Uncle Jock & The Jockholm Syndrome

The meme is from The Referendum in 2014 it is a little bit out of date,however the symptoms described are timeless.

Since before the Union of Parliaments we have had Scots willing to sell out their country for reward from England .

Wallace and Bruce during the Scottish Wars of Independence encountered many a Scottish traitor.

Indeed one such traitor was a Sir John Monteith Governor of Dumbarton Castle ,it was he who caught and betrayed The Wallace to the English.

That act of treason resulted in the murder of Wallace by the English King and resulted in Scots being galvanized to ultimately defeat the aggressive southern neighbour.

Monteith had changed sides several times during The Wars of Independence, fighting on Scotland’s side at Dunbar 1296.

After his capture at this battle he swore allegiance to Edward1 ,The Longshanks in return for retaining his lands ,and life.

It is alleged the reason we only have one Lake in Scotland ,The Lake of Monteith is in recognition of that vile betrayal by a Scot ,Sir John Monteith.

In most,if not all battles with the serial invaders England ,you will find accounts of Scots fighting against their country and for a foreign King and Parliament.

Some things never change ,in those days it was many of our Nobles looking for land and title in exchange for their betrayal.

It wasn’t the ordinary folk in 1707 that sold Scotland out ,it was again the upper classes ,The Nobles that accepted the bribes of England.

Today these sell out types are what are known as Unionist Politicians.

Nowadays we call it an elected member for a British Political Party ,or a seat in the House of Lords.

Robert Burns wrote:-

“We are bought and sold for English gold,oh what a parcel of rogues in a nation”

Lord Darling of Roulanish, Lord Foulkes ,Baron of Cummnock, Lord Dr John Reid of Cardowan, Lord McConnell of Glenscorroda to name but a few of the scoundrels that are both Scottish and Peers of the Realm.

They love to put some beautiful Scottish place names in their titles ,which personally I find quite nauseating.

In the days of the Wars of Independence when a Scottish Noble switched sides to feather his own nest he would take his tenants and servants with him to aid the foreign English monarch.

They would impress upon these simple folk that they owed their loyalty firstly to him their Lord who then passed that fealty to The English King so that when it came time to kill their fellow Scots it was justified and acceptable,especially in the eyes of God.

They would not dare tell these poor god fearing kinsman that the truth ,or main purpose of killing their fellow Scots was to enrich the Nobles and give the English Monarch title over all the lands and wealth of Scotland.

They used all sorts of nonsense about The English King being chosen by God ,the Scottish King was unlike all other Kings in the world ,he was not chosen by God,he was in fact an illegitimate king, The Bruce had been excommunicated and for them to avoid going to hell in a handcart they would have to kill their fellow Scots who by their actions of siding with The Bruce the Scottish imposter they too were doomed to eternal damnation

They were told it was best for everyone that there should not be a Scottish Monarch that it was Better (Together) to have one Monarch in London making all the decisions and controlling all the wealth.

The Scots had shown a great deal of reluctance to join England in their love of foreign wars.

Indeed reluctance does not describe it adequately The Scots told the English to piss off they were not going into any illegal wars or invasions.

Invariably before a Battle commenced the English monarch would send one of his knights ,or Lords to give the Scots his terms in return for him not going to battle and destroying them all.

This was known as ‘Ye Olde Vow.’

Now sometimes Scots were daft enough to believe this nonsense and instead of fighting agreed a peace deal and waited for Ye Olde Vow to be enacted.

We still have an Independence Movement today because those Vows are never kept, never will be kept.

Today we do not have a Monarch with absolute power.

Instead we have a ‘figurehead ‘ a Constitutional Monarch ,Elizabeth Saxe Coburg Gotha descended from The Dukes of Hanover,personally for me as a Republican it could be the Dukes of Hazard for all I care.

During the First World War our Germanic Monarchy thought it best to change their name to Windsor.

(This might also explain to some why us Rangers fans are referred to as Huns.)

Today the Lords and MPs don’t have serfs in the truest Middle Ages sense,instead they have members supporters,and voters.

When the time comes to betray Scotland your Tory,Liberal ,Labour Branch Managers

etc all update the lie.

They still demand absolute unquestioning loyalty from their voters,they then give unquestioning loyalty to their London Party bosses and give fealty to the English Westminster Parliament.

