Theresa May’s Dilemma

I have been saying since way back last year that the Irish Border question would be the undoing of all the Brexit nonsense for our Little Englanders.

The news of the last week coming out of the EU seems to be getting in sync with my predictions.

The UK have been given just ten weeks to come up with a practical solution to the Irish Border question.

Their first suggestions have literally been laughed out of Brussels.

Let us be clear the options are few, keep all of UK in SM & CU or create a United/Federal Ireland, the last option is a Hard Brexit.

Should she decide SM &CU she has huge problems with her right wingers and the MSM and it  is likely she will be toppled from power.

Should she decide to betray the most British of the British and fudge some ‘federal Ireland’ or push them into a United Ireland she will have conflict with DUP, her right wingers and maybe some of the MSM again she faces being toppled.

This leaves option 3, a Hard Brexit she then faces no angry right-wing, no angry MSM however she does then face the possible break up of the UK with the certainty of a Scottish Independence Referendum?

There has been the usual compliant media ignoring or at the very least fudging on the whole Irish question since the day after the Referendum.

At present they are delighted to be blaming Johnny Foreigner for the self-inflicted mess, instead of facing up to several uncomfortable realities.

The first being the UK is diminished by leaving the EU, secondly the weakness and lack of leverage of the UK has been bared for all but the liars and deniers to see.

The EU will survive and prosper without the UK in the EU, the UK on the other hand may not survive leaving the EU, it certainly will not prosper as a United Kingdom or as an RUK.

The only thing there has been less debate around than the border in Ireland is the question of the border between Spain and Gibraltar, throughout all this chaos very Little has even been mentioned about the British Protectorate of Gibraltar.

The future of that rock, a haven for on-line gaming sites as well as a lot of elite offshore funds is another problem that is about to loom large for London.

The UK Government has gleefully backed the oppression of the Catalonian people by a right-wing out of control nationalist Spanish Government in Madrid.

The Brits and their little helpers have been viewing Spain as an ally in their fight against the pesky Scots and their ideas of Independence from Mother England.

The irony is this backing of Madrid could now come back to bite them on their own British Nationalist bum, they should know right wing governments rarely play fair or reciprocate beyond self- interest.

The Tory Party, of all Political Parties in the UK should know that when you appease an extreme right-wing government their demands just grow and grow, you can never satisfy the beast.

One minute it is Czechoslovakia the next minute they are marching down the Avenue-des Champs-Élysées.

The Spain ‘indivisible’ mantra applies equally to Gibraltar as it does to Catalonia, Galicia or the Basque Country in the myopic right-wing mindset of Madrid.

The UK is on the ropes with all the Brexit stuff, there will never be a better time for the Spanish to strike, the EU hold all the cards and Spain is a member of the club while the UK wish to leave, who do we think Brussels will back in any territorial dispute?

Should a ‘deal’ look tantalisingly close, that is one that suits the City of London then this  is when the Spanish might just decide to upset the applecart and demand that the Gibraltar dispute must be settled to their satisfaction.

Spain has choices, at worst joint sovereignty or their best case scenario, outright sovereignty of the rock.

What then does Theresa May do, betray the people of Gibraltar to get a deal for the City spivs or take the nuclear option of hard Brexit?

This bout of self harm by the Tory Party has to now take over the title of the longest suicide note in history, nothing else comes close.

Some outlets are suggesting a huge climb down is in the offing and Theresa May will engineer a Commons Vote to remain the SM & CU, if that happens carnage will ensue as the Little Englanders and all the other right-wing nutters look out their pitchforks.

Should that prove to be nothing more than rumors then a Hard Brexit is inevitable.

From a Scottish point of view the former will push back an Independence Referendum for at least a couple of years.

The latter option means we can hold one without delay.

The Tory dilemma is also Scotland’s dilemma.



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