Through a Scottish Prism.

I was tempted today to use one of those false headlines so favoured by our friends in the foreign owned media.

Neil Lennon hot favorite to be new Rangers Manager

Ruth Davidson quits Tories and joins SNP.

I figured either of those would have been enough to get a few more to read this particular blog.

Recently I was approached by and asked if I would consider recording and filming my blogs for airing on this new and innovative communications medium.

Some of you might already be viewers to this site, some of you might never even have heard about it so best to let Alex describe the concept behind it and the aims of the online channel.

“Broadcasting isn’t devolved to Scotland.

The main reason(there are many others) it’s not devolved is because it’s a powerful propaganda tool and the UK Govt are unwilling to hand over any control to Scotland.

Other reason are many, partial reporting, lack of Scottish content, a feeling (backed by evidence ) of a low return for the £s gathered by the license fee.

In 2015/16 the BBC Raised about £320m from Scottish License fee payers but only spent 54.6 % of the revenue on Scotland.

The above of course, is just some facts plus my own gripes. It doesn’t answer the question – why are you here?

I don’t think a small amateur online TV channel is set to take-on the BBC…BUT, I’m really not interested in the BBC. I’m interested in Scotland and the Scots.I’m interested in finding Scottish content and broadcasting it to a Scottish audience.I’m very happy to see that folks from around the Globe are watching the channel,this is great but I want to show Scotland to Scotland.

I want those who don’t have a voice to have a platform to show the rest of us , what they have to say.

We don’t get a fair deal via the UK , so, it’s time to do it ourselves…..

I quickly convinced Alex that I had the kind of face that was more suited to radio, that was exactly how we decided to settle for a podcast.

I originally recorded a pilot demo just to see if it would work, the idea then was to develop a format and content to put out on the Political Channel.

Alex liked the demo enough to decide that he wanted to air my thoughts and haverings immediately.

The programme will be shown tonight at 7pm so unless your are a fan of Emmerdale, or The One Show maybe you could tune in and have a wee listen to save me getting a riddy.

I mean it could be embarrassing if it is just me ,beloved and the cat that register as the entire audience.

Should enough of you like the format and content then it can become a regular event and another method for us to get our message out there to a wider audience.

We are not expecting to make the same impact as Alex Salmond with his new exciting show on RT,(we are discussing it though ) however as the title suggests everything will be seen through a Scottish eye and mind,nothing filtered for London.

I make no apologies the entire show is biased and slanted towards Scotland and Scottish Independence.

I would appreciate as much feedback as possible, good or bad so we can make sure we get this Programme right for you, the audience.

You can tell us if it is too long, too short ,not enough ,or too many, or too few topics covered.

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing your opinions.

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