The Scotland In Union Farce

A happy new year to you and yours,may you know only joy and good health this coming year.

I hope you all had a great festive season and that Santa brought you everything you wanted.

While the rest of us were winding down the year and getting ready to relax over at WOS, Stu Campbell comes up with the biggest scoop of 2017, one that has of course been ignored by the foreign owned media and broadcasters in Scotland,nonetheless it was a fantastic piece of investigative journalism.

We do not get much in the way of decent,let alone investigative journalism in Scotland.

What we have at present is collaborators and propagandists for the British elite and offshore media moguls,not real journalists.

At present this huge story has been removed from the WOS site pending further legal clarification,this is an update of the revelations.

The Tools Of The Union

Just in case you have been so inebriated over the last couple of weeks not to have heard about this stunning piece of news here is a little reprise.

The elite of England/UK the nobility,hedge fund managers,peers of the realm,ex-military,filthy rich Tory donors have been funding the vile Scotland in Union organisation.

I use the term organisation very loosely as the WOS articles show this lot could not organise a piss up in a brewery,let alone a credible political campaign.

These people are so inept they held the full data on all these donors,names,addresses ,phone numbers,amount of donation,estimated wealth ,in an unprotected spreadsheet,easily accessed via the internet without even password protection.

As happens with these extremist groups there was a falling out amongst themselves and a disgruntled unionist leaked this information to WOS and latterly to Bella Caledonia.

Scotland in Union Data Dump

These two excellent Yes Supporting outlets have covered the story widely,no need for me to cover old ground.

The most disturbing thing in all this is the lack of reaction from the 4th Estate in Scotland or as I prefer to call them,the 5th Column.

Not a single mention on this blatant conspiracy against the democracy in Scotland,like the Brexit dark money funneled through the DUP the establishment want this in the ‘nothing to see here file’ alongside the missing £490 billion ,Chilcott, Levenson,Pedo Enquiry,Tory election fraud,Oil finds and Price,Brexit Impact studies,the list goes on and on,the elite know their compliant pals in the media will do as instructed and keep the British public in the dark,protecting the establishment at all costs.

The biggest concern for us all has to be the amount of money the British are willing to funnel into keeping Scotland compliant and under the heel of Westminster.

This is what compelled me on Hogmanay to start the hashtag #addafiver on twitter and Facebook.

The idea behind it being we need to build up the war chest for the oncoming Independence Referendum.

We need to fill the SNP/ Yes bank account,my idea is simple The SNP has around 120,000 members if each of those members gives the party an extra £5 a month the price of a Unionist newspaper a week,then we can raise an extra £7.2 million a year to fight the campaign.

This has had a tremendous reaction on social media ,however I do not have access to every SNP member,you do,so spread the word and get all in your branch that can afford it,to give at least another £5 a month and to change their Direct Debits right away.

We have the numbers in grassroots,we have the enthusiasm,we have right on our side,let us ensure we have suitable funding to counteract The Brits and their Media flunkeys no matter how wealthy are our opponents.

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