lowest taxed part of entire UK .
    Unless of course you read The Daily Mail and suffer from Cognitive Dissonance.

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