Just as in previous times these Scots who gave away their fealty to the English King and stood on battlefields like Bannockburn shoulder to shoulder with the English oppressor against Scotland.

Our British Party MPs sit shoulder to shoulder with those today that are attempting to stop,Scottish Independence.

They are on the side of the Westminster Parliament on every occasion ,on every matter.

It doesn’t matter that their electors all said NO to Brexit , England wants Brexit so these “Scots MPs ” vote how England wants not how Scotland voted.

They are the latter day Sir John Monteiths.

They say that those seeking Independence for Scotland are bad people ,indeed evil people,cybernats who are not real politicians like the Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn types.

They tell us that it is impossible for Scots to make big decisions , according to one British placewoman we are not genetically programmed to make political decisions.

That Scotland is too weak ,too poor and too stupid to be like a normal country and for the good of everyone it is best if a foreign Parliament, in a foreign Capital ,in a foreign country rules over the Scots, take your cereal and wheest, it will be best for everyone .

Just as in the past they are not going to tell the people the truth that electing these British Councillors,MSPs,MPs will not make the voters life any better it will only enrich the already rich,it will benefit a foreign land ,a foreign people.

Like in the wars the serfs were expendable ,collateral damage.so are the electors in Scotland today.

Every time we allow all our decisions to be taken in London it is not actually helping Scotland or anyone in Scotland to reach their true potential, only those at the very top of the tree in London will benefit.

They use false loyalties and myths to buy that loyalty ,in the times of the Bruce they had no choice but to follow their Lord.

Nowadays the betrayers have to be more subtle, “you can’t Vote SNP, they are all Proddies ,ergo SNP means ,Subsequently No Pope ,You can’t Vote SNP they are all Kafflics

Home Rule means Rome Rule.”

They all support Celtic, they all support Rangers, they are all Nazis , they are all Communists.

There is not a contradictory accusation the Unionists have not used.

Scottish Oil is shit and running out but British Oil is a blessing,and plentiful.

Think how bad this Union truly is when they only have lies and smears to keep it intact.

Which brings me to the guy in the pic, Mr Jockholm Syndrome.

I would estimate that around 20% of the entire population of Scotland are these types.

If you are on Social Media you will encounter them.

It is a waste of your time and efforts to even attempt to persuade them ,they suffer from Cognitive Dissonance and absolutely nothing you say ,or do ,or proof you produce will make an iota of difference to these people ,they will oppose Scottish Self Determination at all costs.

Buy them a box of these and move on, it is easier to herd cats than try to reason with this type of person.

Our targets are those that are open to persuasion the I’m alright jacks, these people are about to start feeling the Brexit pinch.

The just making it families in the next,months ,year or so are going to start seeing their standard of living drop.

A lot of them might already be experiencing it.

They are going to find it harder and harder to do the things they used to be able to do.

It might start with cutting down on that once a fortnight taking kids on an outing ,to once a month,then once every other month.

Not having that long weekend away ,Friday night down the pub stopped just a Saturday instead.

It is bit by bit ,you know the story of drop,a frog into boiling water it will jump out right away,put it in cold water and slowly heat it till it boils and the frog stays in the pot and boils to death.

We have to be there with these people now just as the water is getting warm and convert them over before they boil and die and it is too late for us all.

Brexit hasn’t even happened and the warning signs are there for all to see,we cannot wait on that perfect political moment.

We need to be campaigning ,and persuading every day now,so that when Nicola fires the starting gun we are ahead of the game ,and more importantly ahead of the latter day Monteiths.

4 thoughts on “Uncle Jock & The Jockholm Syndrome

  • Good post, my only critique. “The wars of independence”, I have always hated that term, the reason being; we were already independent, they were wars of survival.

    • Indeed a fair shout ,however they are known as The Wars of Independence ,you can assume when Toom Tabbard Bailiol was just Longshanks puppet and there was not a lot of Independence and almost an occupation. However I take your point ,perhaps the Wars of Resistance would be more appropriate .As long as you enjoyed the rest of the content.

  • Great piece. But would take issue with “Lake of Monteith”. The lake is Menteith. There are, surprisingly, a few ‘lakes’ dotted around Scotland. In our case the word is possibly a corruption of Dutch “laich” meaning low lying area

  • The only lake in Scotland is the Lake of Menteith, not Monteith! A little light relief on a horrible day seeing events in Catalonia!

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