The U.K. is not a democracy.

It was Edmund Burke that said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

This saying has been used often when anyone is referring to the atrocities and genocides of WWII.

It encapsulates all that happened in Nazi Germany that allowed Adolf Hitler and his goons to go on to commit some of the most savage acts seen previously only in places like The British Empire.

In March 1933 Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party found that they had no overall majority in the Reichstag to allow them to push through their right wing agenda for the Third Reich.

Not one for letting democracy get in the way of a good dictatorship Adolf then proceeded to bring forward The Enablement Act .

This piece of “joke” law enabled the Nazis to enact anything they wanted without the need of getting the necessary Parliamentary Votes usually needed in a democracy,the rest as they say is history.

I think it was Winston Churchill that once said “you cannot look forward without first looking back”

It seems his successors in the Tory Party were listening to that quote.

Roll forward to U.K. Sept 2017 ,and history is repeating itself.

We have a right wing government without an overall majority,we have a Parliamentary System of Government that prevents these charlatans getting their own way.

Today they have enacted legislation that is a mirror reflection of The Nazi Enablement Act.

Theresa May and the Tories ably assisted by DUP & Labour votes this includes every single SLAB except Ian Murray & all Scottish Tory MPs.

The Tory Party have fixed the Committees that are overseeing the Withdrawal Bill more affectionately known as the Henry VIII Clauses ( Yes pre Union of Crowns or Parliaments)

This in effect gives all the power to May and her goons to enact any law over withdrawal from EU.

Worse than that it enables Westminster to grab back powers from the Devolved Administrations in Edinburgh and Cardiff, Belfast is already under Direct Rule and the DUP will be very relaxed if that lasted for eternity.

Cardiff with Labour Government in charge is likely to come to heel when their lords and masters in London tell them to sit,beg ,roll over and die for their country ,that country of course being England.

Thus far in Scotland ,Nicola and the SNP have consistently warned of this scenario.

That is all well and good ,now as the spectre of Dictatorship looms “we told you so ” just doesn’t cut it.

When we had 56 out of 59 MPs in Westminster they ignored us ,indeed of over 100 amendments given by the SNP MPs to improve the Scotland Bill not a single one was accepted.

The very sensible and compassionate “Turing” Bill introduced by John Nicholson was kicked out by English MPs because they could not allow a Scottish SNP MP any glory in England’s Parliament.

Let us be very clear in all this, Westminster is England’s Parliament and they ,the entire media and broadcast world , their lackeys, placemen and women in Scotland view our nation as a county of Greater England.

Now we can sit back and do nothing and let evil triumph,or we can stand up to these tyrants posing as democrats.

For be assured our right wing media and broadcasters in England will say nothing against this act of treason.

The compliant foreign based media in Scotland have already begun a campaign of trashing Devolution to make the neutering of Holyrood easier.

I have no idea what our SNP Government are planning however here are some suggestions from me for what it is worth.

As with this act the U.K. Government has ended Parliamentary Democracy withdraw our SNP MPs immediately.

Make representations immediately to the EU and UN denouncing this undemocratic action by the British MPs .

Refuse to participate in any forums or meetings until such time as democracy is once again in force.

Take all legal steps to stop the flow of tax revenues to London.

Halt by any means any movements of Nuclear Weapons across Scottish territory.

Let us apply sanctions to RUK by way of stopping food and energy supplies crossing the border.

Encourage a campaign of civil disobedience until democracy is resumed.

Involve the STUC and call a General Strike,we need to show London that we will not sit idly by and allow our democratic rights to be stolen by right wing demagogues.

For too long now too many of us have just sat around tweeting ,or using Facebook to express our disgust.

I suggest now is the time to stop the “triumph of evil”and that takes direct action.

5 thoughts on “The U.K. is not a democracy.

  • If ever there was an anti democratic act passed by the English parliament that should bring forward a referendum on Scottish independence, and if a majority YES, to to go for a UDI, this was/is it.

  • Thank you for this. I did not know about the Enablement Act but since GE reminders of 1930s have been growing. That includes the feeling of shock and helplessness. Ruth Davidson’s hectoring, Theresa May’s refusal to discuss/debate and now everything at Westminster including DUP and yesterday committee vote. We have to wake up to the danger. I hope your article is read by as many as possible…not just in Scotland.

  • Have only just discovered your blog tonight barrheadboy, and it’s the maist fire in yer belly writin’ Ah’ve came acroass in 4 year o’ readin’ on Independence. Many thanks!

    Rangers & Republicanism V Celtic & Unionism smashes merr myths than Samson wi the jawbone o’ an ass! Now’s the day, and now’s the hour is the best articulated cry to action I have read in all of the Independence blogs bar none. Again, many thanks!

    As a fellow Barrhead boy, I salute you and look forward to your next and future contributions. Perhaps you could advise me on what we should be doing here in Barrhead to strengthen the cause?

    Best wishes.

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