The Sun set years ago.

The famous phrase is of course,”The sun never sets on the British Empire “ I have always liked the second line to that,”because god couldn’t trust the British in the dark”

I am from the age group that were only taught the first line at school,the same demographic that apparently is the most opposed to Scottish Self Determination,and the most Pro Brexit.

Perhaps this short blog might go some way to explain why that might just be the case.

We were shown maps at school that were awash with the pink of the great British Empire.

It was inferred to us that the English,in particular,were revered throughout the world,we were lucky to speak English,albeit with an accent to be ashamed of,we might speak English,however we most certainly were not real English.

We should count ourselves lucky to have English neighbors that were so magnanimous towards us,because we were such a small,poor country and our history,of little importance to Greater England it was really not that interesting,we were a financial drain on the richer England and should be obedient and very grateful for their tolerance,and generosity.

If we were Scottish Protestants,we were certainly higher up the pecking order than the Scottish Catholics,who themselves were slightly above the Irish Catholics.

In the days before Asians,West Indians,Poles,the catholic was the one that was after your job and women.

Your job as part of that Empire was to always remember the simple fact that the Catholic was the one that made your life less than perfect,not that the elite were picking your pocket.

Providing we knew our place we might just get a passable life,do not however get ideas above your station and dare to question the superiors that benignly ruled over us.

We were taught about Magna Carta,The Tudors,Shakespeare,post 1707 British/English history,our glorious imperial deeds of daring and the love the non white,non Anglo Saxons towards the British/English .

“We” had given these non white savages,Christianity,English language,Railways,English law, and of course Cricket,we had actually civilized these pagans.

There were zero teachings on the theft,pillage,rape,murder,genocide or financial skullduggery being perpetuated in all those pink colored countries.

Those countries where the Shia was being told the Sunni was after his job and women.

The Hindu being told the Muslim was after his job and women,and best to keep an eye in those Sikhs while you are at it,don’t worry about the economy we will take care of that.

The tribes in Africa being fed the same lies,wherever the Etonians were installed to rule by other Etonians,the divide and rule,point the finger,blame others, steal,rape,pillage.

When we went to the cinema where we were fed a diet of stiff upper lip English daring do, The Dam Busters, In which we serve, Reach for the skies.

The officer class was always Oxbridge,Etonian types with frightfully English accents,men like Noel Coward, David Niven, Kenneth More,Richard Todd,Ronald Coleman,Trevor Howard,their wives were always English roses,Greer Garson,Celia Johnson,Ursula Jeans,Jean Simmons, Muriel Pavlow.

These devoted wives knew their Oxbridge husbands were the very backbone of England/ Britain they were all that was good in the world and these devoted English Roses blended into the background showing utter devotion to these brilliant perfect specimens of men.

The ranks of course were played by those that could speak a very good subservient cockney accent,he knew his place in the order of things and had bromance towards this superior god like Etonian man and always touched his forelock towards the English rose of a wife.

In the few scenes when Johnny Private goes home on leave it is to a very working class home, wife and children,all of course have “common” accents.

They might be poor but they were happy,for as long as Mr&Mrs Oxbridge are controlling their entire world,all will be well.

The entire Johnny Private family acknowledge their superiors who from time to time come down from the mount and are frightfully nice to Mrs Private and her street urchins,indeed Mr & Mrs Oxbridge even know how to address the plebs in a very patronizing superior way of course.

These same stiff upper lip extremely middle-class accents were the same ones we would hear when the BBC was telling us what the news was,and how we should interpret it,and left us in no doubt who the bad guys were when bombs and unrest were occurring all over what remained of the Glorious Empire.

Those accents from the BBC were again replicated by our politicians in charge.

It was not until 1964,a relative short time ago that we got to hear our first PM with a regional accent,Harold Wilson.

Those old enough to remember that will also recall the media went after him in much the same way as we see today with Jeremy Corbyn,Alex Salmond,Nicola Sturgeon.

In later years it came out that the British spooks had a plan at the ready to remove Wilson in a coup.

The whispering campaign against him started the moment he entered No.10,should Corbyn make it into Downing St before we leave The Union, the exact same will happen to him.

The Etonians/Oxbridge will not tolerate a plebeian in charge.

Still to this day the real reasons behind Wilson’s sudden resignation remain a mystery.

Harold Wilson was a real Labour man,a giant when marked against the pygmies that nowadays pose as “socialists” within the Labour Movement.

Back then the ruling elite just couldn’t countenance a “northerner” with a funny accent and plans to extend equality in Britain,a man that realized the Empire was long over,the sun had set years ago and a new dawn had to be embraced.

