The Question all Unionists try to avoid.

It is with quite a lot of sadness that my trip back to Scotland is almost at an end.

Early this evening I will board a plane back to Barcelona and escape this bitter cold.

It may be winter in Catalonia,however what we call winter and a Scottish winter are two completely different things.

I have had a really great time catching up with my dearest friends,visiting my favourite pub in the world,enjoying things most of you take for granted like a fish supper,pakora,tottie scones,square sliced,decent rolls.

I also had the pleasure of sharing a platform at Barrhead Neilson & Uplawmoor SNP Branch with Peter A Bell.

It was my first time addressing an audience as a guest speaker although to start with I was a little nervous it seemed to go down rather well with the members and visitors alike.

The main theme of my talk was my experience and viewpoint of things in Catalonia.

I gave as accurate and updated information as I had available while stressing that Scotland and Catalonia are not the same,there are many similarities in the problems both movements face,however there are also many differences in our circumstances.

The brutality and sheer oppression being met with such stoicism by the Catalan people has not been visited upon us thus far in our struggle.

They have had democratically elected politicians imprisoned, independence campaigners namely the two Jordis are still rotting in a jail in Madrid.

Their President and 4 Cabinet members are in exile in Belgium, when we all sit down to Christmas Dinner with our family and friends these brave Democrats will be either far from home or enjoying prison food ,so please give them a thought as you sit down to enjoy your Xmas meal.

I went on to talk about how I see us winning the forthcoming Independence Referendum.

Yes I did say forthcoming, and I have never been surer that in September next year we will be going to the polls.

The absolute circus of last week by the most incompetent of the incompetent only served to confirm that belief.

The ensuing nonsense from the UK Media and Broadcasters exposed for all to see,the arrogant, pompous and racist Little Englanders at their worst.

They have tried to paint their humiliation at the hands of Ireland and the EU as some great British triumph,much in the same way as to this day they try to make Dunkirk and Arnhem two magnificent British victories.

Be assured last weeks agreement was nothing short of a complete disaster for the conceited Brits.

Tiny Ireland showed Scots just how strong a country can be in the right type of Union.

For the first time in over 600 years Ireland was finally able to stand up to the bully of the British Isles and say, No,this time you will do what we demand and need.

The London mob, of course, are still in denial about the climdown and defeat,the next phase, the Trade Agreement will follow the same pattern.

The UK politicians and commentators will preen and posture while the EU will just await the moment to tell them what form this deal will take.

Do not let anyone kid you on,there will be no negotiations,the EU will simply tell UK what form the trade deal will take,the terms,the tariffs,the duration of the transition.

The UK has no leverage,no aces to play,in the entire history of these islands the ruling elite of London have never been weaker.

No matter the reality,our arrogant media will attempt to paint this as some kind of brilliant British victory,the truth of course will be so different.

The chaos will be laid bare for all to see even the most myopic Scottish Unionist will have to admit the games a bogey.

Which brings me nicely on to the final part of my talk to the Branch last week,the winning of the referendum.

It is my contention that we need to adopt some new strategies,those of you that have followed my blog will know by now my views.

I believe we have to control the narrative,the best way of achieving that is to put the Unionists on the back foot.

It is not up to us to defend independence for that is a natural state ,dependence is the unnatural state for any nation.

We have to ask the Unionists to justify the Union,we need to say to them”Name us 3 things that can only be achieved in the British Union that cannot be achieved by an Independent Scotland?”

Try it yourself I think you might struggle to find an answer to that ,I have yet to find a Unionist that has been able to give a satisfactory reply.

They waffle and tend to go off on tangents,just bring them back to the point, justify the Union.

Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to see on social media over the weekend several people that had attended the meeting doing just that and asking the question I had suggested.

It seems to have flicked a switch for a few and reading through some threads it has been a joy to watch our opponents either vanishing from the thread or becoming quite sheepish.

It will never convince the die hards,however these people all have followers and some of those will be soft no voters,when there is no articulation, no positive case for the union,some might just start to question exactly why they vote No.

You can have similar discussions on the streets,and the doors,do not allow yourselves to be diverted or distracted stick to making them justify the UK Union.

We can all articulate many reasons for an Independent Scotland,watch for yourselves as they try to squirm and wriggle from that simple question.

This way we control the narrative and the unionists are the ones that have to scramble for answers.

9 thoughts on “The Question all Unionists try to avoid.

    • The only one I have heard that is fair enough is a permanent seat on Security Council of UN,that is surely not a reason to vote No ,I have not heard of a single other unique reason.

  • That’s why I go on about the Scottish government laying down a marker and tell the world and Westminster that Scottish assets are not Westminster bargaining chips, and that any deals done before independence will not necessarily be honoured

  • I’ll try that, as I usually use the question- if being under British rule is so great. Name me one country that’s asked back ? They waffle and change the subject, but never give a straight answer! I wonder why eh ?

  • 1) A seat on the UN Security Council able to advance the causes of democracy and humanity.

    2) A 12 billion + foreign aid budget able to help save millions of lives around the world.

    3) An extra 10 billion in public spending in Scotland a year thanks to being part of the UK.

    • Number1 is probably only one with a sliver of truth.
      2 There is absolutely nothing to prevent Scotland from spending 12 billion in foreign aid,indeed the two biggest foreign aid donors by GDP are Sweden & Norway as a fellow Oil producing nation Scotland should aim for that ,as a % of GDP ,the UK lies in sixth position.
      3 Your biggest mistake Scotland would be immeasurably better of financially than stuck to the millstone that is UK our public spending would once freed from UK financial incompetence be appreciably higher and not at the whim of a foreign Parliament.
      Good try but no coconut,do feel free to try again

  • The other belter that gets them aw in a middle is ” if we are such a drain why do they fight so hard and dirty to keep us in it” usually hear some bullshit about how their grandad fought in the war like Scots wouldn’t have still stood up against Hitler regardless but that’s another argument. The other buety is ” the Tories won’t allow a disabled person a spare room without penalty but they find it in their hearts to keep 5 million people subsidised according to some reports to the tune of £15 bill ” again no logical response. SG definitely has to start getting on the front foot now, stakes are high, name a date, withdraw MPs from Westminster do something really bold we can’t fight in good faith when we are being outflanked by colonialists selling their soul. How I dismay at some of our country, wake up FFS!! If not now then never, forever part your arse for the English length, not me I’ll die on my feet thanks. Soar alba

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