The Union is imploding.

My recent trip home to Barrhead was most enjoyable for many reasons,catching up with friends,seeing all the members of my branch,sharing a platform with a Peter A Bell,enjoying all the unhealthy foodstuffs so unavailable in my part of Catalonia.

What was most reassuring and pleasing thing is that everybody, Yessers and Unionists alike acknowledge that an Independence Referendum is coming,the only debate is the timing of that plebiscite.

I have made my position clear on that several times and I see no reason to change that opinion now.

The two huge elephants in the room that make me so certain are the Irish border question and the arrogance and naivety of our Little Englanders and their negotiators.

When we encounter a lot of the unionists, be it on social media or in person there are certain unattractive characteristics that quickly surface.

They have an arrogant misplaced superiority complex, aggression and an unwillingness to listen to anything that interferes with their false perspective of Britannia.

They truly believe that they as unionists are smarter, of a higher education and social standing than the stupid Nats that they so despise.

Back in 2015, the Tories aided and abetted by the Labour Party were slicing and crushing the Scotland Bill this attitude was nevermore prevalent.

Every single one of the 100 odd amendments put forward by the 56 SNP MPs were rejected out of hand by Fluffy Mundell and the combined ranks of unionists, when it came to voting on these amendments the English MPs staggered out of the Commons Bars and voted accordingly, a reverse EVEL,English Votes for Scottish Laws so to speak.

However their most cunning Baldrick type plan was devolving PAYE tax bands the unionists were sure as sure could be that this was the silver bullet that would finally see off those pesky, vile Scottish Nationalists and bring Holyrood and the Scottish colony to heel.

The Unionists were beside themselves waiting on Derek Mackay and his budget, the cunning trap had been set, yet another cut to the block grant, the British placemen and women of the ruling elite lined up in the ranks of the London Parties at Holyrood and they all had their approved scripts at the ready.

The foreign owned media and broadcasters had the Unionist Press releases, all was ready to finally lay low the vile nasty nats.

The only problem in all of this being that the nasty vile Nats had an even better cunning plan and produced what can only be described as a match winning, incredible budget that not only wrong footed the Brits and their collaborators, it caught all of us supporters out too.

The Scottish Government gave us the most progressive budget ever seen in Scotland, nearly 70% of the working population paying less tax while the wealthiest 30% would pay a little more.

The only part of the UK to lift the pay cap, extra money towards public services and employees being the highlight of an excellent budget.

It showed that even with reduced pocket money from London we have the brains,the talent and the desire to do the best for all of our society not just the 1%.

Almost as enjoyable was watching the Unionist collaborators splutter and stammer as their prepared words were rendered meaningless by Derek Mackay’s magnificent budget.

Murdo Fraser blustered and railed at the injustice of those earning over £75,000 per annum being asked to give back an extra tenner a week for the Common Weal.

The promoted above their pay grade mob sitting behind him, showcased Annie Wells (aw bless) and Rooth the Mooth both doing the nodding dog thing as Murdo gave us his nonsense.

However for me the highlight of the day was ‘Let’s all the do the bouncy Leonard’ he bounced and flounced and waved his arms up and down as if he was masturbating two giant marrows, while all the time shouting incoherently a load of 1950s shop steward at the factory gate nonsense.

His performing seals sitting behind him doing the same nodding routine looked even more bemused than the Tory mob.

Leonard is so far out of his depth he should be wearing a rubber ring every time he enters the Holyrood chamber.

Just when you think SLAB cannot possibly elect anyone worse than the previous branch manager they manage to surprise us every time.

I would suggest you all get on to Paddy Power and have a few quid on sit down Mr Kelly being the next one to get the annual SLAB gig.

Willie Rennie got up to speak so I thought that was as good a time as any to put on the kettle.

The realization of the Brits that their cunning plan had failed spectacularly was a joy to watch, this of course did not stop our foreign owned media rolling out the lies ‘over 1 million would be paying thousands of £ more in tax it was an affront to democracy bla bla bla’ they whined.

When this failed to get the response the Brits wanted a new tactic was deployed step forward Tom Gordon of The Herald (once a great paper now a disgrace) you can almost see him preening himself and talking to the mirror ‘I have the silver bullet, the baby boxes, I will lie and exaggerate I will distort and mislead the readers are not as smart as superior journalists and media types like me I can make them believe 38% is 50% because I am one of the elite type and I have Scottish cringe and loathing in spades.’

I don’t need to rip that nonsense apart Stu Campbell managed that within minutes of the publication, will yet another public humiliation for the Scottish Press and their amature journalists make them realize we are not as stupid as they think or will they continue to distort,and downright lie for the Union?

I think we know the answer to that, however take heart because what you are witnessing is the last stand of the corrupt British Raj in the colony of Scotland, they know it, we know it, unfortunately before the inevitable fall of the empire they will take a few down before they go away.

The Union is on life support, time to flick the switch.


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