The Sun is finally setting.

This could be one of the most monumental weeks in the history of these British Isles.

We are getting closer to the cut off point in the Brexit talks,the UK government have to satisfy the 27 EU countries on several red line issues.

It seems that the financial settlement has been agreed although no doubt our right wing media and the hardcore Tory zealots will go tonto that any money at all is being paid over to Johnny Foreigner.

It is their belief that the horrible foreigners should just be grateful that they had the company of the Little Englanders for 40 odd years,and that having those superior English around should be payment enough.

Throughout their imperial history London has never paid its way, and it raped, pillaged, stole and repatriated goods, artworks, minerals, anything it could steal or appropriate and took these back to imperial HQ. where the spoils were divided amongst the ruling elite.

They have no idea of the truth behind the British Empire and believe it was a benign much loved Empire.

They have been taught all the freed Nations were sad when Empire ended and were grateful for all that the empire had done for the enslaved nations.

It is bizarre that they are ignorant as to the true nature of the British Empire.

They love to boast that they ended slavery through Wilberforce what they don’t mention is that they compensated the slave owners, not the slaves.

Just one of the many atrocities of Britain and its Empire that has never been taught to successive generations of British children, especially those that have attended Eton, Harrow, and other selective English Public Schools.

The ones that believe they have a god given right to rule over all on these Islands and beyond.

They should never be called to account or questioned in any way, especially by Johnny Foreigner or any of the inferior Celts living on their British Isles.

It is this lack of knowledge of their own history allied to a pomposity which I believe will prove the most damaging to this country when it leaves the relative safety of the EU.

As we entered the 20th.century the British Empire was already in decline, the two subsequent world wars dealt the final blows.

One by one the countries coloured pink on the globe disappeared till all that is left is the Celtic Nations and a few offshore tax havens.

The British and especially the ruling elite have never really come to terms with the loss of Empire and influence.

This loss was cushioned by our membership of EU which still allowed London the pretense of being a player on the world stage.

The problem in all this is that our Little Englanders don’t do sharing, they like dominance, not cooperation and compromise.

Their idea of a Union is not like the European version where everyone has a vote and a veto along with an equal say.

They prefer their own English version where the other members of the British Union have to at all times do what England wants.

They like a Union where the other 3 Nations in the Union have to always bend to the will of London and the ruling elite.

That their England is the only one with a veto and can outvote the other 3 Nations every time.

This is where we hit the stumbling blocks for the negotiators from London.

They have for the first time been forced to face what for them are unique problems.

The EU has rightly demanded that EU citizens living in the UK have their rights respected by the UK Government.

It is not in the history or DNA of The imperial Brits to respect the rights of others, certainly not any that are not English.

The reality is they do not even respect the rights of all English, only those of a certain class and income are worthy of their respect.

Remember this is the same government that have been heavily criticized by the UN for abusing the rights of their own disabled citizens.

Since 1707 there has not been one instance of England’s wishes in this union ever being dismissed.

Recently they strengthened that right even more by introducing EVEL.

English Votes for English Laws was never a problem, it is English votes for Scots, Welsh and Irish Laws that has always been the problem.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that the really difficult issue for the UK Government seems to be the Irish border question.

The Little Englanders just cannot get their heads round the fact that tiny little Ireland can actually thwart their Brexit ambitions.

Since 1066, London and the Little Englanders have bullied their way throughout the world.

There is not a continent or a people that at sometime or other the English/Brits have not been at war with, and in many cases subjugating and enforcing their will upon with no defiance of the English will.

Nowhere more so has the dominance and bullying been more apparent than the island of Ireland.

We can go back to the reign of Elizabeth I of England and start counting the amount of times England used force of arms, brutality, illegality, genocide, famine, partition, discrimination and general appalling crimes against the people of Ireland.

Now after 6 centuries the Irish have the final say over England and its ambitions, this time they cannot bully, intimidate or threaten Ireland.

There is a sweet irony in all of this and watching and reading the English reaction is to say the least highly satisfying and amusing.

The implications for the rest of the British Isles is equally significant, if the talks fail a hard Brexit is inevitable as is a Scottish Independence Referendum.

That sun is finally setting on the British Empire and I for one am extremely happy about that.

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