Time for SNP to be more Radical.

l make a point of never attacking another Yes blogger or the SNP directly in my blogs or podcasts, enough of our many enemies do enough of that without me giving them any succour.

This weekend that has just gone has shown the paucity of Labour under Corbyn and the unreliability of the media with the defection of the Sunday Herald to the dark side.

The 4thEstate/5th Column in Scotland have long been of the opinion that if anyone dares to criticise anything they opine or write they have to immediately be labeled a filthy abusive cybernat at the same time these hacks seem to miss every single piece of unionist abuse directed towards the Independence movement.

Last week at the very peaceable AUOB we had a group of British Unionist racist cretins hurling homophobic, religious and racist abuse at the marchers as they marched through the streets of Glasgow.

These vile Britnats were caught on video as they shouted and abused the peaceful marchers, however our media somehow managed to miss all of this and have felt no need whatsoever to even mention it.

Yet on Sunday the so called Indy supporting Herald was advising Nicola Sturgeon to control vile cybernats that were daring to criticise any false reporting of MSM labeling them Trumpian for having the audacity to call out the lies of the foreign owned media in Scotland.

There, of course, was no such criticisms for Davidson, Leonard or Rennie for the homophobic racist religious British zealots.

We in the independence movement are no longer surprised at the double standards and dishonesty of the Media based in Scotland .

With very few exceptions those in Scotland that pick up salaries every month purporting to be journalists should be sued under the Trade Descriptions Act.

The vast majority of them are to journalism what Dr Harold Shipman was to medicine.

It would be tremendous if we had just one independent non biased TV Channel, one Radio Station and a MSM that was just balanced, never mind in favour of Independence.

We know that will never happen, the British and their collaborators in Scotland will never allow that to happen as long as there is another penny to steal from the Scottish nation.

What we can do is counteract their deceit and attacks on democracy.

Last week we saw the British Labour Party in Scotland joining forces with the British Conservative and Unionist Party to elect a Tory provost in Midlothian even though the SNP were first in the election and have the most councilors with the Tories finishing a distant third.

We have seen, particularly since the 2015 GE the British Unionists do not let a little thing like democracy get in the way of their one nation British State plan.

This is not a one off as the British unionists work together throughout Scotland to do all they can to destroy the independence movement and to do the bidding of London.

What they cannot achieve through the ballot box they are determined to achieve by dirty backroom deals between British Labour, British Tory and British Liberal collaboration.

I think we need to react to this in kind, tomorrow I would urge Nicola and the SNP Leadership to immediately enter into negotiations with the Scottish Greens with a view to forming a Holyrood coalition.

Appoint Patrick Harvie as Deputy FM, put Andy Wightman in charge of the environment brief and find a few minor roles for a couple more of the Greens.

This would show the public that independence is not just about the SNP and we are an inclusive movement acting together with those that put Scotland’s best interests before those of London.

The time has come to draw the battle lines and get on with this referendum.

This would be a statement of intent and go a long way to end the notion that independence is just about the SNP.

I am sure some might worry about the reaction of the MSM and Broadcasters however as we have seen even when delivering the best government in entire UK these same foreign owned organs attack our every move anyway.

They never commend anything and only want stories and opinion pieces that give them an SNP Bad angle.

We want to talk over their heads and go directly to the people to show them there is a united front against the British tyranny and corruption.

Saor Alba gu brath.






4 thoughts on “Time for SNP to be more Radical.

  • One of my enduring images of the march was the guy several storeys up leaned out the window and played Loch Lomond on his tuba, it might have been a French Horn, and the whole crowd started singing it as they went by.

  • Patrick Harvie for deputy eh, now that’s a real stretch of the imagination to say the least
    I’m afraid old mate that Patrick’s been rumbled by the YES movement in general and his stock will continue to drop like the proverbial stone, or in clear language *he’s been funoot* as a wee fraudster who folk wouldn’t trust with their piggy bank now that they’ve seen the extent of his tax and tax on everybody policies, which seem to be based on the notion (in Patricks head) that very wealthy people love Scotland so much they won’t go away and take their money and business with them, and if they try to do that he’d want laws made to stop them

    See that doesn’t sound very Greenie to me, it looks very like some other country in the 1940s and 50s over USSR way

    • Wow using the old They are all commies and Soviet and objecting to taxes for the rich makes you sound all right wing and Tory.
      Given a choice I would take a Greenie any day over a Tory.

  • Excellent article barrheadboy. I am a bit worried about the Greens though, diplomatic way of saying I don’t entirely trust them. Harvie sometimes seems to go out of his way to prove that they’re “different” by trying to screw things up for the SNP, and not because he has any genuine difference of opinion on certain things that have come up.

    Harvie doesn’t strike me as stupid but you’d think it’d be clear as a bell to him that the SGP would be far more influential in an independent Scotland than as the little sideshow that they are within the overall uk system and would as such enthusiastically back anything that could help to hasten Scottish independence, instead of faffing around trying to be awkward for awkward’s sake and giving people like me doubts about his commitment to indy.

    Yes the SNP certainly do need to up their game as far as what they’re doing to boost support for indy, as a pose to just showing competence in government. How much help the Greens would be in that regard well the jury’s still out as far as I’m concerned.

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