Theresa May will call a General Election.h

I checked the news headlines before writing this blog just in case I had to use ‘has called’ instead of ‘will call’ a General Election.

I don’t know exactly when she will resign this farce of a Government,although I think it is imminent.

One of my earliest blogs was based around the collapse of The Berlin Wall,I suggested that it was not a spontaneous event but a series of related incidents that ultimately led to the smashing of the hated wall.

I foretold that Scottish Independence would arrive by way of similar small events and so it is proving.

Now’s the day,and now’s the hour

This latest Westminster scandal is but another nail in the coffin of the vile corrupt inefficient Westminster UK system of governance.

I think it sums it up perfectly how rotten this society is that while you have a Tory Government that is literally killing people every day with its austerity policies nobody says a word in the media, not even the smallest hints that they should resign.

However in true Middle England hypocrisy as soon as there is a sex scandal,the media and the masses are shouting for resignations and for the government to resign.

People can be dying of malnutrition,taking their own life’s in desperation,or dying two days after a fit to work interview and there is silence.

What upsets middle England is some Tory MP shagging another Tory MP or a secretary.

Lie on the floor and have 3 male prostitutes urinate over you and the government is coming down.

Kill hundreds,if not thousands by starvation and way of sanctions it is ok to Carry on Ruling.

This is the political construct in which we reside at present,however there is light at the end of the tunnel.

A few days ago I said that I believed the Independence Referendum would be held in September 2018 this latest incident makes me even more certain that will turn out to be an accurate prediction.

The only way we will lose that referendum is if we do anything stupid now or don’t deploy the correct tactics against those that want dependence not independence.

Yesterday’s guest blog was by Jordi Vilanova in it he explains why he is a supporter of Catalonian Independence.

If you haven’t yet read it I would recommend you do,it will resonate with many in our movement.

I have had the pleasure of spending time with Jordi I wanted to know how the Catalan Movement could get over 1 million people on the streets for marches and rallies,or summon up 250,000 in a few hours to protect government buildings from the onslaughts of Madrid sponsored police attacks.

I wanted to be able to get that knowledge to share with our organisations so that we would achieve larger numbers than we presently manage.

One of the very clear messages from my discussions with him was that all in the Catalan Movement had a single focus,Independence the hard left of the movement are not pushing their agenda as a price to pay for their support.

There is no one party or person allowing their ego or vision to deflect from the goal of Independence,those that believe that Catalonia should not be in the EU and instead should be in EFTA say nothing publicly.

Those that think all the banks and power companies in an Independent Catalonia should be in public ownership say nothing.

Everyone works towards the one thing that will allow those choices to be made later, Independence.

I would caution all of our different factions to now do the same, whether you be SNP,Green,Solidarity,SSP,Byres Road Peoples Front,WFI,no party,no affiliation let us all focus on what is best for Scotland.

This UK government is teetering on the edge of collapse,there will be another General Election imminently.

The Tories are going to lose heavily in England what happens in Scotland is down to us.

The people who vote Tory in England invariably do so for monetary reasons,they genuinely think that with Tories they personally will be better off financially.

The revelations every day with regards to Brexit make these people realise financial catastrophe is coming ,funnily enough because of the mixed messages coming from Labour on the EU the dafties think that Jeremy will be better than Big Tessa with Brexit,Go Figure !!

Here in Scotland some vote Tory for the very same reasons,

Nobody in England votes Tory because they hate England and prefer another country’s sex pests to rule over them because a gay King from Holland won a battle at a river in the 17Th Century that most couldn’t find without the aid of Google Maps.

Nobody votes Tory in England because they believe that their rival football team’s fans vote the exact opposite.

Arsenal fans don’t vote Labour because they wrongly believe all Spurs boys are voting Tory that would be idiotic,however in Scotland???

People in England vote Tory,and Labour because they think they will always put England before Scotland,Wales,NI,or Paris,Berlin,Brussels.

Uniquely in Scotland we have the opposite we have people voting Tory and Labour because the SNP put Scotland first, they want England and London put first,it is unique,it is bizarre,it is insane.

We actually have people that vote for the interests of another country ,not their own,because of their football allegiance,or because of a religion they were ‘born’ into ,but actually never practiced.