The propaganda was,and remains to this day relentless,it is not even very subtle we are programmed constantly that there is a pecking order and that we should not question the superiority of the ruling elite,or their lieutenants.

Ever since Attlee’s Labour Government introduced the Welfare reforms in 1945 and gave us the NHS,social housing,the Oxbridge /Etonian mob have been working towards the day when they can abolish all of that fair and equitable stuff,and return to those halcyon pre1939 days.

Halcyon for them that is,shit for the masses, they truly believe that if they can just turn back the clock to pre war all will be well in England of yore.

Those that today are ruling over us have lived cosseted lives,detached from the realities of the modern global world.

They have been ‘educated’ in institutions that are in a time warp dating back to those imperial days.

They are programmed to believe in their right to rule,that poverty and disability are life choices,not misfortunes,or man made tragedies.

That anyone that does not sound,or think like them is in fact an inferior person that should be traduced,ignored and treated like something they have stepped on in a dog park.

They believe that children should be seen and never heard ,that women were put on this earth for their gratification and pleasure.

Hence we are getting all these cases of young male and female interns and workers being sexually abused in the Westminster Bubble.

This is the kind of behaviour that happened in the 1800s with their forebears when the lord and master could molest his peasantry at will and never be questioned.

That will explain to you why people like Michael Fallon thinks that a few years ago it was ok to lunge and grope any passing female.

His ‘excuse’ that things have changed over last 10/15 years and what was acceptable then is not now,merely confirms my observations about the upbringing of these cretins.

As the Jesuits teach ‘show me the child till it is seven ,and I will show you the man.’

People like Fallon think it is part of their upper-class terms and conditions that they can shag and abuse the payroll at will.

These people should not be in a Parliament they should be on the Sexual Offenders Register and doing time in prison.

The time has come to close these Victorian educational establishments and bring the teachings of our children into the global world.

These places are not fit for purpose and like our outdated,outmoded Parliamentary democracy the entire way we educate,govern,employ,treat our citizens needs revamped.

My solution is simple an Independent Scotland with a blank canvas to create the kind of country we want,not one imposed upon us by an elite from a bygone age.

14 thoughts on “The Sun set years ago.

    • You hit the nail on the head big time. As one who is old enough to remember all you have written about, congratulations.

  • Spot on. Agree totally with everything you wrote. My only regret is that we had the choice of independence but the Westminster machine and the tabloids created an atmosphere that made the older generation (I’m not far off them) scared of change.
    They voted for status quo to protect “their lifestyle “ as it was then but we now know how that turned out.

  • That is indeed a great read and as per usual, I can’t disagree with any of it. Up until now, I never knew that there WAS a second line to that saying?

  • Excellent analysis, and I also lived though it. First glimpse of Scottish history came through reading Kidnapped. A future Scottish Education curriculum has to major on Scottish history and what really happened, not the Oliver version or anything else so sanitised, and the East India company and the like need a very big light shone on it. We also need it to be forward looking and to help make the next generations of Scots into the giants they can be, marrying love of enabling technology with a social conscience and creating a fairer and better society through an education for all policy. Let’s ensure that the past and current bigotries and ingrained brainwashing by the british state and english empire disappear with our generation.

  • Great read. So recognise the thought process… lived through being taught (indoctrinated by?) all that stuff. Tbh only when social media came along did I open my mind away from The Record/BBC/Mainstream media agendas and realise Scotland (and ordinary working class people across the UK) has been socially, economically & politically ‘used and abused’ for Centuries.

  • Great read. Bang on the money. We have a class of parasites who have expertly redirected the middle classes, the swivel eyed flag wavers and many of the working poor into believing the parasites are actually the vulnerable, poor, disabled, addicted, unemployed, unwell and single mums.
    The media have channels with wall to wall poverty porn poking vulnerable people with Jeremy Kyle shaped sticks for the amusement of the brain dead masses in a modern day metaphor for the old colloseums and the throwing of Christians to the Lions.

    All the while the actual parasites are forming policy and transferring the wealth to themselves and their fucking inbred cohorts safe in the knowledge that people are too busy with their tar and feathers routine to notice.

    We have the power to divorce ourselves from it but unfortunately we have an epidemic of Dunning-Kruger syndrome causing huge swathes of working class people to prioritise their tribalism over the actual wellbeing of the population.
    The only certainty is that we will gain independence. Those old unionist cultures are strangling themselves in 17th century nonsense. The only question is when??
    Thanks again for the article. I enjoyed it.
    Chris C

  • A very fair summation of the truth during my lifetime, to which I can relate closely. Can blogs like this help change peoples’ attitudes and give them strength for a fight? You must be of similar age to me. (I was born in Barrhead – would we know each other?)

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