This Abusive Union.

Over the weekend despite dodging, diving, denying, lying Amber Rudd had to bend to the inevitable and resign as Theresa May’s Human Shield.

This act need not be fatal to Amber’s ambitions in government, just ask Dr Fox or Michael Gove from this present government or you could ask Peter Benjamin Mandelson, or as he prefers to be known nowadays Baron Mandelson, he made more comebacks in Labour Governments than Frank Sinatra did comeback shows in Las Vegas.

After a suitable time on the back benches pretending to be contrite, Amber can be recycled back into the Cabinet at the next reshuffle.

The compliant media and right wing rabid press corps will assist with glowing tributes and fluff pieces prior to reappointment.

We all know that in any other walk of life someone doing as much damage to their company and it’s brand and reputation would have been sacked immediately the issue came to light.

There would be no delay, no severance pay, no holiday pay, no reference, no more pension contributions and immediate removal from the building.

There would be zero chances of keeping your job or being promoted ever again.

UK politics of course does not work that way, if you are in the Westminster Palace either elected or an appointed toady you are immune from the normal rules that apply to society or general employment.

Amber will go and sit on the back benches knowing that the basic annual salary for an MP from 1 April 2018 is £77,379. She will also receive expenses to cover the costs of running her office, employing staff, having somewhere to live in London and in her constituency, and travelling between Parliament and that constituency.

No wonder so many that go to that vile cesspit quickly forget that they are meant to be there to represent and protect the people, not to feather their own nests.

They have subsidized food and alcohol, a sheltered, protected life and lots of sycophants and hingers on to tell them just how important and vital they are to the well being of Greater England and democracy.

This breeds an arrogance that results in things like the famous Consent Motion our London Government has successfully imposed on Cardiff and is trying desperately to do likewise and impose it on Holyrood.

Iain MacWhirter had a piece on Sunday on this very subject.I won’t link it, I refuse to link to anything from that stable.

He promoted this article on social media tweeting that he was shocked and surprised that the “Scottish Media” (yeah, I know !) we’re not up in arms at this outrageous attack on Scotland’s democracy.

I have a lot of respect for Iain, he is not twisted by hate towards Scotland and self-determination the way the vast majority of his peers most certainly are as they demonstrate by their actions and words every day.

I am though amazed that this inaction by the 5th column in Scotland came as such a shock to such an intelligent man.

Iain, like Henry Mcleish has been sitting on the independence fence for so long his arse must be in permanent cramp.

In fairness to Iain he has more reason to be sitting on that fence than Henry, for if Iain was to suddenly declare his fondness for Scottish Independence he would join Hardeep, WGD and the rest on the banned 5th Column list.

We know that for some unknown offence for a long time Iain was in fact ‘ignored’ by the BBC and only gets rare invites in comparison to others less well informed, balanced or intelligent guests.

The press pack in Scotland at the moment is ignoring all the things that will impact on the ordinary folk of Scotland, especially all the things being spectacularly mishandled by London.

Brexit stumbles from one defining crisis to the next meanwhile our “4th Estate” remain compliant to London’s message of ‘it will all be right on the night, boo, hiss Johnny Foreigner.’

The Skirpals have not been seen, photographed or interviewed by a single media outlet since March 9th.

Respected war correspondents like Robert Fisk, a German TV Station, an American radio station have all visited Douma in Syria, investigating the alleged chemical attack and finding precious little evidence to back up US and UK assertions of this attack.

In The Hague one of the alleged victims of this attack is giving evidence to The International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration and saying he was not the victim of a chlorine attack he was being treated for an asthma attack.

None of this interests our media pack, oh no they have bigger fish to fry they want to see The Cabinet Secretary for Health in Scotland sacked.

You see she is guilty of being in charge of the most efficient, best run, shortest waiting times, highest patient satisfaction rates health service not just in the UK but in the entire British Isles.

This for some reason makes her the latest target for the British collaborators and enablers in Scotland.

It is not acceptable to Brit apologists that all the devolved areas are run more efficiently by the Scottish Government than any of the other devolved or Tory run services in England.

Therefore as the truth must not be known to the Scottish electorate, the 5th Column in the foreign owned media inside Scotland, The Tory Party along with their gullible fools in the British Labour and Liberal Parties invent and exaggerate deficiencies in these Scottish run services to aid their masters and betters in London.

When they should be demanding that Health, Transport, Education, Justice should be striving for the levels of Scotland they instead try to make people believe Scotland is worse than the rest of the UK at delivering these services.

The fact that they very often get away with this subterfuge is why we have this Consent Bill looming and the same liars and deniers screaming SNP Bad because the Scottish Government will not accept this latest London abomination and attack on our democracy.

It should not come as any surprise that the same government that brought you the Rape Clause has brought in this “Consent Motion.”

Should Holyrood agree with Westminster legislating on it’s behalf it is giving consent, if Holyrood disagrees with Westminster  it is still giving consent, if Holyrood remains silent, it is still giving its consent.

This is not a union of equals this is an abusive relationship, the bully telling you that no matter what you think, or want, or need, they will decide all things on your behalf, should you complain about this arrangement then you are the one in the wrong, you are the one that should face punishment.

“Do you want to have sex tonight?”


“Well, I do so we are having sex!’

“ I don’t want to wear the red dress“

Well I want you wearing it, so you will.”

We have all known someone in our life that is  in a relationship like that and when eventually the worm turns, it is a joy to behold the snivelling grovelling, big bully being brought to heel.

Let there be no doubt Scotland is in an abusive, unhealthy relationship, not a Union of equals.

We need to get out of this relationship before we are permanently and irreparably damaged.

Let us all work towards that aim time to set the unicorn free.

Saor Alba gu brath.

2 thoughts on “This Abusive Union.

  • Our MSM have lied and manipulated the Scottish people for far too long. They are a pathetic shower of self seekers with no backbone or any decent values who co e under the guise of reporters. They’re just repeaters and liars who carry out their masters’ orders. Shame on them.

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