They are not a Government, they are a Mafia

Two new phenomenons have entered the political discourse in recent times ,they are now being used when the establishment feels threatened or dislikes the will of the people.

The first one is as soon as the elite do not get their Candidate, President, Government, Referendum, outcome of choice that allows them to continue enriching themselves, they quickly accuse the Russians of interfering in the electoral process and rigging the outcome.

That means they can immediately delegitimise the successful candidate, government, referendum outcome and then carry out any undemocratic act while all the time justifying their actions as defending democracy.

The latest doing this are the Spanish who are insisting that those horrible Russians rigged the Catalan referendum and all the previous elections that saw Independence Parties winning majorities with the old guard languishing on under 10% of the votes cast.

Everybody knows this is a lie, however it suits Europe’s neo-cons to see Spain crushing the democratic choices of the people.

Everything is geared to continuing unabated, the rich getting filthy rich, the filthy rich getting obscenely rich, and the obscenely rich taking obscenity out of the stratosphere.

It just makes me wonder why Vladimir Putin has not called together his cabinet and said ,listen guys we don’t need to be spending zillions of roubles on weapons and expanding our military might, we just need a few more Ipads, a couple of Macs and half a dozen Lenovo laptops and Bobski is your uncle.

I will just fix the elections and referendums in all the countries of our enemies for ever more, job done.

It is a complete nonsense , the reality is completely different.

The rich oligarch friends of Putin have for sometime now been buying up most of London’s fashionable houses, football clubs and newspapers.

The same people that suggest to you and me that Putin and all Russians are bad say nothing, indeed they are falling over themselves to get their greedy new-con snouts into the Russian trough.

The ruling Britnat elite just love money ,the feel of it, the smell of it, the power of it, they are drawn to it like a moth to flame.

Across the Atlantic is where this accusing the Russians of interfering in elections all began.

The USA chattering class are beside themselves with indignation that the Russians would interfere in their Presidential election.

When you have elected a complete Fud like Trump it is understandable you would want to find a loophole to explain the insanity of it all.

Though it is a bit rich for Americans to be complaining about another country interfering in their electoral process when they have destabilized three quarters of the entire planet.

They have funded more overthrows,more illegal weapons, financed more wars and terrorist organizations than I have had hot dinners.

Since 1945 they have officially bombed 34 countries, this is only the ones they admit to, what we don’t know is how many elections they have bought, or how many governments they and the CIA have overthrown unofficially.

There are even cases like the Iran Contras scandal  where USA were actively involved in the drug trade to fund their interference in another country’s governance.

Just think about that for a moment, they were importing and selling Class A drugs to their own citizens to fund the overthrowing of a foreign regime.

Therefore as I say it bursts the irony and hypocrisy meters when they start squealing about electoral interference.

The other great deceit doing the rounds is ‘fake news’ this too emerged in the first instance in USA, post the Trump Election.

Absolutely anything now that the ruling elite don’t like is immediately branded as fake news, it has replaced the old faithful ” I was quoted out of context”

The first people ever to cite fake news were the Mafia .

They would insist they were just honest hard working businessmen, not ruthless gangsters,that stole from the poor, murdered, extorted and lied to enrich themselves.

Nowadays it is our Politicians that are doing the fake news denial, they are also enriching themselves by similar methods as the mafia.

They can get away with this duplicity because they have their mouthpieces in the media and broadcasters to join in the rebuttal.

It is getting to such a ridiculous stage now that the lies are becoming the truth and the truth the lies.

The Tories who hate Johnny Foreigner so much, unless Johnny is in fact from America.

Most of the bad ideas the Tories get come from across the pond and usually from the GOP.

That is where IDS got all his welfare plans from, that is where Jeremy Hunt got his plans for privatising and selling off the NHS.

The other night Big Tessa May tried to woo the nutters in her own Party  by being a big toughie and accusing the Russians of electoral interference and planting ‘fake news stories.’

She warned Russians that UK wouldn’t stand for it and would jolly well show him.

Below is a picture of VladimirPutin after being given the news Big Tessa was warning him and threatening Russia.

It is laughable, however it is the latest ruse used by our corrupt rulers to deflect from all the sleaze, corruption, deceit and theft being carried out against the ordinary citizens in UK.

Folks we are not living through austerity we are living through the biggest robbery known to mankind.

They are stealing from the poor to give to the rich and it is being done masked by a banner that says democracy.

The only fake news that is happening is the same one that has been going on every since you were born.

We have been fed fake news every day and every night by our broadcasters and press, it is called propaganda, however it is dressed up as news and current affairs.

Those of us in the Independence Movement realised this sometime ago, that is why the establishment, their journalists,broadcasters and supporters are so abusive and virulent in their attacks against us.

They do not want the people to realise what we already know.

Just as in the film The Wizard of Oz when we pull back the curtain it is all an illusion.

The illusion though is not a fantasy movie it is real life and when the masses wake up and see that reality the ruling elite will be exposed as charlatans, then the pitchforks come out.

This is what frightens the establishment, the masses with knowledge .

Knowledge is power and they want to keep the power all to themselves.






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