The Power Grab.

We know that no matter what the SNP Government propose or enact the unionists en bloc will decry it,complain,do everything they can to demonize the Party and Self Determination.

In a recent blog I highlighted the achievements of the Atlee Government of 1945-51.

They gave us the Welfare State and ever since that day the right wing of UK,the Tories in particular have been dismantling it bit by bit,they are now close to ending the post war settlement all that is left of note is The NHS and that is virtually private in England now.

The Tories have hated Devolution since its inception,anything that dilutes their exclusive little Etonian club on the banks of the Thames has to be vilified and destroyed, Brussels,Edinburgh ,no matter,London must always be 100% in control,sharing of even the tiniest piece of sovereignty offends their arrogant mindsets.

They are determined to end the democratic right of the Celtic fringe to even have a modicum of home rule,they intend to bring everything back to Westminster from where they can act with impunity.

Stormont has now been closed for over a year and the narrative being touted by the Unionists is nobody is missing the Assembly in Belfast.

The DUP are quite relaxed that Direct Rule is the governance of the Province.

At the GE the Unionists in Northern Ireland were only a few thousand votes away from losing their inbuilt majority.

Therefore if London is ruling the Unionists are happy as they know the demographics are changing in the Six Counties and it is only a matter of time before Nationalists outnumber them.

Wales presents no problem or threat to Westminster as long as Labour control Cardiff.

They have proven time and again they lack ambition for Wales they have no desire to ever challenge London and indeed are happy to do the bidding of their London masters.

That only leaves the rebellious Scots to crush,be in no doubt 2014 frightened the living daylights out of the British elite.

Their last colony cannot be allowed to leave there are just too many resources and opportunities that can be stolen to enrich the south east and the city spivs.

The rumor doing the rounds now is that Fluffy Mundell is recruiting up to 100 Civil Servants and has already rented an office complex in Leith to house these seconded pen pushers.

The question to be asked is why would Scottish Office need this unprecedented number of civil servants,especially in this age of devolved Government?

The smart money suggests that as soon as The Great Repeal Bill is passed at Westminster the power grab will start in earnest.

The Bill gives London the ability to strip any power from Holyrood they deem beneficial to UK.

The likely starting point will be planning remove that from Edinburgh and suddenly Nuclear Power Stations and Fracking are back on the agenda.

Both of these are great little earners for the city boys and the ruling elite.

Then they can halt any hint of Land Reform to protect the estates of their rich donors and backers.

Then they can get to work on dismantling the Scottish NHS to mirror the English one,and prepare it for the inevitable US Healthcare Companies ownership.

Next come the small farmers quickly get them out of business and see their small holdings being integrated into the large landowners estates,again enriching their own and disenfranchising the small farmers and crofters.

Nothing to stop them tinkering once more with the Scottish electoral system this time ensuring that only unionist coalitions will rule Holyrood at the behest of London.

The day there is a Unionist cabal in Edinburgh you can expect shortly afterwards a piece of legislation outlawing any future Independence Referendum.

Then the narrative will be the Scottish Parliament decided there was never to be another referendum,bla bla bla.

Mundell can set up a method by which every piece of legislation that goes through Holyrood has to be rubber stamped by him on receiving his instructions from London,thereby completely neutering the devolved administration..

This might all sound far fetched,till you remember Tories have fought Devolution and any attempts to strengthen it ever step of the way,whenever any powers,Jobs ,influence are removed from their Parliament in London it grates with them.

All the signs are there, it is up to each and every person that values democracy,devolution and entertains thoughts of independence to begin the fight back today,it cannot wait any longer.

If you haven’t joined an Independence Party,do it today,if you have not been attending branch meetings start doing it now.

Get the YES Campaign from 2014 back up and running, next time there is an Independence March try your best to be there.

Remember at all times the frog analogy,if we sit quietly by and do nothing they will crush us completely.

It is time the forces of Independence to once again raise the standard and the fight for Scotland’s destiny.


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