These are the lost causes ,there is no rhyme ,or reason to their decision making process therefore there is nothing you can say,or do that will ever unblock that mind.

What we need to do is influence those that can be convinced,we need to get our vote out on the day.

We need to appeal to the Green Party now do not stand any candidates in this election.

There is not a chance you will win a seat,however by standing you can help a unionist win a seat and that sets back the movement.

Put the Movement first ,to the SNP I say in return you should be thinking like the Catalans and have a broad based Government, Patrick Harvie for Environment,Andy Wightman steering Land Reform Bill through Holyrood?

Furthermore do not make the same mistakes you did in June GE ,Independence is what motivates the members,the canvassers and the voters,do not fight this election on how good we are at running Holyrood.

Take the fight to them this time,control the narrative,a Vote for the SNP means YOU will get a choice on Brexit, it means YOU will get a Referendum on Independence.

Be bold,do not be afraid we got 100,000 new members after Indy Referendum because 1.6 million Scots new and old believed that YES was the right choice.

If that 1.6 million and more turn out and vote SNP we are back in the 50+ seats and the Movement is back in the ascendency.

16 thoughts on “Theresa May will call a General Election.h

  • Excellent article but I would suggest an edit to the ‘gay’ King from Holland. The point you made stands fine without reference to his sexuality. Whilst factual it is quite irrelevant. You don’t talk of the ‘heterosexual’ Prime minister. Every other point well made though.

      • have made this prediction of scottish independence and irs obvious the welsh and Ireland are likely to want the same. Ironically the English colonial but closed island mentality will result in a dis- united Kingdom. Ireland will rebel again as the IRA will re- emerge when borders for security are on the political agenda. Bombers on the mainland will be supported by ISIS who will want to see the Good Friday peace arrangement disentagled. Blame this entirely on the DUP ‘bribe ‘ for May and cronies to benefit from remaining in power. Wales will be obliged to rebel after its status as the poor relative of England and its lacking Welsh assembly powers disadvantaging people and traders in wales. As the area to try out unpopular policies Wales will realise its better to rejoin the EU and have its culture and language recognised.
        All comments welcomed.

    • I know what you mean, at first glance it seems like homophobia. But i genuinely think this will be news to a lot of follower, and pointing this out might highlight the hipocrisy of their actions? I know someone who was hounded out of that group because they were gay. Maybe it would give them food for thought? Probably not thought, bigots tend to be quite determined to hate.

    • I agree with Alan Black, by referring to his sexuality it sounds homophobic, although I don’t think this was your intention. A good article though.

      • Just think of all the things the right wing Britnat zealots hate ,race,religion , skin colour,sexual orientation ,yet we have a particular group of right wingers that celebrate and base their entire world view on a battle won by a gay foreign king,the irony is not lost on me,perhaps it is lost on a few others

  • There are people in Scotland who wish Scotland to remain a devolved part of the United Kingdom rather than an independent state.
    That doesn’t mean that they are pro english ,anti scottish it just means that they wish to remain part of the UK.

    • and there are small people ,big people skinny people, fat people,and there are idiots because of their football team that vote for Rule from a foreign country,or is this your attempt at denying that?

    • No. It’s just that they are probably originally English and are torn between adapting to their new country or continuing to think they have uphold England and old fashioned enpire

      • Whilst this is true of myself ( english,born and bred ) I have many scottish friends who are divided on this issue.
        Some are very much in favour of an independent scotland but others wish Scotland to remain in the UK.
        The last independence referendum produced a clear majority for remain but who knows what result indyref2 might produce in the light of a majority in Scotland having voted to remain in the EU last june.
        Were there to be a second majority vote to remain this issue is dead for a generation maybe for ever.

  • Great words spoiled by bad punctuation which sort of spoils your credibility. I’d love to share this on Facebook and Twitter but because of the grammar, I’m reluctant to do so. Please take this as constructive criticism and in no way meant to put you down.

    I agree with most of what you say but I hope there isn’t a general election. People are fed up with politics/elections and Scotland needs Westminster to stay in disarray to bolster support for IndyRef2, in my humble opinion.

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