The UK is a Reality TV Show

Just when you think it cannot get any worse the Tories come along and show you just how vile and cruel they can be if they are not held in check.

Till now Holyrood and the EU have protected many of our human,environmental and workers rights.

These are the very same rights that make Tories despise the EU and the SNP.

Yesterday on the eve of the Scottish Budget the Unionist Politicians and the foreign owned media were already cranking up the noise level of SNP incompetence and inefficiency.

This is the latest tactic in force being used by all three British Parties and their collaborators in the foreign owned media to demean,deligitemise and discredit the SNP and our Holyrood Parliament.

They wish to neuter or abolish Holyrood and return to the two party unionist exclusive political club in London that has enriched the few and crushed the many.

Yesterday Scottish Tories were letting it be known that all Scotland’s problems were down to the bad SNP they had what Tories term too many vanity projects.

Just so you know these vanity projects so hated by the Tories are, Baby Boxes,Named Persons legislation and Citizens Income.

Do not forget Tories have opposed every single policy that brings equality a little nearer, Student Fees, Free Care for the Elderly,Free Prescriptions,Minimum Pricing, The building of Social Houses.

Most decent people view these as caring decent policies there to make people’s lives better,to Tories they are evil corrupt unwanted policies.

That is exactly why Tories hate them so much,it might lead to more equality,more fairness a more balanced social order.

They crave the days of us and them with those that have retaining all the power and privilege and the masses knowing their place and paying due deference to their ‘superiors’.

Tories believe that poverty is a life choice,that 99% of those deemed disabled are scroungers and on the make,that those that are unemployed are all shirkers and that the long term sick are milking the system.

The only truly Socialist Labour Government the Attlee Government of 1945, was the government that ended the austerity of the war,gave us the welfare state,the NHS,Social housing, nationlised the utilities and the mines and importantly had genuine compassion for the workers and the poor.

They genuinely put the many before the few, unlike the fraudsters that now form the ranks of The Labour Party led by the plastic Socialist Corbyn, they give us a load of rhetoric while abstaining or voting with the Tories on every measure of austerity.

When the Labour Government was elected in 1945 there is a splendid apocryphal story of a lady in a grand London hotel who was overheard exclaiming “Labour in power? The country will never stand for it!”

The Tories have still never gotten over it,indeed ever since they got back into power in 1951 at Westminster they have gone about reversing all the gains made by the one ‘socialist’ government the UK has ever had.

They are nearly there,under Thatcher they got rid of social housing,sold off the nationalized industries of power,rail,telecommunications,water.

Now this present lot of rabid right wingers are finishing it off the NHS and social welfare for the poor,sick,disabled and displaced are virtually ended.

There will be none of the gains left to defend if all the people of UK do not quickly come to their senses and say enough is enough.

It is no longer enough to sit at home shaking our heads and tut tutting while waiting on someone else to do something about it.

A few months ago the UN in an unprecedented move criticized the UK Government for its appalling record towards the disabled in our country.

You would think that would chasten and embarrass any government, however not the case with the British Tories,only this week our, Chancellor Philip Hammond was laying the blame for low productivity in the UK at the door of the disabled.

We now have more people living in poverty than all the developed nations of the world with the exception of the USA.

Yesterday there was a tweet/video doing the rounds from ITV News of a school in NW England where the teachers have started a breakfast club to feed starving pupils ,they have a launderette in the school so that pupils can wash their uniforms,they offer charging stations for parents to recharge their mobiles as there is no electricity at home.

They have instances of parents collapsing at the school gates from the causes of malnutrition.

A local doctor was informing us of diseases that we thought had been eradicated in Victorian times like rickets returning and not just in a few cases it is widespread.

There are over 1.25 million British people using foodbanks, over 250,000 children living in temporary accommodation and in abject poverty.

Hundreds of thousands of wee darlings will waken up on Christmas Day to nothing,no presents,no Christmas Dinner ,no warmth ,no hope.

Meanwhile the UK Government owned and run RBS this week announced that it was paying out over £350 million in bonuses to senior executives even although this same bank managed to lose over £7 billion in the last year.

I know I am just an ordinary average educated person,however I need someone to explain these two contrasting pieces of obscenity to me,both of these offensive things make me so angry.

What I cannot understand is why is the majority of people in this false political conscript of the UK are not ready to begin a revolution to rid us of these vile Tories once and for all.

The last opinion poll I saw came yesterday from Britain Elects it actually has these bastards with a 1 point lead,over the Red Tories.

I need to know, am I missing something or is this a reality TV Show that displays what could happen if we didn’t care enough?

Should that be the case.

I’m a Socialist get me out of here.

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